Baby For a Day



Ten year-old Davey fidgeted nervously as he held his mother’s hand. They were walking up to his mom’s friend’s house, although Davey was doing more waddling than walking, due to the fat, bulky diapers he was wearing today underneath his thin, clinging shorts. His plastic panties crinkled loudly, announcing to anyone within earshot of his diapered condition although his shorts certainly did nothing to help hide them–the shiny vinyl of his waterproof panties could clearly be seen peeking out of the waistband and his t-shirt just wasn’t long enough to conceal it.

They were attending a meeting of mothers and their children who were chronic bedwetters like Davey, for the purpose of exchanging ideas and sharing solutions.

As Mrs. Rosen rang the doorbell, Davey bit his lip anxiously. The breeze felt particularly cool on his bare legs and he clung on desperately to the vain hope that he’d be able to keep his humiliating diapers a secret from the others present.

When the front door opened, Mrs. Rosen made her greetings and they were ushered into the large suburban home. Davey’s cheeks buzzed with embarrassment as they were led into the living room where about a half dozen women were seated. Each of them had a small boy next to them who, to all appearances, looked to be from about four to seven years old.

It appeared they were the last to arrive and she led her shame-faced boy into the center of the seated group, making introductions to those around her. As far as he could tell, Davey was the only one that was so obviously diapered and it was made worse by the fact that he was apparently the oldest of the group. All eyes seemed to be taking in the huge bulge around his hips and he cringed at what they were probably thinking about him.

Turning to him, his mom faced her squirming son who was clearly mortified to be a part of this meeting.

“Davey–did you wet yourself?” his mom asked him bluntly in front of everyone.

The quivering youth shook his head vehemently, his cheeks blushing brightly.

Apparently not believing him, his mom tugged his flimsy shorts down past his knees, exposing his shiny, bulging pampers for all to see. Davey gasped with shame and he stared stone-faced at the floor as his mom took him by the arm and physically turned him around to face the other guests. They all smiled back at him as his mother’s other hand gave his round, diapered bottom a firm squeeze to check him.

“Just as I suspected–you are wet,” she announced, “Ladies–do you mind if I change him before we begin?”

Everyone nodded while a couple of the younger mothers giggled with amusement.

Davey’s cheeks were blazing red and he waved his hands in protest.

“No, Mom–please!

Completely ignoring his angst, Mrs. Rosen set down her diaper bag and began pulling out the supplies she needed. First was a large nursery print changing pad that she carefully arranged on the floor in front of everyone. She then laid out three thick cotton diapers, one on top of each other before she began tugging the fidgeting boy’s clinging plastic panties down his legs.

To be sure, Davey was the center of everyone’s attention and they collectively smiled at him as his mom patiently removed his waterproof panties, revealing his sagging, pee-soaked diapers. Unpinning them, she tucked them and his damp plastic panties into a vinyl bag, leaving the boy squirming with shame as he modestly covered his tiny, shriveled package.

Mrs. Rosen sat her cringing son onto the fluffy stack of waiting diapers as he bit his lip in abject embarrassment. Grasping his ankles together, she pulled them up over his head as her free hand slowly and lovingly smeared a thick coating of Desitin across his bashful cheeks. Davey squealed with shame at this profoundly humiliating ritual, being done before the watchful eyes of not just the half dozen mothers but their curious young boys as well. Mrs. Rosen seemed to be in no particular hurry and Davey winced as he saw everyone gazing down at him. His minuscule penis had timidly shriveled to it’s usual one inch length, making him look even more like a toddler.

Setting him back down, she gently moved his hands aside as she powdered him generously, filling the air around him with the fresh, babyish scent. Davey whimpered weakly as his mom tucked his tiny little powder-coated penis back between his thighs and pulled the bulky soft cloth up between his legs, pinning them snugly around his slim hips. His cheeks reddened deeper as he gazed down on the pink, bunny-headed safety pins his mom used to secure his diapers with.

“I know this is embarrassing, Davey, but this is what happens to little boys who can’t control their wetting,” she explained to her blushing son.

He was mortified to think that he was easily the oldest child there and still in need of daytime diapers.

Standing him up before everyone, she positioned a colorful pair of yellow nursery print plastic panties at his feet. Wordlessly, Davey obediently put one foot and then the other through the holes as she slowly began drawing them up his hairless legs. Everyone watched in amused silence as he held onto his mommy for support while she worked the waterproof panties around his hips and the thick, bulging cotton, tucking it all in carefully.

Once she was finished, she smiled down on him and gently patted the red-faced boy’s diapered bottom before taking a seat and situating him across her lap. Pulling a baby bottle of warm milk from her diaper bag, she positioned it before Davey’s trembling lips.

“Here you are Sweetie, drink your milk while we have our meeting.

Davey squirmed on her lap, his cheeks blazing red, wishing she would put his shorts back on but it appeared she had no intention of doing so.

“Looks like your little boy is a heavy wetter,” one of the mothers said with a smile as she looked him up and down closely.

“Yes, especially at night. Davey rarely wakes up without a completely soaked diaper anymore. I brought his crib back out of storage because it’s the only bed with a waterproof mattress cover.”

“Oh, how special for you,” the young mother next to them said as she gently placed her hand on Davey’s bare thigh.

“And then this week, Davey wet his pants twice during the day, so I’ve decided he needs to be diapered full time for the foreseeable future,” Mrs. Rosen explained as she kept the bottle’s rubber nipple firmly lodged in his mouth.

“I think that’s very sensible,” another mom remarked, “My little boy sometimes wets himself when he gets scared, so I’ve put him in diapers during the day as well.”

The little boy next to her blushed furiously as his mom gently patted the puffy, well-padded front of his pants.

“When my little Johnny wets the bed, he gets his bottom paddled in the morning and then diapers for the rest of the day,” one of the other mothers commented sternly.

“I’m pretty good with a sewing machine and my boy wears a number of tops I’ve customized for him…one of them says ‘Mommy’s Little Bedwetter‘ across the front,” said another with a smile.

Sure enough, her little boy was presently wearing a similar top that said ‘I Love My Diapers’ across the chest.

“How many of you have a bedwetting chart set up in your little one’s bedroom to track his wet nights?” one of them asked.

All but one of the mothers raised their hand.

“I think the use of humiliation as a learning tool can’t be overstated enough,” Davey’s mom said as she watched the last bit of warm milk disappear from his bottle. Pulling it away from him, she quickly replaced it with a pink rubber pacifier. Davey was forced to sit on her lap, his fat, embarrassing diapers in view of everyone as he nursed silently on the pacifier filling his mouth like a baby.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Timmy’s mother said, “I usually don’t wash his plastic panties to make sure they retain the smell of his pee. It serves as a constant and humiliating reminder of his bedwetting.”

Turning to Davey’s mother, she continued;

“Excuse me, Mrs. Rosen–”

“–Oh, call me Dorothy, please,” Davey’s mom replied.

“Dorothy–my name is Marissa,” she smiled, “If you don’t mind my saying…it seems like your little boy is a bit of a sissy, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes–very much so,” she concurred, “Davey has an effeminate side to him and he loves soft things–which is why I always use lots of fabric softener on his diapers–it makes them so bunny soft–isn’t that right, Daveykins?” she beamed at her blushing boy while gently rubbing the fat front of his pampers.

Her son blushed again and looked away wishing he could be anywhere else but here. He felt particularly intimidated by this shapely, beautiful brunette looking him up and down.

“You know,” the lady continued, “I have a complete nursery set up at home. If you’d like, I’d be happy to babysit him some time and introduce him to some fun activities. He could be my cute little toddler for the day.”

“Well I think that’s a wonderful idea,” Mrs. Rosen exclaimed.

“And if you don’t mind, we’ll start things off with a nice, soapy enema, just to make sure he doesn’t have any issues with his diapers while he’s there,” she suggested.

“I’m sure that would do him a world of good,” Mrs. Rosen agreed as she nodded her head vigorously, “You know, I should get one of those to use on him back at home.”

“For little boys without much self control–they can be very helpful,” she replied.

Davey didn’t like the idea of spending the day as a diapered toddler and he squirmed on his mom’s lap, a look of angst on his cherubic face.

“I have some errands to run tomorrow–would you mind watching him for the day?”

“I’d love to. Davey, looks like you’re going to be my special little baby tomorrow–what do you think of that?” she asked enthusiastically.

Davey pouted but could say little with the pacifier in his mouth.

“Then it’s a date!” Mrs. Rosen exclaimed happily.





Mrs. Rosen dropped off Davey at nine the next morning. He was dressed in a t-shirt and sneakers but she had left his fat, embarrassing diapers exposed, reasoning that his shorts would just get in the way of the day’s fun.

When the front door opened, Davey caught his breath as he tried not to stare at Marissa’s very impressive big breasts, which seemed barely contained in the snug pink blouse she was wearing. Bending down to greet him, she gave him an eye-popping view down her top at her yawning cleavage.

“Well hello, Davey,” she beamed at him, “I’m very much looking forward to spending some time with you today.”

Davey blushed hotly and mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he shifted his feet nervously. He was mortified to be outside with his big diapers so obviously exposed and it was even worse for him that this woman seemed to take it as normal wear for him.

After saying their goodbyes, Marissa led an anxious Davey into the house and into a spacious living room where he spied another boy, perhaps eight years-old, that was sitting in a playpen surrounded by some toys, dressed in a baby blue romper and also well diapered.

“Davey, this is my sissy son Timmy–Timmy–meet Davey.”

“Hi,” the boy said with a wave of his little hand.

“Um, hi,” Davey replied.

“Davey, in this house, little boys in diapers don’t walk–they crawl,” she said as she gently pushed him to his knees.

Davey was confused but he did as he was told.

“Now, the first thing we need to do is get you into a proper outfit,” she said as she looked down at him.

“Wha-what’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?” he asked. After all, it was bad enough that his embarrassing diapers were on full display.

“I have something much better in mind,” she said with a knowing smile as he led him down the hall. Davey felt a bit foolish as he crawled like an infant after her, turning the first corner into what appeared was a baby’s nursery.

“This is Timmy’s room, but today, we’re going to use it to transform you into my precious little baby girl,” she said enthusiastically.

“B-but I don’t want that,” Davey pouted miserably.

Ignoring his protests, Marissa swiftly removed his Spiderman t-shirt and tossed it aside. Draped over the rail of the crib, was a delicate white baby dress with pink lace accents. It flared out widely with it’s short hem and had layers of petticoat underneath to give it shape.

“Raise your arms,” she told him tersely.

He did as he was told and the frilly garment was dropped down over him, embracing him with it’s soft, feminine style.

“Oh yes–that’s much more appropriate on you,” she said with approval as she moved behind him to button up the back.

Davey squirmed anxiously and he tugged desperately at the short hem, wishing somehow he could cover up his humiliating diapers with it.

Sitting him down on the edge of the crib mattress, Marissa quickly removed his sneakers and socks and after a quick trip to the pink dresser nearby, she returned with some frilly white anklets and glossy Mary Janes. These were soon put on his feet, completing his babyish look.

“There. Oh my, don’t you look scrumptious!” she said eagerly, “Take a look at yourself in the mirror, Davey.”

Standing him up, she led the diapered pantywaist to the full length mirror on the opposite wall. The sissy boy cringed as he stared at the cute, doe-eyed baby girl gazing back at him.

“Now, as I told your mommy, all bedwetters at my house get a nice, soapy enema to start their day with,” she explained cheerfully as she led him over to the only chair in the room. It was only then, that he saw the big, bulging red rubber bag hanging on the stand, soapy suds across it’s sides and a long slender hose leading downwards.

“Wha-what’s that?” he quailed, becoming very nervous.

“Don’t worry honey,” she assured him as she took a seat, “Timmy gets one everyday–you’ll be just fine.”

Davey wasn’t so sure and he bit his lip and shook his head.

“But I don’t want that,” he repeated himself in his whiny voice.

“Now Davey, I’ll tell you this just once. You are to do as your told, or I’ll take you over my lap and paddle your little bottom–is that what you want?” she said sternly.

Davey shook his head as his eyes misted with tears–his mom had never spanked him.

“This will make sure you’re all squeaky clean–inside and out,” she said smiling again as she began tugging his lilac plastic panties down off his fat diaper.

“N-no…no…” he whimpered weakly as she eased him over her lap and began unpinning the thick cotton cloth of his diapers.

“There…that’s a good sissy. Today you’re going to get your very first enema but I can assure you, it won’t be the last,” she chuckled as she pulled the soft Birdseye cloth back between his thighs and spread his youthful cheeks with her hand. Taking the lubricated enema nozzle, she gently probed at Davey’s puckering hole.

“No–no!” he said more urgently as he squirmed on her lap.

With experienced ease, Marissa soon found the proper angle and the slim nozzle easily slid past his defeated sphincter and deep inside his back passage. Davey moaned weakly.

“Just what mommy’s little sissy needs,” she declared as she opened up the clip, releasing a powerful torrent of warm, soapy water into the squirming boy’s bowels. He squealed helplessly at the warm liquid invasion, his Mary Jane-clad feet kicking helplessly.

“Oh! Oh!” he cried, completely unable to stop the flow. He shook his fists helplessly as a tear of shame and frustration tumbled down his cheek.

“I-I want my mommy,” he bleated.

Marissa gently patted him on his cute rump as she patiently worked the clip, ensuring he got a very thorough, purging enema.

“Your mommy has told me you can count on getting enemas at home now too,” she replied with a smug smile.

Several times, Davey tried to get up, only to have her hold him firmly in place and deliver another strong, soapy torrent of warm water deep into his bowels.

“There you go baby girl,” she said with immense satisfaction.

Even after the last soapy suds drained out of the rubber bag and into the sissy’s rectum, she held the nozzle in place, just to make sure he got every single drop. Davey was moaning and whimpering, unaccustomed to these strange feelings and the cramping in his belly.

At last, she removed the nozzle and gently raised him to his feet, leading him down the hallway to the bathroom.

“You come right back to the nursery when you’ve finished releasing that, Davey,” she told him. “You can’t be trusted without your diapers on.”

Twenty minutes later, a sheepish, defeated sissy returned but with his pampers now having been removed, he held his hands over his little genitals to try and hide them. Marissa was waiting patiently and a nice, fluffy stack of soft diapers had been laid out for him on the changing table. She took his hand and helped him get arranged on the thick cotton cloth.

He soon found his Mary Janes being held above his head in her hand as her other one smeared a thick, sticky coating of Desitin across his curvy cheeks, the ruffled dress gathered around his chest

“Mommy’s little baby needs a big thirsty diaper for all the wetting she does,” she said with a broad grin on her pretty face.

Davey blushed with embarrassment as she lowered his legs, gently spreading them apart.

“But first–I have a very special device that all bedwetting sissies need,” she told him as she retrieved a couple of small pink plastic pieces Davey couldn’t identify. One was an irregular ring that Marissa pulled his little package through until it was positioned behind his sack. Taking a dab of baby lotion, she rubbed it over his tiny, quivering penis which she fed into a short, stubby tube that she then mated with the ring. A long key was inserted into the side of the device, locking it securely.

“There,” she said, obviously pleased, “All safe and secure now.”

Davey shook his fists impotently as she began powdering him generously, the familiar scent filling his nostrils. He didn’t like the idea of his little penis being locked up and inaccessible to him. As he approached puberty, he had become  increasingly fond of playing with his wiener and this device would clearly make that impossible.

Despite his humiliation, he couldn’t help but gaze at Marissa’s big, curvy breasts, so close to him now with her smooth, silky skin revealed by the low cut blouse. Nevertheless, he was too ashamed by this whole infantile experience to react physically to the sight but even if he could–the chastity device was compressing his little nub and it made sure no sort of erection would be possible.

All he could do was whimper helplessly as this beautiful stranger pulled the soft cloth up between his thighs and pinned it snugly closed on either side.

Taking a delicate pair of shimmery white and pink rumba panties that she had picked out earlier, Marissa carefully positioned them at his feet. They had three, big playful ruffles across the seat and fancy pink lace around the leg holes.

“Aren’t these the cutest thing?” she asked the blushing boy, “Just perfect for a sissy in diapers.

“But don’t worry, they have a practical vinyl layer inside for when you wet yourself today.”

Davey’s cheeks reddened deeper at the realization that she had so little confidence in his ability to control himself.

Tugging the frilly panties up his girlish legs, she worked them over the fat bulk of his diapers until all of the soft Birdseye cloth was contained inside.

As she stood him on his feet, Marissa noticed the focus of Davey’s stare on her bosom again.

“So…you like big breasts, do you?” she said as she turned him to face her.

Davey shook his head emphatically and he blushed again hotly, cursing himself inwardly for getting caught red-handed.

“Well since you like staring at my breasts so much, maybe we need to give you a better look, hm?”

“Oh no–I was just–I mean–” he stammered nervously.

Taking him by the hand, she led him over to the crib, where she took a seat and then laid the trembling boy down across her lap. Davey was forced to look up and over the massive curves of her chest to see her smiling face looking down upon him.

“I think you need the full baby experience today,” she said as she slowly and provocatively began unbuttoning her blouse further, “and I’m going to make sure you get it.”

Blushing furiously, Davey whined and tried to look away but her other arm scooped behind his head and positioned it before her right breast. She undid three more buttons until her plump, milk-laden breast was inches before him, held bravely by her straining bra.

Davey didn’t know what to do–he’d never been in the presence of such a sexy woman and he felt completely overwhelmed. Her big, curvy breast was within kissing distance before his nose, contained in the satiny smooth cup of her exciting silk bra. Slowly, she teasingly undid the clasp between the two huge cups and she pulled her right mammary out, positioning it before Davey’s wide-eyed face.

“Time to nurse like the big baby you’ve been acting like, Daveykins,” she said with a mischievous grin.

The squirming sissy tried to back away but his head was locked in place by her lithe arm.

“No–no–no–,” he wailed.

With his mouth opened in protest, she quickly rewarded him with her dripping, firm nipple, filling his mouth and stifling his cries. His movements only served to encourage a steady flow of warm mother’s milk into his mouth, and he mewled helplessly.

“Thaaat’s it…” she coaxed him, “That’s a good little baby…Nurse from mommy like a good little girl…that’s it.”

Davey felt completely and totally emasculated, like a diapered little toddler girl and not at all like the big, ten year-old boy that he was in reality. As he submissively nursed from her big breast, his hand idly fingered the soft, delicate lace around the legs of his rumba panties, reminding him further of his toddler girl status.

After about ten minutes, Marissa switched him to her other breast, and although Davey tried to protest, he soon found his lips wrapped around another firm nipple. He stopped squirming when Marissa began gently stroking the soft, pillowy front of his diapers. Davey’s little penis tried desperately to grow but it could only strain in futility within the hard, unforgiving plastic tube of his chastity device. Sensing his arousal, she continued to pleasure him, gently stroking the soft, cushiony front of his diapers and teasing him mercilessly.

Davey remained frustratingly horny while he nursed like a baby.

Finally, she pulled her milky nipple from his mouth and replaced her breast in the cup of her bra.

“What a good little girl you are,” she commended him as she got up from the crib, “Let’s go out to the kitchen now, where I have baby’s breakfast waiting.”

Davey crawled along the floor behind her, his tiny penis still throbbing with unrequited frustration inside his diapers.

Marissa stopped in the living room long enough to check Timmy, after which she announced he was wet, but that he could wait until after her feeding of Davey.

As he crawled into the kitchen, Davey spied a larger than usual highchair painted in a glossy pink, and Marissa soon lifted him up into it, securing a strap around his waist that pulled his dress up and away from his big diapers. She then slid a big plastic tray that clicked close on the sides of the high chair. Now Davey was truly locked in!

Taking a vinyl covered bib with a design of playing bunnies on it, Marissa tied it around Davey’s neck. Then she emptied several jars of baby food into a plastic divided serving plate and brought it over to her captive sissy.

“This is how your mommy should be treating you at home, Davey,” Marissa said as she spooned a heaping serving of something green and brought it up to his pursed lips.

“Uh-uh,” he said shaking his head.

“Open up, baby girl,” she said with a smug smile as she pinched his nose and waited.

Davey gasped for breath and was quickly rewarded with a mouthful of bland but revolting baby food.

“AWPHKK!” he choked as he struggled to gulp the slop down.

Scooping up another big spoonful, she pushed it against his closed lips, following his head as he turned from side to side.

“You’re really just a big baby, aren’t you?” she asked.

No sooner did he bleat out a ‘no’, than she pushed the spoon into his mouth, spilling the rest onto his chin and bib.

“Stop it!” he cried with his mouth full as he slapped the tray with his hands in frustration.

His powerlessness made itself felt in another, unexpected way, as the floodgates suddenly opened and a strong stream of hot pee surged unrestrained into his waiting diapers. Unfortunately, Davey was so preoccupied with his struggle with Marissa that he didn’t even notice until the warm pee began seeping into his seat.

Tears of helpless humiliation trickled down his cheeks, making tracks in the slop caked to his face. He felt so totally babyish as more pee flowed out in a second, strong stream that completely soaked the front of his diapers.

Fortunately, the frilly waterproof rumba panties did a wonderful job of keeping it all contained but Davey was angry and miserable. He had been determined to deny her the satisfaction of looking any more immature than he already appeared and now he’d just proven her right in her childish assessment of him.

Marissa stopped her feeding and she set the spoon down.

“Aww, what’s da matter with my wittle baby girl?” she asked in a pouty voice designed for toddlers.

“I want my mommy!” Davey wailed as he shook his fists in frustration. He looked absolutely pathetic in his sissy dress and diapers, baby food caked on face as he kicked his Mary Janes impotently. A third stream of pee flowed strongly into his pampers, adding further to the soggy wet cotton cloth inside his plastic panties.

Marissa smiled knowingly and she patiently reached down and felt the warm front of his diapers.

“Aww, looks like mommy’s little baby wet her didees, hmm?” she said with a condescending, superior tone.

Davey blushed beet red and hung his head as he tried to reign in his crying.

“That’s okay little sissy, we’ll get you all changed after breakfast…go ahead, let it all out. These diapers have soaker pads down the center so they can really take a lot of pee. They’re perfect for a bedwetter like you who can’t control herself.”

Davey choked back a sob as the last bit of pee trickled into his thoroughly wet diapers. He seemed resigned to his treatment as Marissa began feeding him again, although now she relaxed the pace a bit to make sure Davey got a good feeding. When he finally finished, she handed him a baby bottle of warm milk with instructions to drink it all up while she went and changed Timmy’s diapers. Trapped as he was, there was no way for him to clean his messy face so he nursed from the bottle while watching Marissa attend to her sissy son.

The smell of his pee wafted up around him mixing with that of the unappetizing baby food and he could barely believe his misfortune. Next month, he would be turning eleven and here he was, being treated like a toddler girl in diapers while his friends were all out playing ball. His soaking wet pampers only contributed to his infantile feelings.

Davey was watching Marissa lifting Timmy’s slim legs in the air to apply diaper rash cream on his bottom when suddenly, there was a knock at the back door.

Davey nearly jumped out of his seat, but of course, he was securely strapped in and going nowhere. Instead, another warm stream of panic-induced pee escaped into his soggy pampers.

Marissa wiped her sticky hands on Timmy’s waiting diapers and rose to go see who it was. When she opened the door wide, she broke into a smile as her next door neighbor greeted her warmly.

“Hi Megan–what perfect timing!” Marissa exclaimed.

Letting her in, the two of them walked over to Davey who was blushing hotly from his ears to his chest. The young woman was quite attractive and the diapered sissy was absolutely mortified to be seen like this.

“Megan, I was just changing Timmy’s diapers, and then I’ve got this bedwetter’s to do. Would you mind lending a hand?”

“Certainly. Looks like you’ve got your hands full here,” the cute blonde remarked with a chuckle as she looked him up and down.

Seeing the bottle on his tray, Megan picked it up and pushed it into the red-faced sissy’s mouth. Davey squealed but submissively drank the tepid liquid obediently.

“And what’s your name, baby girl?” she asked him with an infectious smile as she bent down and put her gorgeous face in his, “You certainly are big to be wearing diapers, aren’t you?”

Davey tried to answer her but with the rubber nipple filling his mouth, his response came out babyishly muffled and he blushed all over again.

After snapping the three crotch snaps of Timmy’s romper closed, Marissa rose to her feet and came over to Davey who was just finishing up his milk.

“Okay baby–it’s diaper change time,” she announced as she began cleaning his face with a wet wash rag. Undoing the serving tray, she released the safety belt around his tummy and helped him out of the highchair. Putting him on the floor on all fours, she bent down to squeeze the smooth bottom half of his thickly diapered seat before giving it a playful swat to send him on his way.

“Let’s go to the nursery, Davey, and I’ll get you out of those wet pampers.”

Deeply humiliated, Davey did as he was told, crawling back before the two of them, seeming to further solidify his baby status to them both. When they reached the room, Marissa led him over to the changing table and sat him down on it. Reaching her hands under the ruffled hem of his dress, she peeled his rumba panties down off of his sodden diapers.

“My, you really soaked yourself this time,” she remarked.

Megan scooped up a pacifier and pushed it into his mouth just as he was about to offer up an excuse for his accident.

With practiced movements, Marissa unpinned his pee-saturated diapers and dropped the heavy cotton cloth into a nearby plastic tub. After a quick clean up, she slid a fluffy new set of diapers underneath him before giving him a good powdering. The bulky Birdseye was soon pinned around his hips and Megan had found a cute pair of white nursery print plastic panties that she slid up the squirming sissy’s legs.

“There–all safe and protected again,” she grinned.

Taking him back out to the living room, she helped Timmy out of the playpen and put Davey inside. The former went off to play with his toys while Davey was forced to sit before the two women, bored with the babyish plastic toys left to him in the playpen. He resented that the younger boy had been given the freedom to go where he liked while diapered Davey had to sit like an infantile prisoner in the mesh-sided enclosure.

Fortunately, the bottom was lined with practical nursery print vinyl, just in case the occupant’s diapers happened to leak.

The two women were engaged in a conversation when Davey lifted himself up on his knees, putting his hands on the padded railing of the playpen to face them.

“Um…Miss Marissa,” Davey asked tentatively, “May I be allowed to play with Timmy?”

“No sissy, I want you where I can keep an eye on you,” she replied dismissively, immediately returning to her conversation with Megan without a second thought.

Davey pouted in frustration as he tried to amuse himself with the plastic blocks and dolls in the playpen. He hated being treated like a baby and it was humiliating being stuck in the playpen in his diapers and sissy dress like an infantile prisoner. He was frustrated and bored and after about 45 minutes, he barely stifled a yawn which Marissa immediately picked up on.

“Megan, I think it’s time I put little Davey down for her nap,” she told her friend.

Just as Davey was about to protest, Timmy toddled into the room, a toy truck in his hand.

“Mommy–can I go outside and play?” he asked in his little voice.

“Sure, honey, just make sure you stay in the back yard.”

“Thanks Mommy!” he replied eagerly as he turned to go.

Rising up from the sofa Marissa made ready to retrieve Davey.

“Megan, can you grab the baby bottle out of the warmer?”

“Sure thing,” she responded.

“C-can I go out too?” Davey pleaded desperately.

“No sweetie–it’s naptime for you,” Marissa said as she reached in and helped him out of the playpen.

“But Timmy gets to play–how come I can’t?” he whined bitterly.

Because he’s a big boy and you’re still a baby bedwetter,” she explained simply just as Megan returned with the bottle.

Davey stamped his Mary Janes on the floor in frustration as he bunched his fists. It was so completely unfair!!

“I don’t wanna take a nap!” he wailed angrily.

“Davey–it’s time for your nap, come on, let’s get you ready for beddie-bye now,” she said simply, completely ignoring his tantrum.

“No! I’m not gonna,” he pouted stubbornly.

“Well, you are going to take a nap, but first, you’re going to be taking a trip over my knee,” Marissa told him sternly as she crossed her arms over her substantial chest.

Turning on her heel, she left the two standing there, an amused smile on Megan’s face.

“Looks like someone is getting a spanking,” she grinned mischievously.

Davey whimpered and bit his lip nervously as Marisa returned with a stout wooden paddle in her hand. Seized with panic, he was helpless to prevent a sudden squirt of warm pee from dampening the front of his diapers.

“Wa-wait!” he cried, putting up his hands in fear, “Please-please don’t spank me!”

“It’s time for you to learn what happens to sissies that don’t do as they’re told,” she said firmly as she took a seat on a straight backed chair.

Snatching his wrist, she pulled him to her side and grasping the waistband of his plastic baby panties, she yanked them down his shaking legs.

“No–no–no!!” he blubbered as the tears began trickling down his cheeks.

Marissa took the fussy boy over her lap and unpinned his diapers, pushing the thick cloth back between his thighs and exposing his bashful, curvy little bottom. Picking up her paddle, she briefly rubbed it against his baby soft cheeks as Davey squirmed in terrified anticipation.

“I-I want my m-mommy,” he sobbed.

Marissa raised the paddle over her shoulder and then brought it swooping down to land with a blistering impact. Davey howled out at the top of his lungs and kicked wildly, a bright red pattern quickly forming across his virgin bottom. Marissa quickly added to it, smacking each individual cheek  hard and then both together. Davey’s buns danced miserably beneath the harsh, scalding slaps of the paddle and he cried out like the baby girl he was dressed as.

Timmy had heard the commotion, and he came back inside to watch the spectacle firsthand. Although he had been over his mom’s lap for the occasional spanking, this was the first time he had witnessed one from this perspective and he stood there transfixed, a voyeuristic smile beginning to appear on his face.

As the paddle slapped and smacked Davey’s tender cheeks repeatedly, he cried unashamedly, kicking his Mary Janes frantically as his sissy bottom was turned to a deep, angry red. Marissa’s paddle never missed her target and although he squirmed and struggled desperately against her grip, she delivered her harsh, unremitting punishment again and again. Hard, unforgiving oak slapped his soft, defenseless cheeks, raising painful, stinging welts.

At last, the terrible spanking was over and Davey lay there sobbing loudly as Marissa pulled his diapers back up and pinned them tightly in place, effectively sealing the five alarm fire blazing on his bottom.

As she stood him up, she pulled his plastic panties back up and over his big diapers, looking him in the eye as she did.

“Ready for beddie-bye now?” she taunted him with a smile.

Davey nodded his head vigorously and Marissa led him down the hallway and into the nursery. There, she changed out his baby dress for a cute fuzzy pink top and she tucked him into the crib, giving him a teddy bear and a bottle of milk to sooth him.

Sitting on the edge of the crib mattress, Marissa pushed the nipple of the bottle into his sniveling mouth to get him started nursing from the milk.

“I’m sorry I had to spank you, Davey,” she said as she gently wiped a tear away from his wet cheeks, “but now you know I mean business.”

All the diapered sissy could think was how unfair it all was–he was being treated like a baby and forced to take a nap when the younger boy was allowed to go outside and play in complete freedom. He was also deeply ashamed at having been spanked in front of the other two, bawling his eyes out like a crybaby, and he knew he’d have difficulty sitting down for the next several days.

Marissa bent down to kiss his cheek before raising the side of the crib and latching it closed.

“Nighty-nite,” she said cheerfully as she turned and left, turning the light out as she left.

Davey’s bottom was still stinging and roasting inside his diapers and he squirmed in the crib trying to get comfortable. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been made to take a nap and in his boredom, his eyes wandered around the nursery. He was amazed at all the babyish touches to the room, from the pink dresser to the lemon yellow rocking horse, to say nothing of the toddler style crib he was presently captive in. The mattress crinkled loudly beneath him every time he moved and a slight stale pee scent could be discerned coming from some part of it.

Reaching down, he tried to rub the soft front of his diapers to get some relief but all it did was get him more frustrated.

At last, after a half hour of tossing and turning, he fell asleep.





Davey was woken by Marissa pulling the pink drapes back from the window.

“And how did mommy’s little bedwetter sleep?” she asked sweetly.

Sure enough, once Davey had slipped into slumberland, the floodgates had opened and as usual, he had completely soaked his diapers.

“Good, Miss Marissa,” he replied sleepily.

Lowering the side of the crib, Marissa handed Davey a bottle of warm milk and helped him over to the changing table. In moments, his soggy, wet diapers were unpinned and his legs were being held in the air as Marissa coated his bottom with another layer of Desitin cream. This was followed by lots of baby powder and soon, he was swaddled back into another thick set of soft, fluffy diapers.

“Hmm, I think these cute polka dot baby panties will go perfect with that top you’re wearing,” she announced as she began snaking the waterproof panties up his legs.

Davey whimpered a little, especially as he caught a waft of stale pee from the panties she was fitting around his fat diapers. It was embarrassing to think he would be wearing baby panties that someone else had wet in previously and it served as a further reminder of his childish lack of control.

“And guess what?” she said brightly, “Now it’s time for you to go outside and play.”

Davey became visibly happier and he was excited at the prospect of finally doing activities closer to his real age in the back yard.

Putting his pink Mary Janes over his anklet covered feet, Marissa led him down the hallway and towards the front door.

“A-aren’t we going outside to the b-back yard?” he quaked, suddenly nervous.

“Oh no, baby–I’ve got a stroller I’m going to put you in to take you down to the park. But don’t worry–I’ve got your diaper bag for when you wet yourself again,” she assured him.

Sure enough, just as she opened the front door, he felt a wild squirt of panic-induced pee spray into his fresh diapers.

“N-no!” he cried weakly but deep inside, he already knew he was going. His bottom was still sore from his earlier spanking.

“Come along baby girl,” Marissa said as she ignored his protest, grabbed his wrist and led him outside. On her sidewalk, was a large stroller and a diaper bag slung over the handle. Easing him into the babyish contraption, she handed him a Disney Princess doll to comfort him and off they went.

Although the stroller had a smocked rain cover, Marissa had pulled it back so Davey could enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, everyone they passed by looked down at him and either smiled or shook their heads at his diapered condition. Marissa had given him a baby bottle to nurse from and he felt all the more infantile as they made their way to the park.

They were almost there when they passed a young teenager that stopped to say hi to Marissa.

“Hi Mrs. Rosen,” she said brightly.

“Well hello, Cindy,” she replied, “How is school going for you?”

“Almost done and then summer is about to start,” she said, “That isn’t little Timmy, is it?”

“Oh no–this is a little bedwetter I’m babysitting today–his name is Davey,” she said as she smiled down on the blushing boy.

“Aww, he’s a cute little one–and it looks like you’re very well protected today, Davey,” she said in a voice meant for toddlers.

Davey blushed furiously and felt another strong stream of pee flow out of control. With his little penis having been locked in chastity, he wet back between his legs like a girl, peeing helplessly into the thick seat of his diapers.

“I’ve got him triple diapered. He really needs it for all the wetting he does,” Marissa told her.

“Well, have fun, sissykins,” Cindy said gaily as she waved him goodbye.

After they parted ways, Marissa took a pathway into the park that led to a play area for small children. There were two girls and boy there already, looking about 5 to 7, although it was apparent that none shared Davey’s need for diapers. Their mothers were chatting amongst themselves and they greeted Mrs. Rosen when she came their way.

After explaining her charge to the curious women, she helped him get out of the stroller.

“Go ahead–play with the other children,” she encouraged him.

Davey could feel the warm, clammy cloth of his diapers clinging to his bottom and he cringed as he looked around at the faces now staring at him. Unfortunately, that brought yet another stream of hot pee into his already wet diaper and he blushed all the way from his ears to his chest.

“Why are you wearing diapers?” the little blonde girl asked as she pointed at his infantile underwear.

Davey was on the verge of crying and he looked around anxiously at Marissa to save him.

“Davey can’t control his wetting, so he needs diapers and plastic panties for protection,” she said kindly.

Leading him over to a sandy area with some toys, Marissa encouraged him to play with the others. With his sissy top, Mary Janes, and his fat, shiny diapers, Davey felt extremely conscious of his appearance. He could barely concentrate and he felt everyone’s eyes staring at him.

He was bent down on all fours, pushing a Tonka truck when one of the older of the girls came up behind him unexpectedly and squeezed his diapered bottom.

“Mommy! His diapers are wet,” she bluntly announced, to Davey’s utter shame.

“Come along, Davey,” Marissa beckoned him as she began opening her diaper bag, “Time for another change.”

The shame-faced sissy bit his lip as he tried desperately for a way to dissuade her from humiliating him further. Unfortunately, she simply came over, scooped him up like a toddler and carried him over to the changing pad she’d laid out.

The other women were buzzing with interest as they watched the helpless youth have his pee-soaked diapers summarily pulled down, revealing the pink chastity device around his tiny genitals.

“May I ask what that is?” a curious mother inquired.

“Oh yes,” she responded, “Naughty boys like Davey here can be easily tempted to play with themselves if left unsupervised. Especially when he’s wearing soft, fluffy diapers all the time. This device makes sure that’s no longer possible, and he can’t even get an erection now, which is something a bedwetter has no business having anyway.”

The others giggled and nodded their agreement as Davey’s face burned with embarrassment.

After depositing his wet diapers in a separate bag, Marissa carefully cleaned his damp area and then grasping his ankles, she lifted his Mary Janes over his head. The children all gathered around, clearly amused to see this much older boy getting a diaper change like a baby.

Davey tried to look away, but everywhere he looked, a mother or her child was gazing back at him, smiling as Marissa smeared Desitin across his pink bottom.

“Looks like someone got his bottom spanked,” one of the mothers observed with a smile.

“Yes, Davey got fussy about taking his nap today, which ended with him taking a trip over my lap. I’m pretty sure we won’t be have any more trouble like that in the future,” she said as she eased a baby bottle of warm milk into his trembling mouth.

Davey was so humiliated, a tear trickled down his cheek as he tied to close his eyes and ears from the conversation.

After a thorough powdering, Marissa pulled the thick cloth up between his legs and pinned the sides snugly in place. Colorful pink nursery print plastic panties followed and soon, Davey was once again, pampered, safe and protected.

Marissa began putting her diapering supplies away when she glanced at her watch.

“Oh—will you look at the time? I had no idea it was so late!” she exclaimed, “We better get going–you have an important appointment to meet.”

Although Davey was vastly relieved to be leaving this humiliating company, he couldn’t help but have reservations for what was coming next. He was just about to inquire when Marissa suddenly pushed his pacifier into his open mouth, effectively ending any discussion before it began.

Davey squealed and shook his fists helplessly as the other mothers giggled at him.

“Come on , baby, it’s time for us to be going,” Marissa said as she helped Davey climb back into the stroller.

As soon as he was safely settled, Marissa said her goodbyes as the women all waved to Davey like he was a baby and with that, she briskly left the park.

Before long, they had arrived back at the house and Marissa led him inside where they found Megan nursing Timmy with a baby bottle of milk.

“Hi, we just came back so I could change Davey’s outfit. How has my little Timmy been?” she asked.

“A perfect angel–I was just about to check his diapers and then put him down for his nap.”

Davey felt some small consolation that at least Timmy was getting the same babyish treatment as himself.

Marissa led him back to the nursery where she removed his sissy top and brought over a fancy satin, pink and white baby dress. Like the one he wore earlier, it had a stiff petticoat to flare out it’s lacey hem. With short, puffy sleeves and a cute bunny and building blocks appliqué on the bodice, it screamed little toddler baby girl as she lowered it over his head.

Davey squirmed nervously as she did up the row of small buttons up the back.

Going over to the dresser, she retrieved a silky item and returned, removing his lacy anklets and Mary Janes. Gathering the white tights in her hands, she fed Davey’s legs into them, working the hosiery up his smooth, girlish legs and then laboriously around the fat, imposing bulk of his big diapers.

“Every little girl loves dressing up fancy,” she exclaimed as she ran her nails around the wide, stretchy elastic waistband, “And I’m sure you’re going to make quite the impression to the ladies down at the salon.”

Davey shook his head and tried to protest but the fat rubber pacifier only muffled his words of angst.

Putting his Mary Janes back on, she stood him before the full length mirror so he could see himself.

Davey blushed a deep red as he took in the short, ruffled baby dress, and his girlish tights that were stretched tightly over his diapers, doing nothing to mask the pink nursery print of his plastic panties. He couldn’t imagine a more humiliating outfit to wear.

Marissa grabbed another set of diapers, putting his wet ones into the pail, and then she led him outside and back into the stroller.

“Come along, Davey–we mustn’t be late for your appointment.”

The diapered pantywaist whimpered but dutifully climbed in and Marissa briskly pushed him down the sidewalk.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at their destination, Jamie’s Salon–Styles for beautiful little girls.

Opening the glass door, Marissa grinned broadly as she pushed the stroller inside and was immediately greeted by a number of young women. She let Davey out and allowed him to stand before them as they smiled down on him, remarking about his state of dress.

“What a cutie you are!”

“Who’s this little darling?”

“Looks like this little one has a wetting problem.”

“You’re a precious little sweetie!”

All this intense attention from the group of pretty women was too much for Davey and predictably, he immediately began nervously wetting himself like the big baby he was dressed up as. He bit his lip and cringed as warm pee began spreading throughout his diaper, seeping up into his generously padded seat as his bladder helplessly let go in panic.

The manager of the salon, a gorgeous brunette, bent down and smiled prettily at Davey’s quivering form. She had full, luscious lips, twinkling eyes, and a generous bosom barely contained by her snug uniform.

“And what’s your name, little girl?” she asked cheerfully.

Davey was sucking feverishly on his pacifier, his eyes misting with tears of humiliation.

“–Priscilla,” Marissa suddenly announced for him. She hadn’t thought about it until just this moment, but it seemed the perfect name for her little diapered sissy.

“Well Priscilla, we’re going to make you just as pretty as we can,” the beautiful woman assured him as she took his trembling hand and led him to one of the salon’s pink chairs. Davey waddled over and was soon lifted into the chair by strong, female arms. He had never been in a women’s salon and he assumed they would just cut his hair, which tended to be on the long side anyways.

Draping a big pink smock over him to protect his baby dress, they tied it behind his neck and two of the younger girls began working on his hair.

Marissa whispered some instructions to the manager who smiled and looked knowingly at Davey.

“Oh yes–that will look wonderful,” she agreed.

Walking over to the two girls working on Davey, she spoke shortly with them under her breath and they giggled and nodded their heads in response.

Davey could only hope for the best as the they pulled and twisted his hair, putting it in small curlers. As it began to dawn on him that this was going to be more than a usual haircut, he grew concerned and tried to voice his objections but once again, the pacifier ensured everything came out babyishly muffled. The girls ignored him, chattering amongst themselves as they continued to work on his hair.

Sitting there squirming, it was only then that he realized he had wet himself as he felt the soggy cotton squishing between his legs and against his seat. He blushed at the thought that he seemed to have so little control over his wetting anymore and it made him feel all the more childish.

The girls finally finished with the curls and they wrapped his head in a plastic bonnet of sorts, gently putting him under a hair dryer. Davey hoped the smell of the chemicals would mask that of his pee-soaked pampers so he could avoid another humiliating public diaper change.

While he was waiting, Marissa pulled out his pacifier and handed him a baby bottle which he began nursing from, if for no other reason, than because he was bored.

At last, one of the cute young girls came over and turned off the hair dryer, checking the condition of his hair.

“I think you’re ready, sweetie,” she said brightly.

Davey was happy to have this over at last, so they could finally go home.

Taking him back over to one of the chairs, the two girls began taking his curlers out, placing them in a large bowl until they were all removed. Merrily, the two of them worked on Davey, styling his hair and applying spray to it until they were satisfied with the final result.

“Viola!” one of them exclaimed.

The pretty manager and Marissa gathered around to look at her diapered charge as they beheld the mass of babyish curls now adorning his cherubic face.

“Perfect!” Marissa exclaimed as she clapped her hands in joy, “Absolutely perfect!”

As they turned his chair so he could finally look at his own reflection, Davey gasped in shock as he stared dumbfounded at himself and his new girlish locks. He had no idea this was what Marissa had intended and his cheeks suddenly flushed with anger.

“What did you do!?!” he shouted.

“Just gave you an age-appropriate hairdo, sweetie-pie,” she said with a smug smirk.

Davey leaped out of his seat and he shook his fists in fury at her. Needless to say, in his short baby dress and diapers he looked absolutely ridiculous.

“I’m telling my mom on you!” he shouted threateningly in his shrill voice.

Marissa crossed her arms over her substantial chest with cool confidence as she looked down on him condescendingly.

“And just where do you think I got the idea from? It was your mommy’s suggestion.”

Davey felt a shiver of fear run down his spine to learn that his own mother was conspiring to turn him into a babyish toddler.

“I hate you! I hate you!!” he screamed, lacking any other sort of argument.

Marissa spied a wide backed wooden hairbrush on the counter and she picked it up, grasping Davey by his arm.

“Girls, I’ve got some business I have to attend to–do you have a back room here I can use?”

The girls giggled again as the manager happily led the two of them to the break room in back. Davey kicked and tried to escape but he was no match for Marissa’s strong grip.

Leaving the door open, Marissa sat down on a stool and began tugging Davey’s tights down off his diapers.

“Stop it! Stop it!” he wailed.

“It’s time you received a lesson in manners, you little sissy,” she said firmly.

With several sharp tugs, she yanked his pink nursery print plastic panties down past his knees, exposing his sagging, pee-soaked diapers.

“Wet again, I see,” she observed dryly, “Now you’re going to find out what it’s like to get a spanking with a damp bottom.”

Davey burst into tears and he stamped his feet in frustration but in moments, she was lifting him over her lap, placing him in the vulnerable position where his Mary Janes could only kick the air helplessly. Marissa swiftly unpinned his diapers and pushed the soggy wet cloth back between his legs. His bottom was still pink from his earlier spanking but she didn’t hesitate for a moment. Raising the hairbrush over her shoulder, she brought it down with a deafening swat, landing it squarely across the delightful curve of his fanny.

Davey howled in agony and he kicked wildly, shaking his fists impotently before him. Two blistering swats immediately followed, one on each of his soft, sissy cheeks, flattening them and delivering an impact of a hundred wasp stings. Hot, salty tears streamed down his cheeks as Davey cried like a baby.

The girls gathered around the open doorway, smiling eagerly as they watched the spectacle of the diapered pantywaist getting his just reward. Again and again, Marissa smacked his bottom harshly, delivering the childish punishment that all sissies truly deserve. Davey bawled at the top of his lungs, his damp cheeks quickly returning to a shade of angry, candy apple red.

For several minutes, she continued to slap each of his swollen cheeks ferociously, bringing fresh torrents of tears from the crying youth until at last Marissa finally stopped, setting the hairbrush down on the nearby counter with a clatter.

Standing the sobbing youth on his shaky feet, his stern babysitter looked him squarely in the eye.

“That was exactly what you needed,” she said as she wagged her finger at his crying face, “Your mommy knows best and she knows a little bedwetter like you should be treated like the baby you’ve been acting like.

“And when you get sassy with me–you can be sure of taking another trip over my lap for a good, hard spanking. Do you understand me?”

Davey sobbed loudly and submissively nodded his head as he tenderly stroked the twin fireballs of his bottom. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed that the other girls were still gathered at the doorway, a rapt audience to his humiliating scolding.

Turning towards them, Marissa beckoned for their assistance.

“Would one of you girls be so kind as to get my diaper bag–I’m afraid Priscilla wet herself again.”

“Sure thing,” the blond one chuckled as she turned and went to get it.

In moments, everyone gathered around attentively as Davey was once again being positioned on the changing pad over a thick trio of his bunny soft diapers. His tights and damp plastic panties were still gathered around his calves and now everyone could clearly see the tiny pink chastity device encasing his little loins. The girls pointed at it and giggled, vastly amused with his situation.

Davey was given another bottle to nurse from as Marissa slathered Desitin across his swollen, stinging bottom. The crying sissy howled out anew as her hands rubbed his blazing cheeks, even though the cream was cool to his hot skin. Taking her time, Marissa sprinkled baby powder over his front, humming to herself as the girls looked down on the punished, humiliated boy.

Pulling the fluffy soft cloth up between his thighs, she pinned the sides tightly together around his hips.

As Davey felt the damp plastic panties being drawn up his legs, he got fussy again and protested.

“Th-those are still wet!” he whined between sobs.

“Sissies don’t always get a complete change,” she explained simply as she pulled them up and tugged them over the fat cotton surrounding his hips. He could feel the cool, damp elastic bands around his thighs but there was nothing he could do about it.

Davey whimpered and pouted but nevertheless resumed his nursing from the bottle.

Marissa began working his stretchy pink tights up his legs and then fitted them over his fat diapers, tugging them aggressively to get the waistband above his waterproof baby panties. Standing him up, she positioned him before the smiling audience of girls.

“Now I want you to thank these nice girls for doing such a wonderful job on your hair,” she commanded him.

Davey could barely utter the words to thank them for transforming his look into that of a toddler girl but his bottom was still on fire inside his diapers.

“Th-thank you,” he bleated weakly.

“Thank you for what?” Marissa prodded him.

“Thank you…f-for doing my hair.”

“Thank you for making me look like a pretty little baby girl,” Marissa corrected him.

“Th-thank you for making me look like a-a pretty little baby girl,” he repeated as everyone clapped and grinned. Davey’s face blushed a bright red and the manager bent down to give him a wet kiss on his crimson cheek. He looked so completely babyish now, with his girly blond curls and dress.

“Well–I want to thank everyone for taking such good care of my little Priss–I think you’ve done a wonderful job with her,” Marissa said appreciatively.

Grasping the pansy’s hand, she led him to the register where she paid for his permanent, tipping the girls as they left.

Putting him back into his stroller, Marissa took the overwhelmed and distraught sissy back home, where they found Davey’s mom pulling into the driveway. Seeing another opportunity to humiliate her young charge, Marissa helped Davey out of the stroller and stood him up, so anyone in the neighborhood walking by would also be witness to his babyish appearance.

As Mrs. Rosen closed the door of her car, Marissa pushed Davey’s pacifier into his mouth, adding the piece-de-resistance to his toddler look.

His mom stopped where she stood, her hand going up to cover her mouth which quickly became a wide grin.

“Oh…My!” she exclaimed, “It’s…perfect! I love it!”

Marissa smiled proudly as Mrs. Rosen approached slowly, taking in all the details, from his glossy Mary Janes, to his shimmering tights and their see-thru look, allowing his colorful baby panties and thick, bulging diapers to be clearly seen. Davey’s short ruffled dress flared out widely and the short, puffy sleeves emphasized his skinny little arms. The mass of girlish curls around his face gave him a distinctively toddler appearance and the pacifier stuffed in his mouth completed the look.

To be sure–he no longer looked like a ten year-old boy but a five year-old girl, still very much in need of diapers.

Mrs. Rosen threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

“Oh sweetie, you’re my precious little baby girl!” she gushed.

As she stood back and smiled down on him, a sudden gust of wind blew the back of his dress up, fully exposing his fat, diapered bottom. Davey squealed and wrestled to hold the light, wispy layers of his dress and petticoats down but alas, the damage was already done. He glanced over to see the next door neighbor, an older woman watering her lawn, who was staring back at the diapered sissy in his dress.

He tried to urge the two mothers to go inside but of course, no one could understand his muffled whining with his rubber pacifier lodged in his mouth.

Instead, they stood where they were, Marissa discussing the day’s events as Mrs. Rosen smiled with each humiliating revelation. At last, his babysitter took them inside and they sat down at the sofa together, Marissa arranging Davey across her lap and positioning his head for another breastfeeding session.

“Okay, sweetie–you know what comes next,” she said as he opened her blouse to reveal her big mammaries struggling to escape the confines of her silky bra.

Davey squirmed on her lap but in moments, his lips were soon wrapped around a milky areole and he was nursing contentedly like a little baby.

“Tell me–how did Davey take his enema this morning?” Mrs. Rosen asked as she smiled down on her transformed sissy boy.

“Oh—I forgot to mention–your little one prefers to be called Priscilla now–she came up with it all on her own,” Marissa told her, wildly stretching the truth.

His mom giggled, not indicating whether she believed her or not but clearly delighted with the name nevertheless.

“But to answer your question–she was fussy at first, but you’d be surprised at the effect a nice, long soapy enema has on a little pantywaist like Priscilla. It leaves her submissive, compliant, and much more receptive to further babyish treatment.

“I strongly recommend you start every day by taking her over your lap and giving her a full two quarts.”

“Can he really take that much?” Mrs. Rosen asked in amazement.

“Oh yes–you’d be astounded to how much a little sissy can take, so long as you take it slowly and patiently,” she explained, “Of course, she’ll whine and squirm, telling you she can’t take any more but just be firm with her–you need to make sure she gets every drop so she’ll be a good little girl in her diapers.

“Isn’t that right, sugarplum?” she asked Davey in a sweet, syrupy voice.

The hapless sissy whimpered helplessly as he continued nursing from her immense, milk-filled breast.

“I just can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done…I knew his wetting problem was getting worse but I just wasn’t sure which direction to go with it.”

“When I saw your little sweetie, I just knew there was a delicate little sissy inside, just bursting to get out. Her constant wetting was simply her way of telling you she doesn’t want to be a big boy, but instead–wants to live the life of a helpless baby again,” Marissa explained sagely as Mrs. Rosen nodded in agreement.

“You’re certainly going to get that and more,” his mom told him, “This week, I’ll be converting your bedroom into a proper nursery for a little baby girl–I’m adding to your cozy pink crib and I’m getting a netted playpen to join it. I’ve already boxed up all your clothes and I’ve started ordering lots of cute baby dresses and rompers from eBay.

“It will take me a few days, but when you come home this weekend, your new life as mommy’s precious little toddler girl will officially begin. Now you can wet your diapers all you want and be the big baby you’ve been acting like. All your meals will be served to you in your new highchair and I’ll tuck you into your crib for your daily naps.

“–Oh, and you can count on a much earlier bedtime too.

“What do you think–7 pm for my little princess?” she asked Marissa.

“Oh yes, babies don’t need to be up any later than that,” she agreed.

“By the way–I’ve taken the precaution of locking her little package into a secure chastity device. It’s the perfect solution for sissies who wear soft, fluffy diapers all the time. You’ll find it puts a stop–once and for all, to any naughty behavior she might be tempted with.

Mrs. Rosen beamed with great admiration at her new friend.

“You’ve really thought of everything, haven’t you?”

“I just like to see these sissies get everything that’s coming to them,” she said with firm resolve.

“In just a few years, she’ll be going through puberty and her hormones will be raging. Instead of getting erections like most little boys do–the chastity device will make sure this pantywaist remains sissy soft in her diapers, unable to ever get hard or experience an orgasm. It will be very frustrating for her but that’s alright–sissies don’t need orgasms like most males do.”

“Do I need to worry about semen building up inside her?” Mrs. Rosen inquired.

“No–I recommend you get a nice, thick dildo nozzle for your enema kit. You’ll find it drains her prostate of any built up semen, while depriving her of the tremendous climax she desperately wants.”

“I’ll be sure to get one,” she replied.

Davey whimpered desperately as he heard of these nefarious plans for him but Marissa smiled down on him knowingly.

“You just keep nursing, little princess–I’ve got plenty of milk for you still.”

His brow furrowed but he knew better than to defy her.

“Oh–while you’re shopping for her, you may also want to pick up a nice butt plug or two. I like the ones made of the softer jelly material. They can be an excellent tool to help her stay focused on the matter at hand or just when she’s being fussy.”

“Thanks–I’ll be sure to get a couple–anything else you can think of?”

“Yes–a good, stout wooden paddle, if you don’t already have one. All sissies–and your little pansy is certainly no exception–need to be taken over mommy’s lap and given a good, hard spanking from time to time. And you’ll find it’s all the more effective lesson when it’s done in front of others.

“That will keep your little pantywaist on the straight and narrow.”

Mrs. Rosen nodded in agreement.

“Sissies need strict, unforgiving discipline with a daily fare of humiliation and emasculation–I’m happy to provide it for your little one while you’re getting things ready at home,” Marissa assured her.

Davey, his innocent face framed by his new girlish curls, was listening to all this with growing concern as he nursed steadily on her other breast. And yet, he also knew that the life of a baby girl awaited him whether he liked it or not. In one day, Marissa had changed his life forever and he had been completely helpless in the face of her implacable will.

At the same time, a familiar warm wetness began to seep back between his thighs and into the thick seat of his diapers, embracing his recently spanked cheeks with his incontinence. Somehow, it seemed natural now to the pampered sissy, and he let his pee flow uninterrupted as the thick cotton cloth swaddling him happily absorbed it.

“Thank you again. I’ll let you know how things progress,” Mrs. Rosen said as she got up to leave, “Just think sweetie–by this time next week, you’ll have your very own baby nursery to play in–no more big boy toys, just lots of stuffed animals and dolls to amuse you.

“It’s wet diapers and nursery nights for you, from now on.”




The Humiliations of Being a Bedwetter

Note to the reader; This is a short prequel to my other story Seven Wet Nights.



Mrs. Evans answered the ring of the doorbell, opening the front door wide and greeting her long time friend, Marissa.

“Hi!!” she exclaimed enthusiastically, “I’m so glad you were able to make it!”

“I’m happy to help out if I can, I just do this in my spare time but it’s turned out to be a bigger market than I thought,” the slim brunette replied as she came in, a very large satchel in her hand.

“Is that heavy?” Mrs. Evans asked as she showed her to the living room.

“Oh no–just bulky,” she answered politely.

After settling her down at the sofa, Mrs. Evans served her some tea and they made some brief chit-chat.

“So where is my little customer?” Marissa asked with a cute, but mischievous smile.

“Brian!” Mrs. Evans called out to her son who was in the other room.

A moment later her 13 year-old boy came into the room silently, carrying a model airplane in one of his hands.

“This is my good friend, Marissa–she’s going to help you out with your little problem,” she explained.

Her son blushed slightly, feigning innocence.

“Um…what do you mean?”

“Hmm,” Marissa said as she carefully laid out a changing pad and three thick, fluffy diapers onto it, arranging them in a rectangular stack, “I’m thinking a size medium will be fine, he’s smaller than I expected.”

A look of panic crossed Brian’s face and he bit his lip hard.

“These are Bedwetters brand and I like them because they have a nice, soft soaker pad sewn down the middle of each diaper,” she explained.

“Do you think three is necessary?” Mrs. Evans asked, clearly out of her element.

“Yes, based on what you’ve told me about Brian’s wetting habits.”

The latter shuffled his feet, wanting desperately to leave, and uncomfortable being the subject, yet not part of this humiliating conversation.

“Come here Brian,” his mom beckoned him, “Let’s see how these fit you.”

He blushed hotly as his mother began undoing his shoes and removing his pants as if he were still four years old.

Whimpering helplessly, he finally found his voice.

“B-but, I-I, don’t want that,” he cried, unable to actually utter the word ‘diapers’.

Completely ignoring his protestations, his mother swiftly tugged down his Spiderman underwear, putting them beside her on the couch as her wilting son covered his little package in shame. He continued to whimper and squeal as she led him over and sat him down on the stack of diapers, situating him so that the soft cloth was equally positioned on either side of his slim hips.

Marissa quickly took over, grasping his ankles with one hand and swinging them over his head as Brian gasped audibly. He was certainly unaccustomed to being handled by another woman and he squealed again even as he struggled to maintain his balance. Worse yet, it was mortifying having his little rosebud so humiliatingly exposed before this stranger.

Marissa’s other hand contained a big glob of diaper rash cream and she slowly and thoroughly coated his curvy little bottom with it.

“Depending on how early in the evening Brian usually begins wetting, it’s a good idea to give his little buns a good layer of protection,” she advised sagely.

“I-I don’t need diapers,” he wailed piteously.

Taking the container of Johnson’s baby powder, Marissa pushed aside Brian’s hands that were trying to shield himself and she began shaking it over his privates, a pleasant smile upon her face as she beheld his diminutive package.

“Here you are honey–some sweet smelling baby powder.”

Brian kicked his feet in frustration and Marissa pulled the thick cloth up between his legs and pinned the sides together with a large, clown headed safety pin. After completing the other side, she turned to Mrs. Evans.

“I’m so sorry, but I’m all out of plain white plastic panties,” she said apologetically, “Would it be okay to use nursery print until I get my next shipment in?”

“Oh, that will be fine,” his mom answered, “I’m mostly concerned with getting him a good fit that won’t leak.”

Happy with her response, Marissa produced a very babyish pair of white waterproof panties with a nursery print of clowns and giraffes decorating it.

“No-no-no!” Brian wailed as the attractive woman gathered them in her hands and positioned them over his kicking feet.

“The first time is always the most difficult–that’s why I always make a point of being present when these bedwetters get their initial diapering.”

“Yes, I think that is very wise,” Mrs. Evans agreed as Marissa slid the colorful plastic panties up Brian’s smooth legs, working them over the fat bulk of his diapers with her fingers to get all the bunny soft cotton inside the waterproof vinyl.

After a quick dusting of baby powder between his thighs, Marissa stood the flustered, embarrassed boy on his feet. In his t-shirt and fat pampers, he looked very much like a cute diapered toddler, albeit, a taller one.

“Why don’t you let him wear these the rest of the afternoon to see how the fit is?” she suggested as she gently patted him on his fat, plastic covered bottom.

“What an excellent idea!” Mrs. Evans quickly agreed, “Brian, you can run along and play now–I’ll check up on you in a couple hours to see how you’re doing and if the panties are chaffing.”

The pouting, red-faced youth shook his fists, too ashamed to speak up as he waddled off, the fat bulk of his diapers inhibiting his ability to move normally.

“He may be a little upset now, but you’d be surprised how quickly they come to accept their diapers and plastic panties,” Marissa explained, “In my experience, most little boys get right on board with it and after awhile–he won’t even know he’s wearing them.”

“Yes, well…either way–those are here to stay until he stops his childish bedwetting,” Mrs. Evans replied evenly, “I’ve had it up to here with his pee-stained sheets and the smell.”

Marissa nodded in agreement.

“Yes, a little embarrassment is well worth the price of dry sheets.”




Several hours later…


Mrs. Evans was kneeling over her son, checking the tops of his thighs where the elasticized baby panties made the seal against his skin.

“I think these are going to work just fine,” she said with obvious satisfaction.

“Yes, and if I may say so, I think the nursery print looks cute as a button on him,” Marissa commented.

Brian’s mom patted his thickly diapered bottom as she smiled down on her blushing son.

“I’ll take half a dozen of them if you have that many, and two dozen of the diapers.”

Brian’s eyes misted with tears and he began whimpering in protest.

“But mom…” he whined. Clearly, she had decided that diapers and plastic panties were going to be a part of his life for the immediate future and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Let’s go clear off the top of your dresser and make room for your new diapering supplies,” she told him firmly as she led him down the hallway.

“Do I have to keep wearing these?” he bleated.

“Yes, you might as well keep wearing them the rest of the evening–it will help you get used to the feel of being in diapers from now on,” she explained matter-of-factly.

Brian stamped his feet as his mom cleared off his toys and books from the top of his dresser and began stacking the diapers and plastic panties.

“But what am I gonna say when my friends come over?” he whined.

“You can tell them you’re a bedwetter and these are to protect your mattress and sheets,” she replied simply.

The youth blushed bright red and looked away in shame.

“I’m also going to put a bedwetting chart on your wall–and when I see seven nights in a row of wet diapers–you can count on taking a trip over my knee.”

Brian gulped hard and shuddered as he considered her warning. His mom was probably the only one of his peers who still spanked her son and Brian lived in fear of her wooden paddle. He could still recall the last time, just the month previous, that he had found himself over her lap, his underwear tangled around his ankles as she smacked his bare bottom until he was crying like a baby.

“Now I want you to thank Marissa for your new diapers and plastic panties. Maybe this will finally put an end to your childish bedwetting,” she told him.

Blushing hotly, Brian swallowed hard and looked the other way.

Seeing his hesitation, Mrs. Evan’s hand rose up and swooped down hard, slapping his fat, diapered bottom harshly.

Although the multiple layers of soft cotton ensured it wouldn’t hurt, Brian nevertheless bucked forward and he gasped in shock.

“Th-thank you, Ms. Marissa,” he stammered belatedly.

“What are you thanking her for, Brian?” his mom prompted him.

Her son cleared his throat as he blushed even deeper.

“Th-thank you for my d-diapers and plastic panties,” he quivered shakily.

“You’re certainly welcome, honey-bunches,” she replied with a beautiful smile, “I think it’s just what you need.”

Brian’s cheeks blazed hotly and the comment only humiliated him further as he shook his fists in frustrated impotence.




Putting A Sissy in His Place


“Stand up straight–quit slouching,” Mrs. Campbell snapped, as she carefully adjusted the wide, silky pink sash from behind Ethan.

They were facing a full length mirror and he was cringing with shame as he beheld his humiliating, girlish reflection. Mrs. Helen Campbell, his domineering mother-in-law, was fitting him for a new dress that she had just finished, and to his chagrin, it was even shorter than her usual ones. That is to say, it barely came down past his waist and when she tied the big satin sash in the back, it only pulled the frilly hem even higher.

He stared down at the glossy pink Mary Janes that were his normal footwear now, and his knee-high schoolgirl socks, which left his baby smooth, hairless thighs completely exposed.

But to be sure, the worst and most shameful part of his outfit was the fat, bulky diaper swaddled around his hips and the infantile shiny white nursery print plastic panties surrounding them. Ethan knew from his years of constant bedwetting just how necessary they were, but he bitterly resented having to wear them during the daytime, like an incontinent toddler.

Ethan’s hair, which tended to be on the long side, had been combed out into two little girl-style pigtails, with flouncy pink bows that matched his babyish dress.

They were standing in his nursery, a room that only four months previously had been a spare room used just for storage. Now, with the help of some contractors that his wife Megan had hired, it had been converted into a full-blown nursery for a baby girl, albeit, a rather large one.

Everywhere one looked, it shouted out toddler femininity–from the gauzy pink curtains, to the white and pink walls with their nursery print design of giraffes, diaper pins, and building blocks. A large pink dresser stood in the corner, it’s top lined with dolls and baby toys. Next to it, was a crib with high sided rails and a mobile above it that played childish nursery rhymes whenever Ethan was put to bed.

A low but sturdy changing table was next to it, and the stacks of thick, fluffy diapers alongside attested to the only underwear the big sissy boy was allowed anymore.

Between his mother-in-law and his wife, the two of them had filled the closet with a vast assortment of cute dresses, onesies, and romper suits, all in soft, babyish pastel colors.

Hanging from a couple of pegs next to the door were two menacing Spencer paddles, one in solid oak and the other in clear lexan–instruments of punishment Ethan was all too familiar with, and they were used without hesitation to make sure he toed the line. His mother-in-law was particularly strict with him, and when she babysat, she ruled the nursery with an iron hand. Defying her was out of the question, and with either paddle, she could bring Ethan to tears in mere moments. He lived in constant fear of being bent over her lap to receive another humiliating and painful lesson at her hands.

Behind him, Mrs. Campbell was taking her time, fussing with the wide satin sash and tying it into a pretty, fancy bow.  It was obvious that she had spent a great deal of time and effort in making this dress, what with the lacy accents and little bows in profusion. It looked like something a little girl would wear to Sunday school and it had a built in petticoat underneath that flared out the hem.

Ethan squirmed in place and shuffled his feet, wanting this mortifying experience to end as soon as possible.

Helen hadn’t liked Ethan from the day they first met, nor had she made any attempt to hide her disdain for him ever since. When she first took in his petite, almost feminine stature, and his soft-spoken nature, Mrs. Campbell was certain he was nothing but a big sissy. But it was when she learned of his chronic bedwetting habit, that her worst suspicions were confirmed.

She still remembered the tearful call she had gotten one day from her daughter, in which Megan had let out all her frustrations and dissatisfactions regarding Ethan. It had been the second time that week that she had woken up to wet sheets and she was at her wit’s end.

“Sounds to me like he needs diapers,” her mother had quipped caustically.

At first, Megan was taken aback by such a radical solution but after encouraging her to make a call to Ethan’s mother, she began getting a much clearer picture of the man she had married. To her horror, she learned that Ethan had been wetting his bed all through his teens and his mother had taken what she thought was a very sensible solution of putting him in diapers every night.

In fact, it was not until he had moved out of the house that diapers and plastic panties stopped being a regular part of his nightly routine.

That afternoon, Ethan’s mother paid her a visit, bringing over several boxes of his diapers and supplies. Megan was amazed as she unloaded stacks and stacks of thick cloth diapers, plastic panties in every color and style, baby powder, diaper rash cream, safety pins, and a waterproof changing sheet–everything a baby still in diapers would be in need of.

That night, Ethan was in for a huge surprise as his gorgeous wife laid out a trio of diapers and yellow translucent plastic panties, telling him it was either that or he could sleep on the floor. Needless to say, Ethan was quick to cave in and for the first night in several years, he slept soundly, knowing he was once again safe and protected.

The next morning revealed the wisdom of her plan, for his diapers were soaking wet, as they were to be every following morning thereafter.

While this had solved the problem of wet sheets at night, the room soon began to take on the smell of a baby’s nursery; the pungent, sour smell of pee-soaked diapers permeating the air despite the large rubber bin supplied by Ethan’s mom. This was something Megan had no intention of tolerating, and she immediately moved Ethan into the spare room, although not before putting the waterproof mattress cover on the bed he would be sleeping on.

Megan’s 27th birthday was later that month, and her mother gave her a wooden paddle as a gift, saying that she was sure she could find a use for it. At the time, Megan had laughed it off, thinking of it as no more than a gag gift, but as time went on, she began to think of it in a more serious light.

There had been numerous times when she had walked in on Ethan, only to discover him playing with himself as he looked at pictures of big breasted women on the computer. In the past, this has resulted in some very vocal arguments and a contrite, shame-faced Ethan.

But later on at work, as Megan pictured her husband wearing his nightly diapers and babyish plastic panties, the idea of a childish punishment seemed all too appropriate for him.

Two weeks later, she came in one afternoon to find Ethan masturbating again. Snatching up the paddle, Megan grabbed Ethan by the ear and threw him over her lap, giving him the spanking of a lifetime. Fueled by anger and determination, she paddled him until the tears were streaming down his face and he was bawling like a baby. After that, she put him in his diapers and forced him to wear them the rest of the day as an additional shaming punishment.

It was not long after that, that their sex life–such as it was, was severely curtailed by Megan. She had become tired of this pathetic, ineffectual attempts to satisfy her, and between his minuscule penis, and his tendency to prematurely ejaculate, the amount of orgasms she had experienced with him was exactly zero. While this had become a source of irritation and frustration for her, Megan was hardly the type of person to take it lying down.

After spending several hours online doing some research, she soon found what she was looking for. A company called Sissies-R-Us sold a variety of male chastity devices and she carefully selected the one that had the highest rating for security.

If her bedwetting husband couldn’t satisfy her–she was going to make damn sure that he went high and dry as well.

When the device arrived two days later via FedEx, Megan excitedly opened the package and spent some time getting a thorough understanding of how it worked. That evening, as she was preparing Ethan for bedtime, she took out the device and began installing it on his prepubescent-sized genitals, explaining that his inability to satisfy her meant that enforced chastity was going to be a part of his life from now on.

Ethan had been weak-willed all his life, and he was not unaccustomed to being bullied around by those around him. Nevertheless, this was a line in the sand he felt compelled to draw. There was simply no way that he could imagine a life without having orgasms at his whim, and this alarming device spelled an abrupt end to all that.

He argued loudly and vehemently but soon found himself in the familiar position over Megan’s firm lap, getting a blistering spanking with her paddle.

He was still crying uncontrollably as she secured the device around him and snapped the lock shut.

“Your first period of lock up will be three months,” she explained flatly to the whimpering sissy, “that will break up your cycle of masturbating and get you used to a life without erections or orgasms.”

Her words brought on a fresh torrent of tears from Ethan who had begun pulling and tugging at the device, desperately hoping to extract his tiny little penis from it.

“And now,” she told him firmly as she looked him square in the eye, “it’s time for your diapers and plastic panties, you big sissy,”

That had been the turning point for the couple, and the balance of power had shifted irrevocably and forever into the hands of Megan. In the subsequent days, she became bossy and more authoritative with him, dictating how everything in his life would be, from how much computer time he could have, to when his bedtime would be. Arguments were quickly resolved with Ethan being bent over Megan’s lap for a well deserved spanking. In fact, the paddle had become so useful, that Megan soon added another one made of lexan to her collection.

One day, Ethan was foolish enough to be disrespectful towards his mother-in-law, who was visiting for the day. He soon found himself across her knee, his pants around his ankles as she used the new lexan paddle to teach him a painful and humiliating lesson in manners. It was a sorry, sobbing, pantywaist that made his apologies to Helen as he tearfully rubbed his blazing bottom.

As humiliating as this was, it was even worse when her friends were around and Megan made no effort to hide their unequal relationship. She frequently dressed him down in front of them, ordering him around like a servant, and showing everyone who it was that wore the pants in the house.

Ethan had always had a submissive streak through him and he seemed completely unable to stand up to his controlling wife. What little respect her friends had had for him, quickly vanished.

Nor was his bedwetting kept a secret, and soon all of Megan’s friends knew about his humiliating nightwear of diapers and plastic panties. Frequently, she would lead him back out of his room after being changed, to be paraded before her guests like a toddler fresh out of his nursery.

To be sure, they felt absolutely no sympathy for the weak pansy.

Often, if he hadn’t been changed yet, they would tease him beforehand, asking him, ‘where are your diapers, sissy?’ or, ‘looks like someone isn’t wearing his protection yet’. The snide comments were always accompanied by giggles and smirks from her brazen, mocking friends.

The endless humiliations were difficult for Ethan to bear, but perhaps even worse, was his inability to satiate the gnawing sexual desires he felt. He had been a chronic masturbator all his life and having that taken away had left him constantly horny now and desperate for satisfaction. The first two weeks of his chastity were maddening for him, but it only got worse as time went on. Being married to a woman as sexy as Megan meant he was constantly being aroused by her presence; every time he saw a flash of her big, pillowy breasts or her long silky legs, he was beside himself with desire.

He had tried everything he could to extricate his little member but the device had proved to be infallible.

Bed times were another source of frustration for him, as he used to take advantage of his soft, fluffy diapers every night to play with himself. He recalled with longing, splashing his little load into the waiting folds of the absorbent Birdseye cloth and then drifting off to blissful sleep. And since they were always completely soaked by morning, there was never any chance that Megan was going to catch him.

But now–all that was impossible.

His diapers seemed to mock him, teasing him with their multiple cushiony layers while he rubbed himself furiously to no avail.

Often, he would have dreams of Megan, sauntering around the house in her sexy lingerie and heels and he would wake up in a state of frenzy, beads of sweat upon his forehead. He would reach down into his diapers, and for the millionth time, yank and tug at his chastity device in futility.

He had tried making promises to Megan, that he would redouble his efforts to please her, but she merely laughed at him and told him to get used to it. She wore the key to his chastity device on a delicate necklace around her neck, deliberately teasing him with it. Every time Ethan gazed at his wife’s deep cleavage, he was forced to look at the key that could free him from his implacable penis prison.

And all this time, it was Megan’s mother-in-law who kept pushing her to take the next major step with her sissified hubby.

“Megan, there’s absolutely no reason why a woman of your looks should have to live a sexless life,” she had explained, “Go out and find yourself a real man–start dating again. With your body, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Megan had listened in silence every time she and her mother had this conversation.

“How about your doctor–isn’t his name Frank? He’s incredibly handsome and so tall–he would be a perfect match for you. You know you could have him in an instant if you just sent him the right message.”

Megan nodded her head slowly, considering her mom’s words while in her heart she knew the older woman was correct. And how she had longed for the embrace of a big strong man, one that could sweep her off her feet and fulfill all of her considerable sexual needs.

When she thought of her regular doctor, it always sent a flutter of excitement through her being. He was gorgeous, and the idea of getting him in her bed made her wet with desire. She had never felt that kind of attraction for anyone.

Her marriage to her diaper-wetting husband had been so unsatisfying and here was finally the chance to make things right.

It didn’t take long to achieve. Flashing her pretty auburn eyes and dropping several seductive hints, it only took a routine visit before the masculine doctor asked her out on a date.

Megan was a beautiful woman by any standard but that night, she took special care to make herself look as ravishing as possible. Wearing a plunging, low-cut cocktail dress that showed off her generous bosom and long, shapely legs, she chose a strappy pair of tall high heels to complete the outfit. She styled her long, luxuriant chestnut hair in an elegant style, with pretty tendrils hanging down to frame her high cheekbones.

Before she left, she pinned Ethan into his nighttime diapers and sent him to bed early with strict instructions that he was not to get up or there would be serious trouble. He was fussy and he peppered her with anxious questions about where she was going but she remained coy, telling him only that she was meeting with a friend. Seething with jealousy, Ethan pouted petulantly but put up little else in the way of resistance–he didn’t want to be sent to bed with a sore bottom.

Closing his bedroom door behind her, she placed a small piece of clear tape on the door so she would know if it had been opened during the night. If that tape wasn’t still in place the following morning, Ethan could count on taking a trip over her lap for a long, painful session with the paddle.

Megan’s date with Frank, as expected, went fabulously, and she followed it up with others, until she started spending the night at his house. Frank was a complete gentleman and the polar opposite of Ethan as a lover. To her surprise and delight, his cock was everything she could hope for–8 inches of thick, heavenly glory. He showed Megan how fantastic sex could be and she would always leave his place completely exhausted but satisfied.

She knew it was inevitable that she would have to tell Ethan of her romantic liaisons, and she debated how best to do it until one day she got an idea. Once again, the Internet proved invaluable, and as soon as she found what she was looking for, she placed an overnight order for a particular item.

When it arrived, Megan led Ethan into his room and told him to undress. At the same time, she removed her blouse and slacks to reveal a sexy push-up bra and satin panties. Putting her high heels back on, she told Ethan to bend over his bed, which by now, had begun to smell strongly of stale pee. As he assumed the position, wondering what his exciting wife had in mind, his nostrils were assailed once again with the shameful smell of his childish incontinence.

While his back was turned to her, Megan slipped into the sturdy harness of the large strap-on dildo she had ordered, cinching up the straps around her shapely hips to make it secure. She had purposely bought one who’s length and girth matched Frank’s impressive cock.

When Ethan looked over his shoulder to see what his wife was doing, he gulped hard.

“Wha-what are you d-doing?” he quaked nervously.

“Don’t worry baby,” she told him, “I’ll be gentle with you.”

Taking a dollop of Vaseline, she eased her finger into his back passage, working it around until she could fit two more fingers in. Then she dipped the blunt head of the dildo into the lubricant and pressed it against his puckering hole.

“No-no-no,” he whimpered as he tried to squirm away.

Megan slapped his ass hard and threatened to use the paddle if he didn’t quit struggling. That threat was sufficient to make him settle down as she firmly began applying pressure to his back hole. Whining like a little girl, Ethan fidgeted nervously but he squealed loudly when Megan finally pushed the fat head of the dildo past his defeated sphincter.

However, true to her word, she allowed him to get accustomed to the tremendous girth of the phallus before pushing it further in. Ethan moaned helplessly as he gripped the sheets of his bed, struggling to contend with the big, fat, rubbery invader stretching his virgin hole to the limit.

In and out, Megan began slowing pumping her chaste, sissy husband. He was gasping and whimpering, his eyes half shut as Megan initiated a tortuously slow rhythm with the leviathan dildo. To be sure, he felt emasculated and filled to capacity by the monster inside of him–he had never experienced anything like it in his entire life!

Conversely, the huge shaft reminded Megan of Frank’s enormous cock, slipping in and out of her own juicy hole. The thought aroused her tremendously and she began plunging the dildo in with greater enthusiasm.

“You feel this cock, Ethan? This is what every woman needs,” she told her helpless hubby, “this is the kind of cock that I need, and you are totally unable to give it to me.”

As he moaned and squealed like a little girl, Ethan knew just how right she was.

Her excitement level was increasing and her breathing was becoming more rapid. The thought of finally telling Ethan about her wonderful lover was really turning her on.

“That’s why I’ve decided to get it from someone else.”

Ethan’s eyes opened wide as he listened to what she was saying. He felt like his wife had just poured a bucket of ice water over his head.

“I’ve been dating my doctor, Frank…” she paused for effect, “and for the first time since I met you–I’ve finally been satisfied. He has a big, thick cock like this, and he’s reached places you never  have.”

She emphasized her remark by plunging the massive rubbery phallus all the way in until it bottomed out, making Ethan squeal helplessly. His legs kicked and he tugged desperately against the sheets but with Megan’s 120 pound frame against him, it was impossible to escape.

“He has such a fabulous, huge cock, and he definitely knows how to use it,” she growled as she ground the dildo hard against Ethan.

“He’s not a bedwetting sissy who wears diapers like a toddler,” she added, gripping his narrow hips firmly with her long-nailed hands. He was forced to endure the full length of her shaft, stretching his aching hole with the mighty cock.

With that, she began a much more aggressive rhythm, pumping Ethan forcefully with the strap-on and bucking him physically against the bed. He slapped the mattress and groaned but he could do nothing to prevent her mercilessly pounding his ass.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s prostate was being vigorously massaged with the big, slippery shaft and even while he struggled to contend with his wife’s shocking announcement, a number of complex feelings were surfacing that were somehow feeding into his arousal. The physical stimulation was hard to ignore and for some reason, the submissive streak inside of him was starting to combine in an unexpected way.

By now, Ethan was two months into his three month chastity sentence, and every day had been an agony of horniness and sexual deprivation for him. The fact was, he was desperate beyond belief all the time now, and totally unable to satisfy his need. Now, as he looked up at the full length mirror in front of him, he could see the look of firm determination on his gorgeous wife’s face. She had never looked so strong, confident, and beautiful. As she pumped him ever harder, he felt to his shock, the beginnings of an orgasm bubbling up and he moaned again helplessly like a little girl.

Megan partially pulled out her monstrous dildo, only to forcefully ram it back in even harder.

With that, Ethan shrieked out, as he came explosively in his chastity device. He gasped and gulped as he groaned in humiliated orgasm, realizing his own lack of self control had shamefully betrayed him yet again.

Megan collapsed on top of him, burying the dildo to the hilt inside Ethan who was still panting for air.

As he slowly began recovering from his eye crossing climax, Megan eased out the dildo, quickly replacing it with a soft, but fat buttplug. It was specially designed to fill him up totally, yet its narrow neck made it impossible to expel.

“Okay,” she said with a smug grin, clapping her hands together for emphasis, “It’s diaper time!”

Deep down, Ethan knew he was utterly incapable of satisfying his wife. For that matter, as a woman, she was clearly out of his league anyway. He had always wondered how he had been so lucky to get her as a wife and now he was realizing the false economy of that relationship. She was beautiful and sexy and still young enough to turn heads everywhere she went–it was absurd that she should do without sex indefinitely.

Nevertheless, as she powdered and pinned him into his thick, bunny soft diapers, he felt ashamed and humiliated at his inadequacy, to say nothing of the emotional turmoil that had left his head spinning. As she pulled his pink plastic panties up his slim, hairless thighs, it only made him feel more pathetic and childish.

From that day on, Megan no longer made any attempt to disguise her dates with Frank. Ethan knew without being told what was happening as he watched his wife carefully putting on her makeup and doing her hair, preparing for a long evening of sex and multiple orgasms with her hunky man. His chastity device guaranteed that he would never be a part of that again. He wanted to put his foot down, and tell her that she was his wife and not someone else’s but the paddle was never far away. More often than not, when she told him to pull his pants down and get across her lap, he simply didn’t have the backbone to stand up to her.

Nevertheless, there had been several evenings before a date when she had been required to re-assert her authority, spanking him to tears before pinning him into his diapers for an early bedtime.

That had been three months ago, and perhaps the strangest thing of all, was the subtle change that had evolved in Megan’s attitude towards Ethan. As he gradually began to accept his subservient role, becoming less of an obstacle and an impediment to her sexual pleasure, she began looking at him again with warmth and affection. This was all welcome from Ethan’s perspective, who had thought he had lost his wife irrevocably.

And then, once again, his mother-in-law interceded in their lives, encouraging Megan to make yet further changes. One night, after Megan had put Ethan to bed, the two of them were sipping wine in the living room.

“Do I understand correctly that he hasn’t had a dry night in months?” Helen asked her daughter.

Megan nodded her head with resignation. “He’s no different than a two year-old infant. He wets his diapers every night without fail.”

“I think it’s time you started treating him like the big baby he acts like,” her mother replied.

Megan sat up straight and faced her mother.

“What do you mean?”

“If he’s going to act like a baby, you should start dressing him like one. Let’s get him some outfits for the big toddler he really is. You should dress him in rompers, diaper shirts, onesies, and hey–why not little girl dresses?”

Megan giggled to herself.

“And now that you’ve got a real man in your life, it’s time to convert his room into a proper nursery fit for a big baby.”

Megan was clearly intrigued by the idea and her mind raced as she considered the possibilities. She could easily picture her weak, simpering sissy of a husband, toddling about in a nursery complete with a crib and a playpen. And he could be contained, controlled, and restricted in the same way a real baby had to live. It was the perfect solution.

In addition, there was a part of Megan that actually liked the idea of caring for a baby, albeit an adult one. Due to medical reasons, Megan knew she would have difficulty trying to conceive and it occurred to her that this might, in some small part, satisfy her maternal instincts.

“I love it!” she said at last, her voice filled with enthusiasm, “A bedwetter like Ethan needs a crib to sleep in, so that will be the very first thing I get for him.”

“I can easily make outfits for him on my sewing machine that will fit, but I also think they should be made purposely to humiliate him,” her mother added, “I’ll make them in a prissy, feminine style to emphasize what a big sissy he is.”

“Ha ha!” Megan laughed, “Mother! You’re outrageous!”

Together, they conspired and planned, mapping out the future of her diapered husband who was contentedly sleeping just down the hall.

The next day, Megan placed a call to a contractor with instructions to make a crib, playpen, and a stout changing table, large enough to accommodate an adult, albeit, a petite one. Over the course of the next three weeks, these items were gradually added to Ethan’s evolving room. He watched with concern and consternation as the room began to take on a distinctly infantile character, with nursery print wallpaper going up and a pink dresser installed. Over time, it accumulated a large collection of rompers, diaper shirts, and a large assortment of panties, all cut generously to accommodate his ever present, big, thirsty diapers.

One day, Megan and her mother came into his nursery with a pair of scissors. With great ceremony, they cut up his remaining pairs of underwear and threw them in the garbage, putting a final and permanent end to his adulthood.



Helen finally finished tying the bow in the back of Ethan’s baby dress and she stood behind him, looking critically at the finished product. Making a few adjustments to the frilly hem and the short, puffy shoulder sleeves, she smiled down on the diapered sissy.

“I think it’s adorable,” she exclaimed proudly, a big smile appearing on her face.

Just then, Megan stepped into the room, looking stunning in an expensive, dangerously low cut evening dress. Her big, beautiful breasts were practically spilling out of the top and in her high heels, Ethan was forced to look up into her pretty face. As usual, the act made him feel weak and inferior to his fabulous wife, particularly so, since by comparison, he was wearing a frilly short dress and his fat, embarrassing diapers. The vast difference only reinforced his childish status to her.

“Well–you look spectacular!” her mother gushed in admiration, “Frank is going to love that dress.”

“I think so too,” she replied giddily, “I just got this bra in today–look at how much support it gives me.”

Peeling away the spaghetti straps, she modeled in front of them, beaming her gorgeous, infectious smile.

Ethan gaped at the blatant sexual display before him, his tiny little penis quickly stiffening within his tube. He gulped hard, and his mouth went dry as his breathing quickened.

“And how is my little diapered sissy boy this evening?” she asked cheerfully.

Ethan swallowed hard again as he stared first at the two massive globes within her lacy push-up bra, then to the key to his chastity device dangling between them, and finally up at his wife’s ravishing face. Her eyes glittered with excitement and it was painfully obvious she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend for tonight’s date. Ethan had never seen her so enthusiastic and he was consumed with equal parts jealousy and desire–right now, he wanted Megan more than anything. His tight chastity tube was feeling horribly restrictive and he craved release like never before.

“I’ve just finished this cute little ensemble for him,” her mother explained, “What do you think?”

“I think it’s absolutely darling,” Megan said appreciatively, “my baby has a pretty dress of her own to wear tonight.”

She gave him a playful wink and reached down to pat him on his thickly diapered bottom.

Ethan’s heart was beating wildly as he gazed lustfully at his sexy, unattainable wife. His impotent penis was throbbing painfully, fighting in futility against the restraining tube it was imprisoned in as he took in her flawless body.

Seeing the focus of his attentions, Helen slapped his diapered bottom harshly and pushed his pink rubber pacifier into his gaping mouth.

“Silly sissy–that’s not for you. She’s going out on a date with a real man, not a bedwetting pansy that wears diapers and dresses.

“Look at you,” she scolded him, her voice taking on a cutting edge.

With her hand, she forced his head to turn and look back at his humiliating reflection in the mirror. It had the effect of destroying what little confidence he had remaining. There he was, wearing a dainty baby dress with lace and ribbons galore, a Peter Pan collar and puffy sleeves, thick diapers and waterproof panties, his sissy knee socks and glossy pink Mary Janes.

“You’re not a real man–you’re a sissy!” his mother-in-law added, giving his fat bottom another condescending slap.

Her firm hand landed with a dull thud.

Ethan hung his head in shame, as he often did when Helen berated him but Megan was smiling with satisfaction. She loved how strict and controlling her mother was with Ethan–the perfect babysitter for the diapered sissy.

“If you’re a good boy for grandma, maybe I’ll give you a session with the strap-on tomorrow,” Megan promised with a flirtatious wink.

Under the circumstances, that was as much as Ethan could hope for anymore, but although his opportunities for an orgasm were few and far between these days, being pumped with a big dildo while still locked in his chastity cage seemed like small consolation. This seemed all the more so as his eyes wandered over the breathtaking form of his smoldering wife–the same wife that would soon be wrapping her legs around another man’s waist as he thrust his cock into her eager, wet pussy.

“Come on, Sissy, it’s your dinnertime,” Helen said, interrupting his daydreaming as she took hold of his wrist and led the dispirited pantywaist out of the nursery.

Taking him into the dining room, she helped him into the oversize highchair and secured the strap around his waist, locking the buckle that was purposely behind him and out of his reach. Then she slid the large plastic tray in front where it clicked shut against the sides, further imprisoning him. If that were not enough, two strong velcro straps were soon wrapped around his wrists, completely immobilizing his hands and arms.

Thus fully secured, his mother-in-law busied herself in the kitchen, preparing his dinner.

There was little Ethan could do, other than to swing his Mary Janes and look around the room bored.

Before long, Megan came out and grabbed her keys, striding over to look at her babified hubby, now trapped in his highchair. Helen had tied a large plastic bib around his neck and the playful character of Barney adorned the front.

“Where are you going for dinner tonight, Megan?” her mother asked solicitously.

“Frank’s taking me to this really expensive place uptown–I hear it’s really something,” she replied excitedly, “But to tell you the truth–I can’t wait for dinner to be over so we can head back to his place and I can have fantastic sex with him again.”

“Megan!” her mother chided her with mock anger.

Her daughter giggled and bent down to kiss Ethan on the cheek who was pouting in silence.

“Don’t worry baby, that’s nothing you need to concern yourself with anymore. You just try to keep your diapers dry.”

To think that that one childish task was the only responsibility he had anymore!

Feeling extremely frustrated, Ethan’s lower lip puffed out as he sulked and his gaze once more dropped down to the long line of tantalizing cleavage disappearing into Megan’s elegant evening dress. To be sure, all he had to look forward to was a messy dinner of baby food, followed by an early bedtime in his crib.

“And looks like grandma has prepared a yummy dinner for you tonight of Chef Boyardee,” she enthused as she shared her mother’s grin.

Bringing over a bowl of the steaming canned pasta, Helen set it down on the pink tray in front of Ethan.

“Well, be a good boy for grandma tonight, sissy,” Megan instructed him again before sauntering out the door, her sexy high heels clicking loudly on the parquet floor.

Ethan sighed heavily, his disappointment plain on his face.

“Din-din time!” his mother-in-law announced, bringing his attention back to the present situation.

She scooped up a big spoonful of food and quickly shoveled it into his mouth.

“I’m so glad Megan has finally found a real man that can satisfy her–aren’t you?” she asked in a tone of voice deliberately intended to goad him.

Ethan could hardly respond as his mouth was full of Chef Boyardee noodles but he shook his head in disagreement.

“You should know that it was me that encouraged her to cuckold you–in fact, I’m the one who told her to start flirting with Frank,” she told him, twisting the knife even further in the wound, “He’s so much more of a man than you’ll ever  be. And now he’s satisfying Megan every chance he gets.”

Although his mother-in-law was 15 years his senior, the years had done little to detract from her obvious beauty. And while she was no longer as slim as Megan, one could certainly see where her daughter got her impressive bosom. Helen had known from early on that Ethan had a weakness for big breasts and she purposely made a point of wearing snug, low cut tops to tease him with. Today was no different, and she was wearing a plunging, scoop neck, fitted top, that clung temptingly to her full bosom, an effect that was not lost on Ethan.

Unlike many older women, Helen had chosen to keep her hair long, and while it had a few grey streaks in it now, it still looked lustrous and full. Today, however, it was tied behind in a look of stern severity.

She still resented Ethan for trapping her daughter in marriage and as a consequence, she took every opportunity to punish and humiliate the chaste sissy, every chance she got.

Ethan swallowed the food in his mouth and glared back at his mother-in-law, the anger rising in him. He was tired of being pushed around by her and he couldn’t stand her constant, condescending and demeaning attitude.

Taking another heaping spoonful of noodles, Helen shoved it into his mouth before he could utter a reply.

“AWGFF!” he squealed, twisting his face away. Some of the messy noodles didn’t make it and they spilled down his chin to plop onto his baby bib.

Ignoring the mess on his face, his mother-in-law continued taunting him.

“Did you see that sexy outfit she was wearing? Wow! What man could resist that?

“By the way–she told me the other day that she stopped taking her birth control. And I know Frank doesn’t wear a condom either when he makes love to her.”

Ethan’s temper finally snapped. He spit out the food in his mouth and flailed his arms furiously with all his might. Unfortunately, the velcro straps were made for just such a display of infantile fury and it achieved him nothing.

At the same time, his rage manifested itself in another, completely unexpected way, and the floodgates of his bladder suddenly opened up, inundating his diapers with a strong surge of hot, insistent pee.

“You’re a bitch!” he shrieked, “I hate you!”

His glossy pink Mary Janes kicked impotently beneath him.

Helen set down the spoon with calm deliberation as she looked down at her captive, diapered sissy struggling against his bonds a mere foot away.

“All done? Because you’ve just earned yourself a nice, hard spanking,” she informed him matter-of-factly.

Ethan twisted and tried to escape, thrashing against the straps around his wrists with all his strength as he continued kicking but it got him nowhere.

Turning on her heel, his mother-in-law strode down the hall towards his nursery where the paddles were kept.

Knowing exactly what was coming, Ethan redoubled his efforts, wriggling and fighting against his bonds but it was no use. By the time Helen returned, he was resigned to his punishment and his head sagged in defeat.

He grew nervous now as he watched her reverse the routine by which she’d originally put him into his highchair. First, she undid the velcro straps and removed the tray table before going behind him to undo the lap buckle.

He always found her calm, cool demeanor the scariest of all her moods–instead of yelling at him, she kept her emotions in check and barely raised her voice. Ethan knew from experience he was really in trouble.

“I-I’m sorry,” he apologized contritely, “I didn’t mean what I said.”

“Ethan, that little tantrum just earned you a trip over my knee and an early bedtime,” she told him firmly as she led him over to an armless chair in the kitchen.

The effeminate sissy whimpered and whined, pleading with her in a desperate, but futile attempt to dissuade her.

“Please–I really didn’t mean what I said,” he blabbered, “I think it’s good that Mommy has a man that can satisfy her.”

At this point, he was willing to say anything to avoid the painful spanking he knew with absolute certainty was only moments away. His mother-in-law had gotten the lexan paddle and he knew it produced much more of a sting than the wooden version.

“That’s good, because you’ll have the opportunity to tell her yourself,” she replied cryptically as she took a seat and set the paddle down next to her.

Ethan stamped his feet in frustration. It was all so unfair!!

Reaching her fingers inside the elastic waistband of his plastic panties, Helen tugged them down past his trembling knees, only to discover the pee-soaked cloth in the front of his diapers.

“Ethan–did you wet your diapers?!?” she demanded angrily.

With all his stress and anxiety, Ethan had been totally unaware of having wet himself but now that it had been called to his attention, he looked down with shock and shame, realizing he had indeed peed his diapers without even knowing it.

His face blushed a bright red and he looked away as he bit his lip in angst. This was a totally new loss of control for him and as bad as his nightly bedwetting was, this was a much worse development.

“I asked you a question, sissy boy,” Helen snapped at him.

Turning to face her dark features, his cheeks burned with humiliation as he slowly nodded his head.

“What is the matter with you?” she rebuked him, “You really are a big baby, aren’t you?”

His eyes brimmed with tears as he struggled to think of something to say.

“You never cease to amaze me. Just when I think you can’t get any more pathetic–you go and prove me wrong.

“Wetting your pampers during your dinner like a little toddler–you should be ashamed of yourself!”

She scolded him like a naughty little boy.

With that, she yanked him over her firm lap and swiftly unpinned his soggy diapers. Ethan let out a sob of despair and he bunched his fists as he suddenly felt the cold air upon his soft, bare bottom. Waves of fear and panic made him shiver as she carefully set his diaper pins aside–he knew just how hard his mother-in-law spanked and he fought back the tears filling his eyes.

Picking up the light but very strong paddle, Helen swung it upwards and brought it down as hard as possible across both his exposed sissy cheeks. The sting was shockingly, painfully intense and it took Ethan’s breath away. His eyes went wide and his mouth opened as he gasped for air, unable even to cry out. However, by the second blistering swat, Ethan found his voice.

He bellowed out at the top of his lungs, kicking wildly as the third and fourth swat landed in quick, scalding succession. Desperate, frantic tears spilled down his face now, as he pounded the floor with the palms of his hands. His soft, curvy cheeks danced merrily under the hard, angry swats of the Spencer paddle while his mother-in-law continued her punishing assault.

Distinctively different from the wooden one, the lexan paddle seared his tender flesh cruelly, producing bright red patterns across his defenseless bottom. The sting was unlike anything he had ever experienced and he sobbed bitter tears of pain and indignation.

For Helen, who deeply resented her pansy son-in-law, she saw this as nothing more than what he deserved for his many inadequacies, although his tantrum during dinnertime had provided a welcome excuse to put him over her lap. Now he was getting a humiliating and childish punishment, fit for a bedwetting pantywaist in diapers.

Suddenly, she stopped the spanking, and laid the paddle upon his burning, inflamed bottom. Ethan lay sobbing in his vulnerable position, his bright red bottom fully exposed and his plastic panties tangled around his ankles.

Taking out her cell phone, Helen quickly dialed her daughter’s number and let it ring.

“Hey mom–what’s up?” Megan answered brightly.

“I’m putting you on speakerphone,” she told her daughter, “Ethan threw a temper tantrum during dinnertime and he earned himself a trip over my lap.

“Say hi to mommy, Ethan.”

She held the phone lower and the spanked sissy could barely utter a word that was intelligible, such was the intensity of his sobbing.

“Now Ethan, I thought I told you to be a good boy for grandma tonight,” Megan said with mock gravity.

Before he could reply, the paddle swooped up and came smashing down again across both his singed cheeks, making him howl out in agony.


“Tell her what else you did during dinnertime, you little bedwetter,” his mother-in-law snarled.

Trying to reign in his crying, Ethan sobbed and swallowed hard.

“I-I-I w-wet my diapers, Mommy!” he wailed piteously.

He felt utterly ashamed at his announcement.

“Wait–What??” Megan asked incredulously.

“That’s right, the little sissy wet his diapers without even knowing it during dinnertime,” Helen said for him, “Looks like he can’t even control his wetting during the day now.”

Ethan’s wet cheeks burned with humiliation.

There was a pause and they heard Megan giggling in the background.

“Okay,” she said, “you guys are on speakerphone too, now.

“Tell me what you just said, Ethan,” Megan giggled again.

Ethan wasn’t sure what was going on and he hesitated, suspecting she was trapping him in some way.

The paddle came down and left another stinging, angry rectangular pattern across his soft bottom, causing him to shriek loudly and kick frantically.

“Answer her,” Helen prompted him.

“I-I wet my d-diapers during dinnertime,” he wailed tearfully.

This time he heard two voices laughing, one female and the other, male.

“Ethan, meet Frank, my boyfriend and lover,” she said with a proud but smug tone.

Ethan’s face flushed as he realized his humiliating punishment was being witnessed by his wife’s bedmate. Not only that, he had just admitted one of the most shameful things he had ever done to both of them. His cheeks and chest, already a bright red, only blushed a deeper crimson.

“Hey, sissy boy,” a baritone, manly voice said.

Ethan sobbed deeply with shame–this was the most mortifying experience of his entire life!

“He has five more swats to go–would you two like to listen?” Helen asked them.

“Absolutely!” Megan replied as her boyfriend laughed deeply again in the background.

Five more times, the paddle slapped the sissy’s bright red bottom harshly, producing more tears and sobbing along with his helpless kicking.

He was crying uncontrollably when his mother-in-law finally lifted him up.

“Well, I have to go now. I need to change his wet diapers and then I’m putting him down in his crib for an early bedtime,” Helen explained.

Megan giggled and said her goodbyes, ending the call.

As Ethan stood on wobbly feet, bawling his eyes out, Helen looked her sissy son-in-law up and down with disdain.

“You’re nothing but a big baby,” she said, shaking her head, “It’s diaper time for you, followed by beddie-bye time.”

Stopping in the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of warmed milk, she led the sniveling pantywaist back to his nursery. Once there, she sat him down on his changing table, gave him his bottle, and then reached into her purse for something.

“I think it’s time we upgraded your chastity device, sissy boy,” she said as she brought forth a small pink cage-like device made of steel.

Ethan wiped his arm across his wet face and stared anxiously at the diminutive object, certain the change wouldn’t bode well for him.

“This one is different because it has a small, flexible shaft down the center that goes up inside your pee hole. It’s even more secure than the one you’re wearing which is just what a little masturbator like you needs.”

Reaching in her purse for a spare key, she bent down and unlocked Ethan’s chastity device, removing the pieces and cleaning his tiny, shriveled penis with a baby wipe. Despite himself, he started getting hard as he began gazing at his mother-in-law’s full cups, stretching her top in an arousing display before the deprived sissy. Even though he bitterly resented her pushing him around all the time, he couldn’t help but be turned on by her big, sexy breasts.

As soon as she noticed his little nub growing, she stopped what she was doing and shook her head.

“That is absolutely pathetic! Just look at this silly little thing,” she said, pinching his short, thin shaft between her fingers, “You look more like a four year-old than a man down there. But then, I guess it kind of suits your prissy personality.

“Did you know that Megan never had even one orgasm with you?”

His mother-in-law never passed up an opportunity to make him feel inadequate.

She shook her head in disgust as his under-sized penis wilted under her belittling comments.

“Nope. This little thing needs to be kept locked up and deprived of erections,” she said as she began fitting the snug cuff ring of the new pink device behind his sack.

“See this inner shaft?” she said as she offered him a view down the inside of the chastity tube, “Every time you try to get hard in the tube, it will become increasingly painful until you go soft again. It was especially designed for sissies like you who don’t deserve sexual pleasure. Now, no matter how hard your mommy pounds you with her strap-on, you still won’t be able to cum. I wanted to make absolutely sure you wouldn’t be capable of having another orgasm again.”

Ethan choked back a sob of anguish. To think even that last avenue of pleasure was to be taken away, however small and infrequent it was.

Placing some lube on the tiny stainless ball tip of the shaft, she positioned it before his quivering penis.

“Okay baby, this will go inside you easier if you are just a little bit erect. Can you help momma to make sure you won’t be able to have any more orgasms? Go ahead sissy boy, stare at my breasts and fantasize about them while I insert this into you.”

Ethan could have and should have resisted something that clearly wasn’t in his best interests but he was so weak-willed and submissive, he willingly did as he was told, staring hungrily at her big bosom in the stretchy top. Besides, with her warm hand around his little penis, he was completely helpless to his desires. Softly squeezing his shaft, it started to grow again and she rewarded it by carefully working the ball tip into his urethra and down inside him.

“There…that’s a good boy…just what a little sissy needs,” she commended him.

“Oh!” Ethan squealed, unaccustomed to the strange feeling as the cool steel slipped into him.

“Say hello to your new best friend,” his stern mother-in-law said with satisfaction as she watched the stainless shaft slowly disappear into his penis. At the same time, the head of his wiener gradually grew closer to the end of the short chastity tube until it couldn’t go any further. Mating the pins on the cuff ring with the matching holes in the tube, Helen closed the device, trapping his penis within and compressing it even further. Now the poor sissy’s pee-wee was trapped tighter than ever!

Slipping a small titanium lock through the front, she clicked it shut with a crisp and audible snap.

“There,” she said again, “that’s much better. See how it’s even shorter than your old one? It looks like a little pink thimble on you.”

She giggled with amusement.

Ethan gazed down in dismay at his diminutive caged penis, still trying to get used to the strange feeling of having something inserted into his shaft.

“Wha-what about when I hafta go pee?” he asked anxiously.

“Oh, don’t worry about that–you’ll wet your diapers just like you always do–in fact, you may find its a little harder to hold back now. Although after seeing you wet yourself today during dinner, I think you’ve already gone past that stage.”

Ethan didn’t like this development at all but all he could do was to bunch his fists in frustration as she firmly grasped his ankles and swung them over his head, slathering his bright red bottom with Desitin. He whimpered weakly and nursed from the warm milk in his bottle as she laid his legs back down and powdered him thoroughly with the Johnson’s.

“That’s mommy’s little bedwetter,” she praised him as she pinned his fat cotton diapers snugly around his hips, “How does it feel to know that while you’re being put into your diapers and sent to bed in your crib, another man is having wild, passionate sex with your wife, hm?”

Ethan blushed with shame and sucked feverishly on his baby bottle. He always tried hard not to think about what Megan was actually doing when she was gone but his mother-in-law insisted on reminding him of it all the time. But now, with his little penis compressed in this cruel new chastity device, he felt even more powerless and inadequate.

“It must make you sad,” she said unsympathetically as she shook out some yellow translucent baby panties, “But then–this is really where you belong; pinned into some nice, thick diapers and plastic panties like a baby so you can sleep uninterrupted in your crib. You must be very happy that you don’t wake up in a pool of pee anymore.”

Much as Ethan hated it when his mother-in-law derided him like this, he had to admit she was right, even though it crushed him to accept it. And though he could barely admit it even to himself, a small, secret part of himself drew comfort from being safely swaddled in the bunny soft, bulky diapers every night. He no longer gave his nightly bedwetting a second thought.

Ethan winced as she worked the plastic panties around the bulky Birdseye cloth–his bottom still stung terribly from the after effects of the lexan paddle and the snug elastic leg bands cut into his throbbing, punished cheeks. Not only that, he was certain the lingering pain was going to force him to sleep on his stomach in the crib tonight.

Powdering between his thighs, Helen put away his diapering supplies and went over to his dresser to retrieve a night top for him. Quickly selecting a lemon yellow fleece one, she brought it over and after removing his fancy dress, dropped the baby soft top over his outstretched arms. This one had a cute motif of a teddy bear in diapers across the chest and some script she had personally sewn on it saying ‘Diapers–a bedwetter’s best friend“.

“This is certainly true, isn’t it, Ethan?” she said as she showed him the front briefly.

He had been so humiliated when she had first presented it to him months ago, so she had begun making a habit of putting similar phrases on the rest of his jammies.

“Beddie-bye-time!” she announced unnecessarily as she helped him into his crib, pulled his fuzzy pink blankets up and starting the mobile above his head. A nursery rhyme began to play softly as she put his pacifier in, raised the side rail of his crib and clicked it closed.

Ethan clutched his favorite teddy bear in his arms and tried to ignore the painful stinging of his cheeks within his diapers. It didn’t help that his snug plastic panties trapped the scorching heat inside, making his humiliating punishment impossible to ignore.

Walking out the door, his mother-in-law turned off the light switch and tuned to face him.

“Nightey-nite, baby Ethan,” she said pleasantly before closing the door behind her.




Ethan was fast asleep in his crib, blissfully dreaming of Megan again…he was watching her on her big bed as she masturbated with her fingers and moaning in glorious ecstasy. His excitement level was rising steadily, like a kettle on a stove, and his eyes roamed over her beautiful, sexy body, drinking in her luscious curves. But just as he was really starting to enjoy the show, at the same time, he began feeling a corresponding pain growing with his penis.

Drifting into uncertain wakefulness, Ethan began to gradually become aware of his surroundings. For one, the moaning he had been listening to was not in his dream, but rather coming from his wife’s room next door. The pain he had felt was also real, and it emanated from the cruel new chastity device his mother-in-law had fitted him for earlier that evening.

He grimaced as he shifted in his crib, feeling now the soggy warm wetness of his diapers that were surrounding him. He took small consolation that there would be no danger of leaks, what with the triple layers of Birdseye cloth and two thick soaker pads in the middle. That, and his big plastic panties ensured his bedding would remain dry, except on nights when he really wet heavily. Feeling carefully all around him, he confirmed that every square inch of cotton was completely saturated and the childish smell of pee drifted up under the baby blankets.

He was distracted by the sound of Megan gasping with pleasure in the room next over. The walls in the house were somewhat thin and it seemed he could hear every little nuance of the sex taking place only several feet from his crib.

To be sure, Ethan had never heard his wife moan like this. She was crying out in ecstasy as her new boyfriend plunged his big cock repeatedly into her welcoming pussy.

Ethan felt his cheeks burning with shame and humiliation that she was brazenly having sex just next door to him and making no secret about it. Obviously, she knew full well that he would hear it, and it would excruciatingly drive home his place of subservience.

His rubber pacifier was still lodged firmly in his mouth and he began to suck on it desperately, clinging tightly to his teddy bear for comfort as he heard another man’s deep grunts in the other room. The headboard was banging rhythmically against the wall as Megan’s cries became more urgent–clearly, she was getting closer to climaxing.

Ethan felt his little penis throbbing within his chastity tube and it ached painfully. He tried to think of something else–taxes or sorting laundry, but Megan’s sex-filled voice kept intruding insistently. His member swelled against the inside of the tiny tube and he moaned in agony. Even the residual soreness of his bottom was forgotten as his pecker fought against the invading shaft inside of him.

At last, Megan cried out, her tremendous orgasm shaking the walls with its intensity. He pictured his beautiful wife, only a few feet away from him, breathlessly panting like an animal while he lay trapped in his crib, the soggy wet diapers embracing him only verifying his proper place in the house. Sucking his pacifier, he angrily slapped his mattress and kicked his feet, feeling more helpless and inadequate than ever.

He thought they were finished, but then ten minutes later, Megan began softly moaning again. Ethan was shocked by her boyfriend’s stamina–he seemed superhuman!

Sure enough, Megan’s sexy voice grew in volume as her lover began all over again. Were they in a different position now? He had no way of knowing. Probably.

He pictured her on her hands and knees, her shapely bottom in the air as her stud pounded her from behind. The vision caused his penis to swell against his chastity tube and he winced again. This was a whole new torture he hadn’t considered. He tried to plug his ears but the urgent banging of the headboard and Megan’s cries of joy slipped past his fingers. Oh, how his little penis ached!

Ethan had to endure another half hour of their lovemaking before the house finally quieted down. Nevertheless, he tossed and turned for quite a while before he finally fell into a fitful sleep.



Warm morning sun shone into the nursery, diffused by the gauzy pink curtains in the window. Ethan could hear birds outside and the others moving about elsewhere in the house but he knew better than to get up. He was only allowed out of his crib when either Megan or his mother-in-law chose to come get him. Until that time, he was required to lie quietly, experiencing the unpleasant feeling of his soaking wet diapers surrounding him and clinging to his skin.

As much as he wanted to be changed, he dreaded the inevitable humiliating meeting with Megan’s lover. He couldn’t imagine being in more shameful circumstances than he was this morning. Greeting his wife’s lover while laying in his baby crib wearing wet diapers was going to be utterly mortifying, that was for sure.

At last the door swung open and Megan came strolling in, followed by her boyfriend. He was much taller than Ethan had expected and his handsome, craggy features revealed how much better looking he was too. He was wearing a pair of boxers and his broad, muscular chest was lightly covered in hair.

Ethan cringed and whimpered against his pacifier as his wife came over and lowered the rail to his crib.

“Good morning, sissy,” she said brightly, “It’s time for you to meet your new daddy.”

Ethan drew his Disney Princess blankets around him protectively, trying to hide his embarrassing baby outfit and diapers from the masculine stranger. With one hand, Megan pulled away his blankets and with the other, tugged him out of the crib, sitting him on the floor of the nursery before them.

“Ethan, say hello to Frank–you are to refer to him as ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’, at all times,” she told him, her slim hands resting on her curvy hips.

Megan never went nude around Ethan anymore and this morning, she was wearing a sexy thong and her breathtaking push-up bra.

Ethan blushed hotly, squirming in his seat as the big man looked down on him with a smug smile.

“Well sissy boy, now I can see why Megan wasn’t getting satisfied–looks to me like the only thing you could handle is jerking yourself off,” he said in a mocking, deep voice filled with confidence.

Ethan gulped with shame as his cheeks and ears burned red.

“He’s a little embarrassed because you pegged him exactly right–instead of trying to satisfy me, he used to play with himself every day,” Megan explained.

“I see your mommy made the right decision–putting you back in diapers and chastity, you certainly don’t belong in a man’s world,” Frank observed dryly.

Megan giggled as she boldly looked down at her intimidated sissy husband.

“Ethan, why don’t you tell Frank here why you have to wear diapers and plastic panties.”

Sitting there with the soaking wet cloth surrounding him, he blushed furiously.

“Come on, baby boy,” she prompted him.

“It’s c-cause I’m a b-bedwetter, Sir,” he said, his shaking voice practically a whisper.

“Wow,” he said, shaking his head, “now I’ve seen everything.”

Megan began stroking her boyfriend’s big cock through his boxers and Ethan could tell it was enormous.

“And now it’s time for you to thank your daddy for making love to me and finally satisfying my needs,” Megan said with a smirk.

Ethan blushed deeper at her stinging words, swallowing hard nervously.

“Th-thank you, Sir…for…for pleasing my wife,” he stuttered haltingly. The words ‘my wife’ sounded so incongruous in the present setting.

“That’s very good, but I think there’s a better way for you to show your appreciation,” Megan said as she continued stroking Frank’s growing erection. By now, it was tenting his underwear and Ethan feared Megan’s intentions.

Slowly peeling Frank’s boxers down, she revealed the biggest cock Ethan had ever laid eyes on. It was truly massive! Her hands looked small as she gripped the wide base of his shaft, unable to span the huge circumference.

His fearful eyes darted from the big bulbous tip to Megan’s mischievously grinning face.

“M-Mommy–please–please don’t make me do it,” he pleaded desperately.

Frank had his hands on his hips, looking god-like, as he stood arrogantly before the weak sissy.

“You’ve got about five seconds before I pull those wet diapers down and put you over my knee,” Frank warned him menacingly.

Ethan gulped with fear–this guy looked like he could break him in two like a twig!

Hesitantly, Ethan leaned forward, unsure just how to proceed.

Without another word, Frank suddenly grabbed the back of his head and simply jammed his big cock into the sissy’s quivering mouth.

Ethan squealed loudly, his jaws barely able to open wide enough to take in the gigantic head of the man’s magnificent cock. His jaws were stretching and his lips made a tight seal around the big mushroom shaped head. It felt warm in his mouth and he felt it pulsing eagerly, throbbing with his need. Already, Ethan could taste the salty, pre-cum that was oozing out of the tip and onto the back of his waiting tongue.

He struggled to back away from the monster being thrust down his throat but Frank maintained a steely grip on his head.

“Use your tongue, sissy boy,” he barked sternly.

Scared to defy him, Ethan swirled his tongue under the throbbing underside of his manhood, slurping the sensitive gland that ran the along the front of his mighty sword-like shaft. Frank let out a sigh and he relaxed his grip ever so slightly but not enough to allow the sissy to escape.

Ethan’s cheeks were bulging wide and he marveled at the fat girth of this man’s member. Frank began pushing it in until it bottomed out against the back of the sissy’s throat and he heard Ethan beginning to choke. Then, he slowly eased it out before plunging it back in again.

Meanwhile, Megan was grinning ear to ear and she took out her cell phone, happily snapping close up pictures of Ethan’s mouth filled to capacity with hard man meat.

“This is right where you belong,” she purred, “On your knees, with a big cock shoved in your mouth.”

“Get ready Diaper boy,” Frank said in a husky voice, “cause I’m gonna cum in your mouth and you’re going to swallow every last drop.”

Ethan whimpered in anguish but his jaws were stretched to the limit trying to take in the massive shaft pistoning in and out of his warm, wet mouth.

Suddenly Frank held his breath and he backed his cock out just enough to keep the head in Ethan’s mouth. With a loud roar, he blew his manly load, filling the sissy’s mouth with warm, creamy semen. Ethan’s eyes went wide and he squealed as he waved his hands in helpless desperation. Forced to swallow the sticky goo that was overflowing his mouth, he tried to back off but Frank held his head firmly as he sprayed another big load down his throat.

Megan clapped her hands with glee as her sissy hubby struggled with what seemed like a gallon of semen. No sooner did he swallow one load than another erupted into his eager mouth.

“Good job, cocksucker,” Frank commended the distraught pansy in a condescending voice, “Just keep swallowing.”

Ethan was waving his hands in protest but there was little he could do.

The inside of his mouth was lined with a slick coating of cum and as the gargantuan cock finally popped out his mouth, his tongue unconsciously licked his sperm covered lips.

“Don’t worry–you’ll get plenty of chances to practice. I always wake up with a hard-on and every time I stay the night here, you can count on giving me a blow job,” Frank informed him.

Ethan was crushed with humiliation. It was bad enough that he had to tolerate his wife sleeping with another man (in his deluded mind, Ethan still thought he had some say in the matter), but now he had to get on his knees and suck this man’s cock every morning? How degraded could he get?




Six months later…

“Quite struggling sissy…” Helen sternly warned Ethan as she began firmly applying greater pressure to the big blunt dildo positioned between his trembling cheeks.

He was bent over her lap, with his thick diapers unpinned and pulled back between his smooth, girlish legs. His baby dress and petticoats were piled around his torso and a look of dire concern was on his face.

“Oh! No, Grandma–its too big!” he squealed as he helplessly waved his hands in the air.

“I know its bigger than your usual nozzle, but a sissy like you can take it–spread your legs wider and relax, it will go in much easier for you if you just submit.”

The nozzle, which resembled a very large, lifelike rubber cock, was attached to a long white hose that ran upwards and ended at a glistening red rubber enema bag, hanging from a hook that was bursting with two quarts of hot, soapy water.

Ethan’s bottom was still showing some residual markings from a hard spanking he’d received the other day and he was reluctant to say or do anything in opposition to his strict, domineering mother-in-law.

“Come on sissy–be a good boy for momma,” she urged him in her usual kind but condescending tone.

Whimpering and bunching his fists, Ethan did as he was told, submissively spreading his legs wider and trying to relax enough to allow the rubber leviathan to get past his puckering, reluctant sphincter.

“Theeere you go,” she said with satisfaction as she finally pushed the big, bulbous head inside him, making him squeal loudly.

“OHHHH!!” Ethan cried as his eyes went wide.

“There you go,” she said again, twirling the slippery fat rubber nozzle around inside him before slowly pushing it in farther.

Ethan’s tight hole was stretched to the limit as the huge nozzle was pushed in even further and he moaned weakly. While it was true that he had become somewhat used to being invaded like this, either from Megan’s strap-on dildo, or his mother-in-law’s usual enema nozzle, this one was much bigger.

Helen pushed it until it bottomed out, eliciting more girlish moans and squeals from her weak-willed, sissy son-in-law.

She smiled to herself when she thought of what Megan had in mind to announce to him later today and this emasculating enema seemed like the perfect prelude to that meeting. She had found that a good soapy enema always left Ethan feeling a little more subdued, compliant, and submissive, and willing to accept further humiliations more readily. She had in mind to make him wear his biggest, fattest butt plug during the meeting, which would only further embarrass him.

They were in Ethan’s nursery and Helen could see the look of angst on his face, reflected on the wall mirror across from them. She toyed with the nozzle a bit and then plunged it back in all the way before holding it there steady.

“Ready, baby Ethan?” she asked cheerfully.

The poor sissy found he was never ready to receive his enema but of course, it was truly a rhetorical question. He was going to get his purging whether he was ready or not.

Sure enough, without waiting for an answer, his mother-in-law released the clip on the hose and hot soapy water surged unhindered, deep into his bowels.

“Unnngg,” Ethan grimaced.

He clenched and unclenched his fists, gasping as he tried to deal with the feeling of fullness that was quickly developing inside him. Glancing up at the mirror, he saw his mother-in-law with her usual, smug, superior expression on her face. She was wearing a pretty white blouse that she had purposely unbuttoned to show off her deep cleavage but at the moment, that was the last thing on Ethan’s mind.

Open and closed, taking her time, she carefully manipulated the clip, watching him squirm and waiting until she thought he could take another dose of the warm, sudsy liquid before opening the clip again.

When she had first started administering enemas to him nine months ago, he had barely been able to take a quart, but since then, she had learned that by stretching out the process, and patiently making him take it over a longer period of time, a much greater quantity of the soapy water could be taken in. And she wanted to make sure he took in every possible drop for a nice, full, punishing enema.

Helen often used these sessions to scold him for his shortcomings or some failure on his part with the housework, which had become his primary task in the household. Bent over her lap and completely at her mercy, Ethan could do little more than squeal and moan helplessly as she scolded him like an errant child.

Today, however, she decided to use it to give him some rare praise.

“Frank tells me you’ve become quite the little cocksucker,” she remarked while she was waiting for the water to settle inside of him.

Ethan moaned and squirmed on her lap, trying in vain to get comfortable.

“Yes, he says you’re the best cocksucker he’s ever had and that you can make him cum in less than five minutes now…that’s quite an achievement,” she remarked sardonically.

Sensing that he could take some more, Helen undid the clip and another powerful surge of soapy water gushed into Ethan’s waiting bottom.

“He says he looks forward to his mornings here when he knows you’ll eagerly slurp and suck on his big cock, anxious to swallow his huge loads of creamy cum.”

Ethan blushed with bitter shame. He hated having to get on his knees for his wife’s lover and submit to giving him blowjobs like a cheap hooker,  but he’d already suffered several blistering spankings over the larger man’s lap and didn’t want to experience another one again. To Ethan, five minutes of degradation (and the humiliating, demeaning comments that followed) were well worth avoiding the pain and suffering of one of Frank’s hard paddlings.

“Its good that a sissy bedwetter like you knows his place and has finally found something that you’re good at,” she said, sounding almost genuine in her flattery, “To be sure–your place in this house is on your knees, with his big fat cock, balls deep in your mouth.

“What’s it like when he blows his load down your throat? Do you have a hard time swallowing it all? He says you don’t gag anymore so you must have really mastered the skill.”

Ethan was moaning and squirming–most of the rubber enema bag was empty now and he could feel the volume of warm water distending his belly and giving him cramps.

“If you were more of a man, maybe you’d be in the other room, making love to my daughter. Instead, you’re in here, with your diapers pulled down, bent over my lap getting a long soapy enema….I’d say you’re right where you belong, wouldn’t you?”

Ethan lay there and moaned weakly until his mother-in-law pushed the dildo in to prompt him.

“Wouldn’t you?” she asked again more forcefully.

“Y-yes ma’am,” he squeaked, “This-this is where I belong.”

Helen rewarded his submissive obedience with another surge of soapy water.

Ethan gritted his teeth and swallowed the groan escaping his lips as he reflected how true her words were. He had gone from being ‘the man of the house’, to being the baby cuckold of the house, subject to daily humiliations and punishments at his cruel mother-in-law’s hands. She had become his primary caretaker, although it was questionable just how much caring she did. Since Megan had become more and more deeply involved in her affair with Frank, Helen had assumed the role of Ethan’s babysitter and guardian, changing his wet diapers and dressing him for the day, feeding him in his highchair and putting him down in his crib for his naptime.

Finally, the last soapy suds disappeared into Ethan’s pink bottom, but Helen held the nozzle firmly in place, just to make sure. Ethan whimpered weakly, praying silently that she would allow him up to release the churning liquid in his bowels.

At last, to his utter relief, he felt the wide, slippery nozzle easing out of his aching hole, along with his mother-in-law’s admonishment not to let any leak or he’d be right over her lap again for a blistering spanking.

Precariously, Ethan limped off to the bathroom where he spent the next ten minutes expelling the punishing liquid.

After he returned, he found his mother-in-law once again seated in the only chair in the room, a stool that served as Ethan’s spanking chair. Next to her on the changing table, was a tall, fluffy stack of diapers awaiting the emasculated sissy.

She beckoned him over impatiently, holding a large pink butt plug in her hand.

“Over here, Ethan,” she said as she took his hand and briskly guided him back over her lap.

He recognized it as his biggest one and he put up his other hand in protest.

“No Grandma–please–not that one.”

Ignoring him as she always did, she firmly pulled him over her lap and forcefully spread his legs as Ethan whimpered miserably. Taking a big dollop of Vaseline, Helen pushed it up inside his hole and then positioned the imposing butt plug at his quivering anus. Fortunately, it had been stretched pretty thoroughly by his new enema nozzle so that when she began pushing the butt plug in, his sphincter was quickly defeated.

“OHHH!!” he cried as the fat plug slipped inside him, filling him completely.

“That’s my sissy boy,” she commended him as she patted his cheek and helped him over to the changing table.

Handing him his baby bottle of milk, she busied herself slathering his bottom with a sticky coating of diaper rash cream before powdering his hairless groin and tummy with baby powder. Looking down at the diminutive pink chastity cage imprisoning his little penis, she smiled again at her own resourcefulness. That tiny nub would never experience an orgasm again now that she was in charge of him, she thought with satisfaction.

Ethan studiously tried to ignore his mother-in-law’s big breasts swaying within her unbuttoned blouse as she reached past his head to get his diaper pins but he was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, he had discovered that so long as he didn’t actually stare at them for more than a few seconds, he wouldn’t suffer too greatly. It was those long periods of boring inactivity spent in his playpen, when his eyes would wander and fixate on her busty profile, that he would start to feel the pain in his tiny pee-wee.

And it was made worse by the fact that his diapers were so soft and fluffy–just brushing his hands against the slippery plastic front of them brought back pleasurable memories of his previously unrestrained masturbating habit, before chastity had been forcefully imposed upon him.

He certainty couldn’t complain that they were uncomfortable. The fact was–secretly–he loved wearing his bunny soft diapers. But putting aside the embarrassment of actually using them, he found them to be a double edged sword. On one hand, they made him feel safe and secure, but on the other, they constantly teased him with their soft, spongy layers.

Helen selected a pretty yellow pair of Disney Princess-themed plastic panties and gathering the leg holes together, worked them over Ethan’s feet and ankles. These were a favorite of hers, since they had three cute white plastic rows of bouncy ruffles sewn across the top half of the seat. Working them over his fat, bulky diapers, she ran her fingers around the elastic waistband, making sure all the soft Birdseye cloth was contained inside.

“There–no need to worry about you wetting yourself and leaking now,” she said as she powdered between his legs, “Now you can play until naptime and I’ll change you then.”

Ethan bit his lip in embarrassment as he unconsciously glanced once more down his mother-in-law’s deep cleavage. It was becoming harder and harder to keep his diapers dry, even during the daytime. Often, he would have what he called ‘accidents’, particularly if he were surprised suddenly, or scared in some way. It was always humiliating having to ask Helen for a diaper change during the day, and more often than not, she’d make him wear his wet diapers until naptime or bedtime, just to spite him.

Ethan was at a loss to explain his increasing loss of control during the day, but his mother-in-law seemed to expect little better from him.

“I think we’ll leave this top on you today,” Helen remarked as she began putting his glossy white Mary Janes over his feet. Made of soft, fuzzy fleece, the top matched his panties and had the humiliating script; ‘Bedwetters wear diapers‘ on the front.

It was all the same to Ethan these days, who obviously had no say in how he was dressed anyway, and he took Helen’s hand as she led him out of the nursery and into the kitchen where Megan was making coffee.

“Morning mom–would you like a cup?” she asked solicitously.

“That would be great, she said as she helped Ethan climb awkwardly up into his highchair. As soon as he’d settled into the seat, Helen moved the step stool away, leaving Ethan’s feet unsupported. The sissy shifted in his seat gingerly, the fat butt plug inside him making him feel invaded and serving as a constant reminder of his lowly position in the household. After securing his wrists and waist strap, his mother-in-law busied herself feeding the captive sissy. Today, she was particularly haphazard with his feeding and his mouth and chin were soon caked with the slop of his breakfast.

Megan was fully dressed this morning and she wore a low cut sweater that clung deliciously to her mouthwatering bosom. Ethan presumed she was going somewhere, because she was wearing tall, high heeled pumps with a pair of silky slacks that were hugging her perfect figure. As usual, she looked very adult, while he looked like the epitome of a sloppy-faced, helpless toddler.

Suddenly, the front door opened and Frank came in, followed by a woman Ethan had never seen before. She was smartly dressed in a feminine pant suit and her expensive sunglasses lent her a very sophisticated air–in fact, everything about her exuded style and class.

Her hair was pulled back and arranged in an elegant manner, and she immediately strode across the room to get a better look at Ethan.

Even though by now, Ethan had become somewhat used to being exposed before others, each time it was someone new, he found it to be an excruciating experience. Removing her sunglasses, the woman came up to him and looked down on the squirming sissy, the disdain obvious on her pretty face. As the fat butt plug ground deeply into his back passage, Ethan helplessly felt his diapers suddenly growing wet and warm and he blushed furiously.

With his Mary Janes swinging uselessly, he struggled pathetically against his wrist straps and looked around the room, as if seeking help from Megan or his mother-in-law.

Reading the script on Ethan’s chest, the woman smirked condescendingly.

“So–this is your little bedwetter,” she remarked scornfully, “I can certainly see why you put him in diapers and found yourself a real man.”

Ethan whimpered as he felt another strong surge of hot pee flooding his diapers. This was SO humiliating!

He tried desperately to stop the flow as his fat, bulging diapers happily absorbed all his panic-induced pee.

“I have to confess that a part of me didn’t believe you, but now that I’ve actually seen him for myself, it all makes perfect sense,” the woman said as she turned to Frank and set a satchel she had been carrying down on the kitchen table.

Helen stepped forward and shook the woman’s hand.

“Ms. Milani, I’d like you to meet Ethan Grant–Megan’s sissy hubby,” she explained, “Yes, he is a chronic bedwetter and masturbator–or rather I should say–a former masturbator. Since he’s been in strict chastity for almost a year now, he’s been prevented from being able to play with himself like he used to.

“Needless to say, with his tiny, baby-sized penis, he was completely incapable of satisfying Megan–or any woman, for that matter.”

With the fat butt plug stuffed inside him, and his warm, wet diapers embracing him, Ethan felt vulnerable and inferior. He blushed with shame as Ms. Milani looked him over critically and shook her head, the disapproval written all over her pretty face.

“You smell like pee, powder, and pampers,” she remarked in a superior, patronizing tone.

Megan sauntered over to Frank and wrapped her lithe arms around him, reaching up to give him a passionate kiss of greeting. His big hands roamed all over her slim, curvy body as he kissed her back enthusiastically. Ethan blushed again and looked the other way, embarrassed to have his shameful cuckold status so blatantly demonstrated.

Finally, Megan released her embrace of Frank and turned to face Ethan.

“We have an announcement to make,” she said with a smile.

Rather than looking at her daughter, Helen turned to face Ethan, as if more interested to see what his reaction would be.

“Ethan, you are a pathetic excuse for a man. I have no idea why I ever agreed to marry you, but thankfully, Jordan here is going to take care of all that.

“I need a real man–not a sissy who can’t even keep his diapers dry.”

Walking over to look down at her cowering husband, Megan reached underneath the plastic tray and stuck a finger inside the elastic leg band of Ethan’s plastic panties.

“Oh my god–you’re wet again?? Can’t you even control your wetting during the day now?” she demanded.

Ethan blushed hotly as everyone in the room stared at him.

“It-it w-was…uh, an accident,” he stammered as he squirmed in his seat.

“You should paddle this little sissy when we’re done,” Megan said as she turned to face her mother.

“I’ll be happy to make him cry,” Helen said as she crossed her arms over her impressive chest and looked down at the sniveling sissy, “Jordan–if you’ve ever wanted to see a sissy bawling his eyes out like a baby, stick around.”

“I’ll do that,” she said as she began taking papers out of her satchel and arranging them on the table.

Mirroring her mother’s pose, Megan crossed her arms and looked down at Ethan.

“Well sissy, you don’t have many choices around here but today you have two. I can have our marriage annulled and have you tossed out in the street, or…”

Tears misted Ethan’s eyes and he held his breath…whatever else she was going to offer couldn’t possibly be worse than what she just suggested.

“Or…Frank has generously offered to let you move in with us, into a separate wing of his mansion. There, mom will be fully in charge of you–she has shown a real knack for how to handle bedwetters and sissies like you, so I know you’ll be in good hands. She’ll make sure you get all the diapers and discipline you so obviously need.

“Don’t worry–I’ll still come in and take you with my strap-on from time to time. Or maybe Frank will decide to pop your cherry…he’s mentioned your little sissy bottom might need a big hard cock from time to time.”

Ethan squirmed as he considered his choices, the intrusive fat butt plug only adding to his discomfort.

“And after our marriage is annulled, I will become your legal guardian–the inheritance you received last year will all go to me.”

Ethan swallowed hard as another strong surge of pee saturated his diapers.

“Well–what’s it going to be sissy boy?” she demanded.

“I-I…I wanna live with you,” he whimpered weakly, his cheeks burning with the shame of his capitulation.

“Very well,” Ms. Milani said, “I have everyone else’s signatures–I just need Ethan’s.”

Bringing over a sheath of papers, she placed one of them on the highchair’s pink plastic eating tray.

“This one recognizes that your marriage was brought about under false pretenses and should be annulled. Obviously, Megan thought she was getting a man out the arrangement but we both know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just sign here,” she said pointing to a place on the lengthy document.

Ethan sniffled and accepted the proffered pen, scribbling his signature on the line.

Placing another paper before him, she pointed at another line.

“And this one gives Megan complete rights over you as your legal guardian…I was able to find some ambiguous mental clauses that speak to your…immature behavior and childlike disposition.

“By signing this, you forfeit all your legal rights and won’t be able to do so much as get a library card anymore without Megan’s approval.”

Ethan cried softly as he submissively signed his name to the document, shamelessly handing over everything to his wife. Ms. Milani shook her head at his spineless display–it only confirmed in her mind that this is what he truly deserved.

Meanwhile, his mother-in-law had left the room to retrieve the paddle for his promised spanking.

“And lastly, this document relinquishes control over the inheritance you received last year. It now becomes the sole property of Megan.”

“Don’t worry baby–” Megan smirked, “I got you a piggy bank and your new allowance will be fifty cents a week.”

She watched eagerly as the defeated sissy signed away his rights to the staggering amount of money that he’d originally used to leverage his way into the marriage. Bitterly, he reflected how that deception had cost him!

His mother-in-law had returned, and was standing by his side now, the menacing long wooden Spencer paddle in her hand.

“And now, someone’s going to pay the piper for wetting his diapers,” she said as she began releasing him from the bonds of his highchair.

Ethan began crying openly now, his hands going up and waving in protest.

“No-no-no!” he wailed, stamping his feet in place. This was all so unfair!

First he had just signed away every last bit of his rights and now he was going to be rewarded with a humiliating, painful spanking!

Taking a hold of his left wrist with her free hand, Helen jerked him forward and swatted him hard across his thickly padded, diapered seat. The sassy ruffles across the back of his plastic panties fluttered and then settled back down.

“OWW!!” he cried out, causing the others to laugh at his weak, pathetic display.

With her commanding presence, Ethan didn’t dare stand up to his intimidating mother-in-law. He was about to get his bottom paddled and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Calmly seating herself on the armless kitchen chair, Helen reached over and began peeling his clinging plastic panties down off his sopping wet diaper. Tears of shame tumbled down Ethan’s cheeks as the childish smell of pee once more surrounded them, proving to everyone how little control he had.

“Well…I think this seems like a very appropriate way to start your new life, with a trip over momma’s lap for a good, hard spanking,” she said as she took the sniveling sissy over her knee.

In no time, his big, soggy diapers were unpinned and pulled back between his legs, exposing his tender bare bottom for punishment.

Ethan’s damp cheeks twitched and flexed as his sphincter nervously gripped the big butt plug lodged inside him, unable to expel it.

Without warning, the hard wooden paddle came down with a tremendous impact, loudly slapping both his soft, damp cheeks and flattening them before swinging back up for another vicious swat.

Ethan howled out in pain and shook his fists in the air as the paddle rained down in rapid succession on his quickly reddening bottom. Kicking his Mary Janes wildly, he slapped the floor miserably as his mother-in-law gripped him tighter and smacked his blazing bottom repeatedly with even greater force. The tears streamed down Ethan’s face to spill on the floor below him as he howled out with each nasty bite of the unforgiving paddle on his tender, scalded rump. The numerous air holes in the face of the paddle provided extra sting, while the hard solid oak ensured that the poor sissy would have difficulty sitting for days afterwards.

Helen had a well deserved reputation for efficiency and she made sure every square inch of his backside received its proper share of the paddle. When at last she was done, his bottom was thoroughly punished, bright red and swollen.

Ethan was crying hard, his breathing coming in ragged gasps as she helped him up on his shaky feet and stood him before the others. Ms. Milani looked down unsympathetically at his now exposed, caged little penis before gathering her papers and putting them back into her satchel. With his plastic panties tangled around his ankles, Ethan stood and cried unashamedly like a baby before everyone, partly from the spanking but also due to having been legally reduced to the status of a toddler.

But to be sure, his humiliating display only confirmed to Megan, the wisdom of the choices she’d made.

“Come on sissy–its time for your diaper change,” Helen said authoritatively as she took his hand and led him out of the kitchen.

Ethan rubbed his scorched bottom as the tears continued to stream down his cheeks.

Now that his status had been confirmed, Helen thought she would try and cheer him up a bit.

“Frank tells me he spared no expense and you can look forward to an totally fabulous baby nursery when we move in with them,” she said enthusiastically, “Lots of baby toys, dollies, new outfits–everything a diaper-wetting, pampered princess could desire. Won’t that be wonderful?”

Ethan shrugged helplessly. Now he was well and truly trapped.

“Of course, now that you’ll be in the same house with him, I think you can expect to start off each day with his big hard cock in your mouth,” she added.

Ethan sniffled miserably as he looked down at his own tiny little penis, locked away forever in its thimble-sized pink cage, never to be hard again.

“Oh, and I’ve found a babysitter to help me out when I have my own errands to run. I know you’ll just love her–she’s very pretty and well–let’s just say you won’t have any objection to her body,” she said with a conspiratorial wink.

“Her name is Tiffany Johnson.”












…Six months later


Tiffany Johnson slowly stirred the cup of cappuccino on the table before her, admiring Helen’s crisp, businesslike efficiency. Since she’d met the older woman six months ago, she had been very impressed with her natural authority and strict, no-nonsense style. Tiffany was convinced that she was perfectly suited to be Ethan’s guardian.

“You’ve done a magnificent job here,” she praised Helen, “Rarely have I seen a sissy so completely and thoroughly controlled.”

Helen smiled proudly, “Well, you’ve been a big part of that, I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help,” she replied with humility.

“Oh no, you had it all taken care of by the time I came in. I just helped you to be able to take a break, from time to time.”

“And I’m very grateful for that,” Helen said, “Taking care of a big sissy baby is a lot of work. The laundry alone is a full time job.”

They both laughed.

“Oh trust me–I know,” she said as they unconsciously turned their heads to gaze at the diapered ex-husband quietly playing with his toys in the playpen across the room.

Ethan was sitting on his bottom, his legs folded back on either side as he hummed to himself and stacked a set of large plastic blocks arranged inside the mesh walled enclosure. Today, he was wearing a short, babyish pink top, one his mother-in-law had picked out to make sure his diapers wouldn’t get wet when she put him down for his nap later on. As usual these days, he had his big rubber pacifier in his mouth, an object that had become something of a fixture for the diapered sissy. Indeed, he often became fussy if it was taken away, and it, along with his teddy bear, were never far from him at any given time.

Suddenly, and without any realization on his part, Ethan began steadily wetting his diapers. He rarely noticed it anymore, and his wetting had become as natural as his breathing. In fact, it had become so ordinary, he usually didn’t even notice it until several hours had passed and the layers of soft Birdseye cotton started getting cool and clammy inside his plastic panties. And since he wasn’t allowed to sit anywhere, except in his nursery or playpen, those places tended to smell like stale pee from the occasional leaks he experienced. Helen had grown immune to the smell, and she reasoned it was just the price to be paid in taking care of any incontinent toddler or in this case, an adult sissy baby.

Nevertheless, whenever Megan came into this wing of the mansion, she often remarked on the smell, making sure to humiliate Ethan while she was at it.

As the pee continued to flow uninterrupted, the thick seat of his diapers–which had only been changed not thirty minutes before–soon became soggy and saturated, and the warm cotton cloth hugged Ethan’s bottom closely. Eventually, it would work its way up around the sides and front of his diapers, until every square inch was completely soaked.

While wet diapers were an unfortunate reality for Ethan, at least he didn’t have to worry about messing himself–his mother-in-law’s daily enema regime prevented that.

Today, he was wearing a new pair of pink rubber panties over some cute nursery print diapers–Helen liked them for the snug, waterproof seal they made around his thighs without being too tight.

“How are the plans going for the wedding?” Tiffany asked, returning her attention back to her host.

“Excellent–Frank has made arrangements to throw a huge wedding and reception,” Helen said until a thought interrupted her own line of thinking, “–Which reminds me–before I forget–Can you babysit Ethan on that day? There won’t be any need for him to be there.”

“Sure thing, its such a special day, I would love to help in any way I can.”

Ethan was oblivious to their conversation about his former wife getting remarried as he carefully stacked more of the big plastic blocks in a row. In any case, he was used to being excluded in most discussions between adults so he generally didn’t notice anymore when they happened to be talking about him.

With his back to her, his former mother-in-law stood up and walked over to the playpen, reaching down to slip a finger into the back of Ethan’s diaper. He squealed with surprise and sat up, accidentally knocking his blocks over.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Helen chuckled, “I was just checking your diapers.”

Ethan relaxed as she pulled him up and had him step awkwardly out of the playpen. Leading him back to the table, she gently sat him in her lap and arranged him in such a way so that he was facing Tiffany.

“Did mommy’s wittle baby wet his diapers?” she asked solicitously, in her syrupy, sing-song voice for toddlers.

Pulling aside the elastic waistband of his pink rubber panties, she reached in tentatively, checking the cotton cloth on the sides and back carefully. Ethan whimpered through the pacifier filling his mouth, looking around and blushing as Tiffany gazed back at him.

“Oh baby–you are soaked!” Helen announced, “Absolutely soaked.”

Ethan squirmed on her lap, embarrassed that her statement was news to him as well as them.

“Mommy’s going to have to change you and then it will be naptime, Baby Bunnykins,” she told him, using her recent pet name for him.

The relationship between them had evolved considerably over the last twelve months. She now treated him with genuine affection, as if he really were her baby grandson.

Two years ago, when they’d first met, Helen had immediately disliked, then actively resented him, constantly plotting his eventual downfall. But once Megan had taken firm control of their relationship and began cuckolding him, those feelings slowly began to recede in the distance, to be replaced by maternal feelings of warmth and caring. She now looked at Ethan as if he were her own incontinent toddler, fussing over him like any doting mother would, while still keeping him under her strict, absolute authority.

Her captive sissy squirmed in her lap, uncomfortable being the object of their attentions.

“Tiff–would you get his bottle for me?–it’s in the warmer over there,” she said nodding at the counter.

“Sure thing,” she said as she went over to retrieve it.

Taking out Ethan’s pacifier, a string of saliva followed it and his mouth retained the ‘O’ shape from having been sucking on the object all afternoon. He squealed and whimpered a bit but Helen promptly pushed the warm, wet nipple of his bottle between his lips, silencing his whining.

“There there, baby,” she said soothingly as she held the bottle in place, “drink your ba-ba.”

Ethan did as he was told, nevertheless humiliated at his childish treatment in front of Tiffany.

“Are those new baby panties?” Tiffany asked as she gently stroked the soft front of Ethan’s fat, bulging diapers.

“Yes–I decided to give rubber panties a try. They have some definite advantages over vinyl ones. I really like the watertight seal around his thighs with these–I can hold him on my lap and not have to worry about him leaking on my legs anymore.”

Tiffany looked down at Ethan’s pee-soaked diapers with newfound appreciation.

“No matter how much he wets—now it all stays contained inside the panties, which is where it belongs,” Helen explained as she gently patted the front of his diapers, “And my little baby bedwetter wets a lot, doesn’t he?”

Ethan blushed with shame but nodded his head submissively.

“That’s okay, sissykins…your mommy should have never let you out of your diapers, you know that?”

Ethan’s cheeks burned with humiliation and his eyes darted around anxiously, but he nodded again like the obedient pantywaist that he was.

“Oh well,” she said with a satisfied smile, “that’s all in the past. Your diapers are here to stay now–everyone knows you can’t go without them anymore.”

Gently, she helped him up to his feet, replacing her hand on the bottle with his so he could take over holding it.

“Come on baby, let’s go change your diapers and get you ready for your crib–it’s baby’s naptime.”

Ethan waddled after her sheepishly, totally resigned to his daily routines by now. Tiffany followed them both down the hall and into his nursery, which was much more elaborate than the one he had had at Megan’s house. Everywhere one looked, cute, babyish frills and touches abounded, from his girlish pink rocking horse, with the optional dildo fitting in the seat, to his fancy white and pink crib, layered with fluffy baby blankets.

Of course, despite the delicate, little-girl feel of the room, one could not help but notice the ever pungent, sour smell of his diaper pail that pervaded the room and reminded the visitor that a helplessly incontinent sissy and bedwetter lived here. It definitely gave the room a childish aura, distinctly separating it from every other room in the house.

Suddenly, they heard the doorbell ring, and Helen turned to face Tiffany.

“Would you be so kind as to see who that is? I have my hands full with little Miss Priss, here.”

Tiffany chuckled and nodded her head, leaving the room to go see who it was at the door.

“Don’t you worry, baby,” Helen said assured him, “Mommy’s going to get you changed out of those wet pampers right away, and then its beddie-bye time.”

Ethan nursed his bottle as Helen pulled his stretchy, clinging rubber panties down off his soggy diaper, setting them next to the large diaper pail to her right. Unpinning his diaper, they heard voices coming from down the hallway.

“…As a matter of fact, he’s getting his diapers changed as we speak…”

Ethan anxiously bit his lip in confusion. Who could it be that was paying him a visit?

Without missing a beat, Helen pulled his heavy wet diapers from under his bottom and placed them also next to the changing table, the strong smell of pee surrounding them. Ethan looked anxiously at the doorway, watching as Tiffany came back into the room, a big smile on her pretty face, followed by someone immediately behind her.

“Mrs. Grant–say hello to your sissy son,” she said by way of introduction.

At the moment, Helen was gripping Ethan’s ankles over his head as she smeared diaper rash cream across his baby soft cheeks, giving them a nice, sticky coating of protection against his naptime wetting. The moment he saw his mom, he began desperately kicking his feet, struggling to be free of Helen’s steel-like grasp. Nevertheless, she easily held him in place and used her free hand to slide a thick stack of fresh diapers under the squirming sissy. As she lowered his legs, Ethan looked up to see his mom shaking her head in disdain at him.

“You’re just in time…” Helen announced, “I happen to be in the middle of changing his wet diapers before putting him down for his nap.”

Ethan jerked the baby bottle out of his mouth as his cheeks flushed a bright red. Never had he felt so embarrassed and vulnerable! To have his own flesh-and-blood mother witnessing him being changed like a helpless toddler in his baby nursery was too much to bear.

“Well, Ethan…” his mom said, her voice heavy with scorn, “Looks like you’re right where you belong. I guess it was expecting too much that you’d ever grown up and become a man. This nursery certainly suits you.”

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Helen asked, the pride obvious in her voice, “I have everything I need to take care of a bedwetting sissy baby like Ethan here.”

Mrs. Grant looked around the room, marveling at how perfectly babyish everything looked. Besides the crib and rocking horse, a big pink dresser with a row of stuffed animals and dolls on top stood next to another playpen, and the walls surrounding them had a playful, Disney Princess theme. There was a wide assortment of toys to play with and childish coloring books were stacked neatly on a low bookshelf.

Looking down at her son, she noticed the soggy wet diaper lying next to him and then she stared at his tiny little package imprisoned within a small, restrictive pink cage.

“Finally…someone has taken steps to curb his disgusting masturbating habit,” she said sourly.

Tears of humiliation brimmed Ethan’s eyes. Although he had often wondered how his mom would react if she were ever to see him again, this was hardly proving to be a welcome meeting.

“Yes, this is the tiniest cage I could find. It has a nice, inch and a half flexible shaft that goes up deep inside his urethra. Believe me when I tell you he hasn’t been able to escape or get an erection since it’s been locked in place.

“I don’t tolerate masturbators in this house, especially sissy masturbators,” Helen told her, “I’m just glad we could find one small enough to fit his baby-sized pee-wee.”

Tiffany nodded in silent agreement.

“I’m sorry to say that Ethan never measured up in a lot of ways,” his mother stated, the disappointment obvious in her voice.

Ethan bit his lip in angst, squirming with shame as they spoke of him in such disparaging terms.

The fact was–as a man, he was a total failure. He could only take some small consolation that in the role of a sissy baby, he seemed eminently suited. Indeed, considering his lifelong issues with bedwetting–he seemed born for the role.

Helen began sprinkling fragrant baby powder over Ethan’s diaper area, the infantile scent quickly surrounding him. His cheeks blazed with humiliation at his mom seeing him treated in such a immature, baby-like fashion. Not only that–she seemed to fully approve of  his treatment. Ethan had been sure that if she knew exactly what was going on over here that she’d storm in and put a stop to it. Given that he had no backbone of his own, he had been counting on his mother to come over and rescue him. But quite the contrary–she apparently knew all about his lifestyle, Helen’s methods, and was behind it 100%.

Helen pushed the wet rubber nipple of his baby bottle back into his trembling mouth and resumed his diapering.

“I put two thick soaker pads down the center of his diapers,” she patiently explained to his mother, “Ethan’s really a heavy wetter–as you can see, and the extra padding is necessary when those floodgates open.”

She reached down and beeped his nose playfully.

“Yes, he’s always been hopeless,” his mom lamented, her arms crossed over her chest, “He wet his bed every night all through his school years and sometimes, he’d come home having wet his pants too. I suppose I should have just put him in full time diapers a long time ago.”

“Well–better late than never, ” Helen smiled as she cheerfully pulled the thick, fluffy cotton up between his girlish legs and pinned each side snug and tight with a pink safety pin, “Needless to say, we won’t be wasting any time trying to potty train him.

“Nope. The only underwear you’ll ever wear is thick diapers and rubber panties from now on, Ethan.”

With that, she began working the damp pink rubber panties back up his smooth legs and over his big, bulging diapers. Ethan whimpered as she pulled them along his soft, hairless skin–the elasticized legs holes were cool and damp from his previous wetting but he knew it was futile to argue with Helen about it. One time, he had thrown a tantrum about it and all it got him was a blistering spanking, followed by the same wet panties.

At last, the rubber panties were in place, the buttery, smooth material stretched tightly over his diapers and Helen quickly dusted between his soft thighs with more baby powder.

“Looks like baby Ethan’s all ready for naptime now,” Helen announced brightly.

He felt deeply ashamed to be facing his mother like this but he also knew there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. He had to face the facts–all his life, he’d been nothing but a big sissy. And Helen was the first one to really recognize that–she had pegged him as a sissy from day one. He had never planned on losing such total control to a woman who was, after all, the mother of his former wife, but now that he had–he knew there was no turning back.

As he climbed into his crib, his soft but thick diapers forced his legs apart and the waterproof mattress sheet crinkled loudly beneath him.

It could be worse. It could always be worse.

As it stood now, he had someone who truly cared for him, there were no financial concerns anymore, and his wetting was no longer a source of stress that it used to be. Indeed, his only worries now, centered around avoiding his next spanking, what baby food Helen would feed him, how long he’d have to wear his wet diapers, and what sort of humiliating activity Frank and Megan had planned for him.

Helen took his empty baby bottle and pushed the big rubber pacifier back between his lips. Bending down, she kissed him softly on his forehead.

“Sweet dreams, Baby Bunnykins,” she said as she raised the side of his crib and clicked it closed.

“Bye Mommy,” he said to his former mother-in-law, although the fat, rubbery pacifier ensured it came out babyishly muffled and incoherent.

Helen turned the mobile on over his head and a pleasant nursery rhyme began playing soothing music to the submissive, diapered sissy. In no time, he would relax and nod off, dreaming innocent dreams of bunnies, teddy bears, and soft things, all while his diapers steadily grew soggy and wet all over again within his brave rubber panties.



Be Careful What You Wish For

Note to the reader; This story was inspired by one of the very first pieces of erotica I ever read, some 37 years ago, when I was just a shy youth with an over active imagination and a raging libido.

It was a letter written to a magazine called Variations about a boy who was intrigued with the notion of being spanked, and it sparked a kinky interest in me that I have carried ever since. I combined the plot from what I remembered, with my own personal experiences as a child, when I would sometimes wet my pants at school.

Enjoy.  ;o)





Timmy sat at his classroom desk, his history book open before him, but unlike the students around him, he simply couldn’t concentrate on what he was supposed to be reading. Class was due to end in five minutes, and he was wracked with both nervous and excited anticipation.

Glancing up at the head of the class, Timmy gazed with longing at his smoldering hot, sixth grade teacher, Ms. Taylor. As usual, she looked absolutely amazing, the long locks of her soft brown hair spilling over her bare shoulders as she idly toyed with a strand in her free hand. Her pretty features were cast downwards to the desk before her as she graded papers in the silence of the classroom.

Timmy had always been completely infatuated with her, with her long legs, dazzling eyes, and full, sensuous lips. And it was a rare day that she didn’t wear a top or dress with a plunging neckline, displaying a breathtaking view of her big, beautiful breasts.

Physically, Ms. Taylor was all a male could want or hope for.

But there was another element that inexplicably drew Timmy to her like a moth to a flame.

Over the course of the last school year, Timmy had had the opportunity to observe a number of his classmates being punished for various things they had done wrong. The punishment was almost always the same; a trip over Ms. Taylor’s lap for a hand spanking. Sometimes this was done after class, but if the infraction were severe enough, she wouldn’t hesitate to call them up before the rest of the students, scold the guilty party and take the person over her lap for the punishment.

Timmy had watched these sessions with a rapt, voyeuristic fascination. He would tremble with excitement as he watched his stunning teacher unbuttoning the poor boy’s pants, pulling them down, and then tugging his underwear down past his knees. From the perspective at his desk, Timmy was unable to see the student’s frightened face but he could well imagine it as she took him over her skirted lap and began spanking his bare bottom.

Before long, the child’s buns would go from pink to a bright red as he helplessly kicked and cried, shouting promises of contrition and better obedience.

It was always a sobbing and subdued boy that would shuffle his way tearfully back to his desk, taking his seat again only with great difficulty.

Timmy watched each of these punishments take place with his heart beating excitedly in his chest. Despite her delicate, pretty features, Ms. Taylor was the epitome of strength and authority in the classroom and for reasons he couldn’t explain, the whole process made him frantically horny.

By and large, Timmy was a model student.

He never got into trouble and his grades were at the top of his class. He had done everything he could to ingratiate himself with Ms. Taylor and even achieved the lofty position of teacher’s pet.

But as the end of the school year was quickly approaching, Timmy felt as if he were going to miss out on this strangely unique and exhilarating experience. He had never once done anything to merit one of Ms. Taylor’s spankings but for some reason, the idea thrilled him to the core. He knew that they had to hurt and for those that had to experience them in front of the rest of the class, they had to be incredibly humiliating as well.

Although in his fantasies, he often dreamed of her spanking him before the other students, he knew in his heart of hearts he could never bring himself to make that happen.

Nevertheless, today, he intended to make at least a part of his fantasy come true.

Having thought about this many times, Timmy felt certain that he was not likely to have Ms. Taylor as his teacher next year, so it was imperative that he implement his plan and soon. There were only a few days left in the school year and today he had managed to summoned every ounce of courage in order to make it happen.

The bell rang clamorously, and Timmy just about jumped out of his seat. All the other students quickly scooped up their books and ran out of the classroom as if it were on fire but Timmy hesitated. In less than a minute, the room was empty except for himself and Ms. Taylor, who was still sitting at her desk watching with amusement as the scurrying students departing her classroom.

Timmy rose to his feet on shaky legs, cobbling up his jittery nerves to confront his sexy teacher. As he approached her desk, she sat back and smiled up at the nervous child. She looked utterly ravishing today, with large silver hoop earrings dangling from her petite ears, partially hidden by the gorgeous curls of her luxuriant brown hair. Her rose colored lipstick reflected the sunlight in the room and Timmy ached to be able to kiss her, that being the highest, most supreme act of sexuality to the innocent 11 year-old boy.

“Timmy, is there something I can help you with?” she asked politely as she looked up from her work.

Timmy cleared his throat nervously.

“Um, I…” he began haltingly, his cheeks steadily growing redder.

“What is it, sweetie?” she asked, her pretty eyes sparkling up at him, “Is everything okay?”

Timmy swallowed hard, struggling to make eye contact with his beautiful teacher.

“Um, well you see… I, um, was thinking…that… you know, I had never gotten a sp-spanking…from you,” he said, his stammering voice practically a hoarse whisper.

Ms. Taylor beamed back at him, her beauty washing over him like a warm wave.

“That’s right, honey,” she nodded, “you’ve been a very good boy this year, and unlike some of the naughtier kids here, I’ve never had to punish you for anything.”

Timmy swallowed again and shuffled his feet as he stood before her, his palms suddenly clammy with sweat.

“But you see–I–I…I want one,” he suddenly blurted out, his cheeks blushing bright red.

Ms. Taylor’s delicate eyebrow raised in surprise as the side of her sensuous mouth curled in a mischievous smile.

“You want a spanking?” she asked incredulously.

Timmy couldn’t look her in the eyes and he nodded his head in embarrassed silence as he licked his dry lips. His heart was pounding in his chest that he had finally uttered aloud, his long cherished, secret fantasy.

Ms. Taylor rolled her office chair over to the side of her desk, reaching for Timmy’s sweating hand and gently pulled him over to her side.

“Well Timmy,” she smiled, “maybe you should tell me about all the things you did this year that you didn’t get caught for, hmm? And then we could take care of them right now with a trip over my lap.”

A small, scared part of him deep down inside had hoped she’d refuse him and he’d be saved the pain and humiliation of a trip over her lap but her tone of voice practically sounded eager and hopeful.

Timmy’s pulse was racing and he was so excited he could hardly breathe. Here he was, standing before his beautiful, sexy idol and about to get spanked like all the naughty schoolboys he had seen during the year. Her firm thighs looked fabulous today and she was wearing a strappy set of high heels that he found particularly exciting.

“Um…Well,” he began, as he struggled to control his breathing, “there was this one time when I, um…jammed a…a pencil lead into another guy’s lock on his locker…”

Ms. Taylor nodded patiently.

“Go on.”

“Umm, and…um…well, last week, I um…I accidentally wet my pants right before the um, end of class,” he confessed shamefully.

“I see,” she said thoughtfully, “do you wet your pants very often?”

Timmy’s cheeks, already a blushing red, flushed brightly with humiliation and he nodded his head, unable to verbally admit to his childish lack of control.

“Timmy, how often do you wet your pants?” she pressed the trembling boy. Her voice had subtly taken on a more authoritative edge.

He stared at the floor and shuffled his feet, looking away from Ms. Taylor as he swallowed back his embarrassment and agitation.


“Um, I don’t know…maybe…twice a week?” he replied uncertainly

“I’m afraid this is more serious than I thought,” Ms. Taylor said gravely as she opened a drawer in her desk and purposefully took an oval wooden paddle from it. Timmy gasped when he saw it and his heart lurched as it suddenly skipped a beat.

“No–I–I…I didn’t want to be paddled…Ju-just a hand sp-spanking,” he quivered.

Ignoring his protest, Ms. Taylor calmly began unbuttoning his slacks and she let them fall in a ring around his ankles. Gazing down at the crotch of his snug white underwear, she noted the pee stains in front before slipping her long nailed thumbs inside the waistband.

“P-please, please don’t use the paddle, Ms. Taylor,” he begged her more urgently.

This wasn’t what he had in mind at all

Ms. Taylor tugged his underwear down past his shaking knees and smiled as she laid eyes on his tiny, bald little package. It wasn’t particularly cold in the room, but his baby-sized penis was no bigger than a grape, quivering and protruding from his small, hairless sack.

He squealed with real fear and distress as she took him over her lap, rubbing the paddle softly on his bare bottom. What had he gotten himself into?

“I-I-I ch-changed my mind–I don’t wanna spanking now!” he blurted out, his voice choked with fear.

“Timmy, I’m glad you came to me about this,” she said as she held him in place with her free hand and continued to stroke his defenseless cheeks with the paddle, “A big boy like you shouldn’t be wetting his pants like a baby. In fact, if you can’t handle the responsibilities of being a big boy, you should probably be wearing diapers and plastic panties.”

Timmy had never felt so humiliated in all his life, but before the blushing boy could respond, Ms. Taylor raised the wooden paddle and brought it down with a hard, scalding swat across his bottom. A searing band of fire ignited across his cheeks and he howled at the top of his lungs, kicking his feet wildly.


Again and again, Ms. Taylor swatted his jiggling little bottom harshly, making the boy cry out and struggle frantically over her lap. Hot, bitter tears spilled down his flushed face and he now sincerely regretted his ill-advised scheme.

It had been one thing to watch his peers being given a hand spanking, but it was quite another thing altogether, now that it was him on the receiving end of her hard wooden paddle, his own cheeks stinging and blazing like hot coals.

Besides the shameful humiliation that he would never live down for the rest of his life, the searing pain was much more intense than he had imagined. Each blistering swat of her paddle against his soft, tender cheeks brought fresh tears to his eyes as he slapped the floor with the palms of his hands in helpless frustration. Timmy had imagined she would give him a modest spanking, not the excruciating paddling of retribution he was now receiving.

Ms. Taylor kept up an even pace, harshly slapping one of his soft, tender cheeks, then the other, then both at once, right where the delightful curve of his cute bottom connected with his upper thighs. Occasionally, she would smack the same cheek twice, just to throw him off, so he never knew where her avenging paddle would land next.

Timmy had never experienced anything like this in his entire life, and he bawled like a baby, kicking his feet wildly and sobbing uncontrollably. This was definitely no fantasy spanking–it was the real deal, and each time the hard paddle painfully flattened his cute, round little cheeks, he howled out anew.

Abruptly and without warning, Ms. Taylor suddenly stopped and he lay there sobbing and struggling to catch his breath.

“Timmy? Tell me the truth–are you a bedwetter too?” she asked him.

Normally, Timmy would never have revealed such an intimate, humiliating secret to anyone, but being that he was in such a vulnerable position with her paddle raised over her shoulder, the boy was completely at her mercy.

“Y-yes, Ms. Taylor,” he sobbed shamefully.

“Just as I thought,” she said as she delivered a blistering hard swat to each of his punished, red cheeks. Scalding pain exploded as his bottom danced miserably to the blows of the hard wooden instrument of punishment she was wielding.

Timmy howled in agony, kicking his feet again as she at last stopped spanking him and began softly stroking his blazing, swollen bottom with her paddle.

“And how does your mommy handle your bedwetting, Timmy?” she asked evenly.

Timmy choked back his sobbing, struggling to make a coherent response as hot, salty tears dripped into his mouth.

“Sh-she m-makes me wear diapers to bed,” he cried bitterly.

“Well, sounds as if you should be wearing diapers during the daytime too,” she said as she set the paddle down on her desk and helped him to rise to his shaking feet.

Clearing a few items off of the top of her desk, Ms. Taylor pulled open a large drawer and placed three fluffy cloth diapers one on top of each other.

“Don’t you move a muscle,” she warned him even as his hands shot back to rub his inflamed bottom.

Stamping his feet in frustration, he cried like an errant toddler as he watched her prepare for his humiliating diapering like he was still a helpless baby. Backing him up against the end of the desk, she lifted him up and placed him on the stack of diapers, causing Timmy to wail in pain again as his hot, blazing bottom made contact with the soft cloth. Squeezing a large glob of diaper rash cream into her creamy hand, Ms. Taylor used her free hand to raise his ankles up over his head and began applying the cool substance to his roasting, swollen cheeks. Timmy choked back another sob, although the cool cream brought some small relief to his punished bottom.

Shaking a generous amount of baby powder all over his front, Ms. Taylor smiled down upon the distraught boy as she pulled the thick layers of Birdseye cloth up between his legs to pull the corners snug around his hips. A large, pink, bunny-headed safety pin was pushed through the cloth and clicked closed on either side, securing the diaper snugly around his waist.

“There Timmy…” she said with her ravishing smile, “This is how your mommy should have been dressing you for school every morning.”

Timmy’s feet were dangling over the side and Ms. Taylor tugged his trousers and underwear over and off his feet, folding them up neatly and placing them on her desk behind him. Reaching back into the open drawer, she pulled out a pair of baby blue nursery print plastic panties lined with playful white ruffles around the elasticized legs and waistline.

“Come on, Timmy,” she told him as she gathered the leg holes before his feet, “these will keep your wetting confined to your diapers where it belongs.”

Timmy sobbed with defeat as she threaded the shiny, infantile panties up over his ankles and knees, working them over the fat, bulky diaper pinned around his hips.

In ten short minutes, he had managed to completely destroy his reputation with her–the same one that he had worked so hard to build up with his pretty teacher, the woman he had idolized and fantasized about the entire year. Now she saw him as nothing but a childish bedwetter and one that belonged in diapers no less.

Powdering between his inner thighs, she grasped his hand and gently pulled him to his feet.

“Okay, Timmy, let’s take you home, I think you’ve had quite a day already.”

Taking him by the hand, Ms. Taylor led the sniffling, blushing boy from the room and guided him outside to where her car was parked. He knew that each waddling, humiliating step was taking him closer to his stern mother that would be expecting and waiting for him at home.

He could only imagine what she would say when she saw him, having been brought home by his teacher and wearing diapers and babyish plastic panties…he knew only too well, what to expect and what she’d say…

‘Timmy–you can plan on spending the entire summer in diapers.’













The Last Straw

Elizabeth was fuming.

She stared at her cell phone, her ears growing hot with the anger that was building within her as she read a text sent to her from her son’s home room teacher, Mrs. Rossi. 

Shaking her head with a mixture of disbelief and disgust, she re-read the short message;

Hello Mrs. Bell. It’s Mrs. Rossi, Robby’s teacher. I’m sorry to inform you that during an apparent altercation between your son and Melissa Chambers, one of the more popular cheerleaders here, it seems he managed to wet his pants. He may try and hide the fact from you when he gets home, but I just wanted you to know what really happened.

Elizabeth sighed in frustration and set her phone down, turning to her good friend, Julie who was sitting next to her. 

“I’ve just been told that Robby wet his pants at school,” she explained, her voice showing its hard edge, “That’s it–this is the last straw.”

Julie nodded gravely, knowing full well, her friend’s long standing disappointment with her prissy, effeminate son.

They were sitting amongst their other friends, attending a meeting of the Strong Matriarch’s Society, a group of women whose goals were manifold but included shaping their sons to become strong, successful men as adults. 

Clearly, Robby was anything but that.

At 17, he had long ago shown his true colors, favoring clothing and toys that were more suited to girls than boys. In school, he studiously avoided more typical male activities and physical sports, or any sports for that matter, which soon acquired him a reputation as a sissy.

Elizabeth watched all this with dismay, wanting her Robby to be a role model for other boys and paragon of male virtues. As the years went on, she attempted several things to try and change the course of his life; she’d enrolled him in several sports teams (all of which he’d failed miserably at), put him in auto shop classes (something he showed zero aptitude for), and even hired a personal trainer to turn the frail weakling into a man of steel. 

The trainer quit after the first week.

She had also blustered, brow beat him, and threatened him to try and coerce the boy to be more manly but ultimately, all of her efforts had failed.

She had come to her wit’s end.

Her friend Julie had watched this process over the last ten years and she shared Elizabeth’s disappointment with her sissy son. This was made all the more awkward by Robby’s silly crush on Julie. He had long lusted over his mom’s buxom friend, fantasizing about her whenever she happened to come over to visit.

“Extreme situations require extreme measures,” Julie told her older friend, “Have you got everything you need?”

“Yes, the last item were the Mary Janes and they came in last week,” Elizabeth explained, “I better get going–I want to make sure I’m there when he gets home.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Julie replied, “And we’ll put that device to good use.”

“Thank you so much,” Elizabeth smiled briefly as she hugged her before grabbing her keys and making her goodbyes to the rest of the group.




Elizabeth was in the master bedroom, sitting patiently on the edge of the bed, her familiar wooden paddle in her hand and ready for use. She had arranged all the items she needed to transform her sissy son on the bed beside her; a very short, white and pink party dress, Mary Janes, lacy white anklets, a thick set of cloth diapers, pins, and pink plastic panties. 

She was smiling to herself as he gazed at the items when she heard the front door gently close. She could easily imagine her sneaky little boy, hoping he could escape his rightful justice.

Using her authoritarian voice that easily carried throughout the house, she beckoned her newly arrived son.

“Robby! Come here this instant!”

Elizabeth listened to the soft footfalls of the sissy as he came down the hallway, no doubt filled with dread. A moment later, he appeared in the doorway, looking reluctant to cross the threshold but when he saw the paddle in his mother’s hand and the steely look of determination on her face, he turned white as a sheet. 

All his life, Robby had lived in fear of his strict, overbearing mother, and over the years, he had been the focus of both her sharp tongue and the fearsome wooden paddle she wielded. 

Standing before her now, his hands were trembling and trying in a futile attempt to cover the wet spot on the front of his pants but Elizabeth wasn’t having it.

“Did you wet your pants?” she demanded bluntly.

“Um, I…um…” he stammered, his eyes downcast as his cheeks reddened with shame.

Without another word, Elizabeth stood up, towering over her cowering son. Snatching his thin arm in her hand, she abruptly swung him around and brought the paddle down with a terrific impact across his seat.

“OOWW-WOWW!” he cried, jumping a bit as his hands immediately went back to sooth his stinging bottom. Unfortunately, his move only revealed the wet spot in front and his mother glared down at the humiliating evidence before her.

“Robby–you are a sissy and a pantywaist! You’ve just earned yourself a good, hard spanking,” she told him as she resumed her seat on the bed and yanked him over to her side.

Tears were already trickling down his cheeks as she swiftly unbuttoned his pants and jerked them down his legs.

“Please…d-don’t…” he begged her uncertainly.

“You should be ashamed of yourself–wetting your pants like a little baby!” she scolded him as she peeled his pee-stained underwear down his thighs.

“You won’t be needing these anymore,” she said tersely as she situated the nervous youth across her lap and pushed his wet underwear out of the way.

“P-please, please don’t spank me, mama,” he began pleading.

“You’re a sissy and sissies need to be spanked,” she told him firmly, as she had said so many times before.

Without any further delay, she raised the paddle over her shoulder and began spanking her errant boy in earnest, slapping each tender cheek with blistering harshness. Her wooden paddle had air holes in it’s face and the sting was terrible on the sissy’s soft, unprotected bottom. Robby howled and kicked his feet, as hot, bitter tears streamed down his face.

Elizabeth kept up a steady rhythm, viciously slapping his buns that were quickly going from pale white, to rosy pink, and now an angry, deep shade of red.

She paused for a moment to scold the crying boy;

“You just couldn’t manage to be a man could you? Instead, you had to be a childish little sissy–one who wets his pants.”

She emphasized her last word with a particularly hard swat across both his blazing cheeks. Robby howled in agony and his feet scissored wildly behind him.

“I am done trying to make you into a man. Since you want to be a sissy so bad–that’s exactly what you’re going to get. From now on, as soon as you get home from school–you are going to change into this outfit I’ve arranged for you. And since you’ve demonstrated you can’t control your wetting, your new underwear from now on will be diapers and plastic panties.”

Elizabeth finished with a flurry of fierce, scalding slaps to his swollen, stinging red bottom.

Standing the crying youth up on his shaky feet, she angrily ordered him to take his clothes off. Robby quickly complied and he sobbed miserably, wiping his arm across his face to try clear away his still flowing tears.

Elizabeth patted the thick, fluffy set of cloth diapers waiting for him as she gave him an evil smile.

“See these? These are your new underwear, my little sissy boy. They were specifically designed for pantywaists like you that can’t control their wetting. Three layers of absorbent Birdseye cloth, with soaker pads down the center, along with these adorable pink plastic panties will make sure my little baby’s wetting is all contained. 

“Now–when you get excited or scared, or have another run-in with a big, scary girl, you can wet yourself and you won’t have to worry,” she told him, her voice heavy with condescension.

“B-but, I don’t want to wear d-diapers,” Robby sobbed weakly.

Grasping his arm again, she jerked him around and swatted his crimson bottom hard with the paddle.

“WAHHHHH!!” he cried loudly as fresh tears spilled down his face.

“Too bad sissy. I’ve bought two dozen diapers and plastic panties and you will wear them–everyday, from now on.

“Now, you can either sit your prissy butt down on these, or I’ll put you back over my lap and we can continue this discussion,” she replied, her lips a tight line on her determined face as she continued to grip the paddle.

Robby knew he was defeated and he quickly assumed his proper position upon the diapers, although he howled in pain as his scalded, stinging cheeks touched the baby soft cloth.

Elizabeth proceeded to powder him generously, even upon his hairless chest so that the infantile scent would remain with him for some time. Briefly, she grasped his baby sized penis–which was really no bigger than a AA battery–as she shook her head with dismay. It was obvious her sissy son was never going to be able to please a woman with such a thing. For years, she had been hoping it would start to grow but even after puberty, it had stubbornly refused to do so and it had remained the size of a small child’s genitals.

She powdered the pathetic stub and tucked it back between his legs before drawing the fluffy layers of cotton up and swaddling her sissy son in his first diapers since he was a toddler. She quickly pinned the sides snugly together and then took the waiting plastic panties and gathered them in her hands. 

“Here are your baby panties–aren’t they pretty?” she asked as she fed them over his shaking ankles, slowly drawing them up his nearly hairless legs. Robby whimpered as this ultimate symbol of babyhood was pulled up around his fat diapers, the ambient light reflecting off the shiny vinyl plastic.

“There…” she said with obvious satisfaction, “Now my little sissy boy is all safe and protected.”

That done, Elizabeth put some white lacy anklets over his feet, followed by a pair of glossy pink Mary Janes. Sitting him up, she lowered the fluffy white and pink baby dress over his head, turning him around so the she could button up the back. There was a double row that ran up the middle of the back, specifically made small and difficult to reach so as to make it impossible to get the dress off without her help.

The dress had multiple layers of delicate lace under its short, frilly hem, with a Peter Pan bodice and equally short, puffy, elasticized sleeves. It looked like something a three year-old girl would wear to Sunday school.

Standing him up, she moved him to stand in front of her full length mirror. Robby blushed a deep red, hot with abject shame as he took his first look at the cute sissy baby staring back at him with blue, doe eyes in his reflection. He tugged frantically at the short hem of the dress, in a hopeless attempt to cover his big, embarrassing diapers. Unfortunately, it only came down to just past the elastic waistband of his panties, leaving his childish pampers clearly on display.

“Now…whenever someone sees you in your diapers, you are to say the following line; ‘I have to wear diapers because I’m a sissy’,” Elizabeth instructed him firmly.

“Yes, mama,” he replied, keeping his eyes downcast.

 Secretly, he couldn’t help but wonder who he would have to recite such a humiliating line to but he said nothing.

“Say it.”

Robby cleared his throat nervously.

“I-I have to wear diapers be-because I’m a-a sissy.”

“Again,” she ordered him.

“I have to wear diapers because I’m a sissy.”

“Look at yourself in the mirror, sissy. Now say it again because you know it’s true.”

Robby’s face flushed red again. He could barely look at his humiliating reflection and his chest and ears were crimson with shame.

“I have to wear diapers because I’m a sissy.”

“Better get used to that line, because you’ll be saying it a lot,” she told him, emphasizing her statement with a slap on his fat, diapered bottom.



All that afternoon, Robby struggled to get used to his new outfit, and in particular, the fat diapers swaddling his hips. They swished between his inner thighs somewhat pleasantly but also prevented him from walking normally. The short baby dress meant his childish diapers were constantly in view, and he blushed hotly every time he passed by a mirror.

He prayed that he would be able to convince his stern mother to allow him to go back to wearing his regular clothes, but the stacks of diapers and plastic panties in his room suggested otherwise.

That evening, Elizabeth informed her sissified son that she was moving his bedtime up from 11 to 9 pm.

“I want you to have your teeth brushed and ready for beddie-bye, no later than 8:45 every night, do you understand me?” she told him.

“Yes mama,” he replied submissively.

She removed his dress and replaced it with a fuzzy fleece diaper shirt and then sent him to bed.

Unfortunately, the day’s traumatic events haunted the poor, defeated sissy and he tossed and turned that night in his bed. Worse yet, at sometime while he was sleeping, the floodgates opened and Robby managed to soak his diapers. Thankfully, the snug plastic panties he was wearing kept the wetness contained but it was a red-faced sissy that greeted his mother the next morning. She was none too pleased and after pulling the soggy wet cloth down his legs, she took the opportunity to give his still pink bottom a good, hard swat with her paddle.

It was a tearful sissy that made his way to the bathroom for his morning shower.

After he finished, he found his mother back in his room, boxing up all his underwear, which she said was going straight to the trash.

Elizabeth proceeded to dress him in a some pink, nursery print trainers and a transparent pair of pink plastic panties before letting him finish dressing.

Choosing the loosest pair of jeans he could find, Robby decided that his childish underwear wasn’t too noticeable, except it was going to be difficult to hide both the infantile scent of baby powder and also the distinctive crinkling sound whenever he walked. He prayed desperately that no one would question it and he knew the challenge would occupy his thoughts, every moment he was at school.


That afternoon, as soon as Robby got home from a fretful day of school, his mommy dressed him right back into his outfit, with a fresh set of fat, fluffy diapers replacing his trainers. Elizabeth brought forth another baby dress, similar in style to the one from the day previous, but this one was lemon yellow with white accents.

After getting his Mary Janes on, they heard the doorbell ring.

Robby froze in place, a look of panic on his face.

“Don’t worry sissy, it’s just Julie. She’s been looking forward to seeing your new look–lets go out to the living room so you can greet her.”

Robby shook his head frantically.

“No mama–please don’t!” he squealed. 

Elizabeth yanked him to his feet and swatted his diapered bottom to compel him to get moving. He whimpered and made paltry efforts to resist her but there was never any doubt that he was going to do exactly what she told him. In a battle of wills, the spineless sissy was simply no match for his stern, domineering mother.

Holding his wrist tightly in her hand, Elizabeth used her free hand to open the door wide, revealing her stunning friend Julie standing on the porch.

“Come in–come in!” she greeted her warmly.

Julie, a strong, confident woman of 36, coolly walked into the house, her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Robby hung his head low, his idol seeing him for the first time dressed like an overgrown toddler girl. Suddenly, a squirt of warm pee escaped into his diapers before he could stop it and he gasped audibly, even as Julie looked him up and down.

“Tell Julie why you’re wearing diapers, honey,” Elizabeth prodded him.

Robby swallowed hard, deeply ashamed to be seen like this.

“Umm…I…um,” he stammered.

“You can do it, come on baby,” she told him, gripping his wrist tightly.

Robby nervously licked his dry lips.

“I…I have to wear d-diapers, b-because I-I’m a sissy,” he admitted as he stared at the floor. He could feel the warm, damp cotton surrounding his tiny little package inside his pampers and he prayed his mommy wouldn’t check him.

“You certainly are,” Julie quipped as she looked him hard in the eyes, “You’re the biggest sissy I’ve ever known.”

This was absolutely mortifying for the weak pantywaist to hear and her words washed over him like a tsunami of humiliation. For as long as he could remember, he’d always pined and fantasized about his mom’s beautiful, sexy friend, and to stand before her now and hear her shameful appraisal of him stung him to the core.

“Shall we?” Elizabeth asked her friend cryptically. 

Julie smiled broadly.

“Yes, I have everything we need,” she replied.

The three of them made their way to Robby’s bedroom where his mommy stood him in place. The confused youth stood before them, shifting his feet and wondering what she had in mind for him.

All of a sudden, with Elizabeth suddenly grasped the sides of his diapers and abruptly yanked them down his thighs.

Robby gasped and his hands immediately went to try and cover his baby-sized, twitching penis. At the same time, Elizabeth’s nose wrinkled as she caught a waft of pee and she reached down into the front of Robby’s diapers to confront her suspicions.

Did you wet your diapers?” she said accusatorily. 

Robby bit his lip hard and looked away, his cheeks blazing red with embarrassment.

“I-it was an accident, mama,” he wailed.

As Julie shook her head with disappointment, Elizabeth stood back up and placed her hands on her hips.

“Now you see why my little sissy has to wear diapers,” she explained.

Julie nodded her head as she dug in purse for something.

“Well, it’s high time you put this on then.”

Taking her hand out, she revealed a small, pink metallic object, looking like a small cage and connected to a larger ring. She quickly disassembled it and she knelt before the quivering sissy youth. 

“Wha-what’s that?” Robby quaked nervously. 

He was only vaguely familiar with the concept of chastity devices and this threatened to take away his freedom and imprison his tiny little penis.

“Something all sissies need,” Julie replied firmly, “Especially, sissy masturbators like you.”

Robby’s cheeks were burning as she grasped his little sack in her smooth hand, pulled it outward, and fit the larger ring behind his genitals. With that in place, she took the pink, thimble sized cage and stuffed Robby’s defenseless penis into it. This was quickly mated with the cuff ring, compressing his tiny noodle, and Julie efficiently slipped a small lock through the eye at the top.

With a firm snap, she closed the lock, irrevocably trapping Robby’s little nub forever in it’s new, restrictively short prison. It was over before he even understood what had just taken place.

“There,” she said rubbing her hands together in a sign of both completion and satisfaction, “No more erections and no more masturbation for you. From now on, your little penis is off limits,” she said with finality.

His package looked like three little grapes, except that the middle one was now trapped in a secure pink metal cage.

Robby couldn’t believe what had just happened. He grasped at the device and tugged at it, hoping against all odds to get it off. Quickly seeing the futility in that, he tried everything he could to pull his little nub out from the cage but it’s devilish design prevented that as well.

“Sorry, my little pantywaist. This device is guaranteed to defeat even the most determined sissy masturbator. Your days of being able to play with yourself are over,” she said emphatically.

“No!” Robby pouted with frustration, even as his cheeks reddened with shame.

Robby was used to playing with himself every opportunity he got and this fearsome device threatened to end all of that forever.

But beyond that, it was absolutely mortifying to be called out as a chronic masturbator by, of all people–Julie.

The beautiful woman laughed as she looked down on the frowning pantywaist; “Little babies that wear diapers don’t get erections and neither should you.

“Only real men deserve those and you’re not a real man, are you?” she goaded him.

Robby sniffed and his lower lip trembled.

“Answer her,” Elizabeth snapped.

“No Ma’am,” he replied, “I-I’m just a s-sissy.” 

“Without a doubt–you sure are,” Julie agreed as she reached down and pulled his childish diapers back up and around his hips.

“Looks like you’ll just have to wear your wet pampers for a while, sissy boy,” she said as she aggressively tugged the waistband upwards, making sure the warm, pee-soaked cloth was once again embracing his little, caged genitals.

“Run along and play,” his mommy said, dismissing the visibly upset youth with a slap on his fat, diapered bottom. He waddled off, not sure where to go or what to do as his mind struggled to grapple with the concept of permanent chastity.




Robby sat in class, fidgeting and trying hard not to stare at his teacher, Mrs. Rossi.

She was sitting behind her desk at the head of the class, bent over slightly as she graded some papers and oblivious of his lecherous attentions. The rest of the students were studying quietly but Robby was far too distracted to be able to do that.

The object of his focus was wearing a snug, low cut tank top of pale pink, and it hugged her delicious breasts like a second skin. Robby licked his dry lips anxiously as he stared down her top, gazing at the deep cleavage between her two mammoth globes that were pressed together and creating a pair of sexy, soft mounds.

It had been over a week since Julie had locked Robby’s tiny penis into it’s implacable steel cage and he was frantic with arousal. In fact–he had never been so horny in all his life. He wanted nothing more than to tear the device off and wank himself silly but to his dismay, he had discovered that was quite impossible. Every day had become an exercise in sexual frustration–it seemed like everything around him was designed to tease and torment him.

And now his pretty teacher was making his life a living hell, causing his little nub to flex and strain painfully in it’s tiny, restrictive cage. Robby squirmed in his seat uncomfortably, wishing he could just reach down into his trainers and at least adjust the position of his package to alleviate the pain.

He had to be careful, he warned himself. Mrs. Rossi had already warned him once to stop leering at her and she’d even threatened him with vague “consequences”, but Robby simply couldn’t stop himself. She was so over-the-top sexy, and Robby was deeply infatuated with her. He could only imagine what it would be like to suckle from her big breasts like a baby.

He blushed as he thought of how his mom would be getting him dressed in just a short time at home; baby diapers, plastic panties, a short dress, and prissy Mary Janes.

He shuddered to think of what his stunning teacher would think if she knew. He could see her so easily in his mind’s eye, laughing at him with her perfect teeth as she mocked his babified look.

He was in mid-daydream when she looked up without warning and caught him red-handed staring at her. He turned his head away in a flash but not before seeing the frosty look of anger cross her gorgeous features. He cursed himself for his lack of self control as his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

Just then, the class bell sounded, jarring everyone in the room. In a mass exodus, the students grabbed their books and rushed out of the room.

“Robby–I want you to stay after class,” he heard his teacher say in a stern, cutting voice above the commotion.

Robby froze in place, a sudden wave of fear washing over him.

Was he in trouble? he wondered as he bit his lip nervously.

After everyone had exited the room, Robby remained in place, still some distance from Mrs. Rossi.

“Come over here,” she commanded him as she opened a drawer and pulled out an oval wooden paddle, placing it carefully on the desk next to her.

Robby gulped in terror and he suddenly felt a warm wetness spreading in his trainers. This was a disaster!!

“Wha-what did I d-do?” he quaked fearfully.

Without answering him directly, Mrs. Rossi moved her chair clear of the desk and beckoned him over with an impatient gesture.

He stumbled forward, utterly terrified at the prospect of getting a humiliating, painful spanking by his sexy teacher.

“What did I tell you about staring at my breasts?” she demanded angrily.

Ironically, the mention of her fantastic bosom caused Robby’s gaze to immediately fall upon her big, bountiful chest and even as his heart thumped with dread, he couldn’t help but admire her perfect, round mammaries, stretching her thin, pink top in a staggering display of feminine sexuality.

“I-I, um, I mean…you said…” his voice trailed off uncertainly.

He was trying frantically to buy himself some time but Mrs. Rossi was as determined as she was beautiful. She quickly reached over and undid the snap on his jeans, jerking them down his thighs. Her mouth dropped open with shock as she saw his trainers and colorful pink plastic panties.

For a moment, she stopped what she was doing and stared up at Robby’s brightly blushing face.

“You wear training panties?” she asked, clearly astounded.

Robby choked back a sob of shame and nodded silently.

“Well, I’m afraid they’re going to have to come down,” she told him unsympathetically.

Hooking her thumbs inside the stretchy elastic waistband, she lowered the prissy, pink vinyl panties down until she made her next discovery.

“Did you wet yourself??” she asked with a mixture of disgust and astonishment.

Robby’s cheeks burned and he shifted from one foot to the other.

“Umm, yes, Ma’am,” he mumbled, barely audible.

“Well clearly–you belong in diapers–do you know that?” she said emphatically as he lowered the thick, wet underwear down past his knees.

Robby didn’t answer her but tears were already filling his eyes as he quickly covered his caged genitals.

“I’m going to paddle your bottom and paddle it hard–do you understand me?”

Robby’s lip trembled and he nodded his head as a hot tear trickled down his cheek.

Not wanting to soil her skirt with his pee-soaked trainers, Mrs. Rossi pulled the hem back, exposing her firm, smooth thighs to the scared, trembling sissy boy before hauling him over her lap.

Robby whimpered and squirmed, deeply afraid of what was about to happen. It was then, that he realized the door to the hallway was still wide open and anyone still in school, would be able to hear him getting spanked.

He waved frantically at it and was just about to say something when the paddle came down, slapping his bare bottom viciously.

Robby kicked his feet wildly and howled with pain.

“You are NOT–“




“NOT–to stare at my breasts,” she snarled as she swatted his blazing cheeks with all her might.

Robby cried like a baby, but out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught a blurry vision of someone standing in the doorway, who had heard the loud swats and was apparently now using their cell phone to snap pictures of his humiliating punishment. He could barely focus with the tears filling his eyes, but it looked like the bullying cheerleader, Melissa Chambers.

Robby kicked miserably and slapped the floor with his hands as Mrs. Rossi’s hard wooden paddle slapped his soft bottom again and again.

As bad as the sexual torment had been earlier–this was far worse. Beyond the fiery inferno on his rump, now, everyone would know he had gotten spanked like a child and maybe even know about his training panties too! He would never live it down!

Mrs. Rossi paddled the helpless sissy until his cheeks were thoroughly red, swollen, and well punished. She finally let him up and as his hands shot back to rub his blazing bottom, she caught sight of his tiny, pink cage for the first time.

Holding his diminutive jewels in her hands, she smiled a little as she shook her head.

“Your mommy certainly made the wise choice here,” she said dismissively as she looked up into his crying eyes.

Robby wiped his face and sobbed, using his other hand to sooth his stinging, scalded cheeks.

With several short tugs, Mrs. Rossi yanked his wet trainers and panties back up before helping him with his pants.

“I think I better take you home,” she told the distraught sissy boy.

Robby was too upset to argue with her and he let himself be led out to the parking lot where Mrs. Rossi had her car.

She gave him some tissues to blow his nose and they drove the short, ten minute drive to his house but the closer they got, the more agitated Robby became. He knew only too well what his mother’s reaction would be when she found out he’d wet his trainers, to say nothing of what she might do if Mrs. Rossi told her about why she spanked him in the first place.

“Y-you can l-let me out here,” he pointed anxiously out the window.

“Oh no, I better take you home–your mommy might be getting worried about you,” Mrs. Rossi said firmly.

As Robby bit his lip nervously, another stream of warm pee surged into his clammy wet trainers, and he whimpered in angst. He was going to be in SO much trouble!

They arrived all too soon and Mrs. Rossi came around to his side, taking his hand and leading him up the sidewalk to the front door. Robby could have walked straight in, but instead, he fidgeted and stalled for time, waiting foolishly on the porch as his teacher rang the doorbell.

His mother was not long in coming, and when she saw her sissy son’s teacher holding his hand like she was his babysitter, her eyebrow went up in suspicion.

“Hello, Mrs. Bell. I’m afraid little Robby had an another accident in class and he wet his trainers,” his pretty teacher explained.

Robby hated being called ‘little’, especially when he was nearly 18 years old, but at the moment, that was the least of his worries.

Elizabeth’s features darkened and she crossed her arms over her chest as she looked down on her wilting boy.

“And I’m afraid he also earned himself a spanking today. I’ve warned him about staring at my chest and I caught him today doing it several times.

“I’m sorry, but I had to take matters into my own hands,” Mrs. Rossi explained.

Elizabeth immediately stepped out onto the porch, grabbing Robby’s twig-like arm and spinning him around, she landed a hard, angry swat on his padded bottom.

“You disgusting little boy!” she reprimanded him, “You are in big trouble!”

Mrs. Rossi smiled with satisfaction and she looked ready to leave when Elizabeth stopped her.

“Oh–please stay. I’d like for you to see how this little sissy gets punished for his misbehavior,” she told her, as she bade her to come in.

Robby felt utterly childish and mortified that his gorgeous teacher was going to see everything he’d hoped to keep secret.

The three of them entered the house and Elizabeth led them to Robby’s room, which was looking more and more every day like a baby’s nursery. Infantile designs now covered the walls and his short, ruffled dresses could be seen, hanging up and ready for him to wear. A diaper changing station lay alongside his bed with stacks of soft, fluffy diapers and numerous plastic panties next to them.

“It’s only appropriate that you should see how Robby dresses when he’s at home,” Elizabeth said as she began removing her boy’s clothes in front of Mrs. Rossi. He squirmed and whimpered, fidgeting in place as he tried to prepare himself for the humiliation that was about to take place. Before long, the embarrassed sissy stood wearing nothing but his sagging wet trainers and plastic panties. Pulling them down past his bottom, she turned him around and gazed down at the pink and red marks still covering his curvy cheeks.

“Well–looks like you got yourself a good spanking,” Elizabeth remarked with some satisfaction, “Unfortunately for you–you’re about to get another one.”

Robby stamped his feet in frustration, whimpering as the tears filled his eyes and his mom laid him down on the changing pad to begin her daily ritual of diapering him.

“Don’t worry–these won’t be on for long,” she told him firmly.

With her perfectly manicured hands on her hips and a smug look on her beautiful face, Mrs. Rossi looked down on the nervous sissy boy.

“Looks like I didn’t give your mommy sufficient credit–I’m glad to see she’s putting you in diapers where you belong.”

“Oh yes, mommy’s little bedwetter is getting his just reward,” Elizabeth assured her as she powdered his little caged package, “And I think we’ll dispense with putting you in trainers anymore. You’ve proven that you can’t keep yourself dry so it’s diapers and plastic panties from now on.”

Robby’s cheeks blazed with shame and he burst into tears as she tugged his nursery print plastic panties up his legs and over his fat, fluffy diapers. In no time at all, his mommy was busy lowering a baby dress over his upraised arms as he timidly submitted to being dressed as a toddler. His shoes were quickly removed and replaced with lacy anklets and glossy Mary Janes as Mrs. Rossi marveled to herself how smooth and hairless his girlish legs were.

His teacher shook her head at the transformation, both for how docile he was while he was submitting but also for how perfectly appropriate his new outfit looked on him. Having observed the youth in class, Mrs. Rossi had watched him being pushed around daily, not just by the boys but also by the girls. Although she’d never voiced her opinion aloud, she’d always thought of him as nothing but a big sissy. This childish outfit he was being dressed in seemed so much better suited to his prissy personality than the jeans he usually wore.

She felt absolutely no sympathy for the pantywaist standing before him now, looking just like an overgrown toddler girl. In fact, she felt compelled to congratulate Elizabeth for her work.

“I have to tell you–I think you’ve finally started dealing with him in a way that a lot of people feel he really deserves,” she said.

“I’m so glad you agree,” his mom said as she handed his teacher a red rubber enema bag, “Would you be so kind as to fill this with as much warm soapy water as it will hold?”

Mrs. Rossi chuckled and nodded, “Sure thing.”

By the time she returned to Robby’s bedroom, his mom had him draped over her lap, his diapers and plastic panties were pulled back down and the ruffled hem of his dress pulled up the small of his back. Elizabeth was slowly rubbing her wooden paddle across his bare, bruised bottom, scolding him as she did.

Robby was already openly crying, fearing the spanking that was about to come.

“A little sissy like you has NO business looking at a woman like Mrs. Rossi in that way. And to think you wet your training panties–again! I hope you like your diapers because from now on–that’s all you’ll be wearing.”

With that, the paddle swooped up and came swiftly back down, landing with a deafening swat that filled the room. Robby’s soft, tender bottom flattened helplessly under the harsh impact and he howled in agony. More cruel slaps followed the first as the trapped sissy kicked wildly and cried like a baby, unable to stop the painful, humiliating punishment.

After bringing his cheeks to a bright, angry shade of red, Elizabeth stopped the spanking and set her paddle aside. Taking the bulging enema bag from Mrs. Rossi, she attached a long white hose that ended in a fat, dildo-like nozzle.

“That’s sure to make him squirm,” she remarked with a wry smile.

“I’m sure it will–I just got it last week and I haven’t had the chance to try it yet,” Elizabeth explained.

She handed the heavy, two quart bag dripping with suds back to Robby’s teacher and dipped the imposing rubber nozzle into a jar of KY.

“Robby–you’ve got a nice, long, soapy enema coming. Better spread your legs like a good girl because this nozzle is much bigger than your old one.”

Whimpering with anxiety, Robby did as he was told but he wailed in a panic when he felt the fat, greasy, blunt end of the nozzle pushing insistently at his back hole.

“N-no–M-Mommy–i-it-it’s too big!” he squealed as he waved his hands before him.

“Just relax and spread your legs–Mommy knows you can take it,” she replied as she continued to maneuver it determinedly against his anus.

Robby cried out as the big, mushroom-shaped head abruptly slipped past his defeated sphincter without warning.

“OHHH!!” he cried.

Mrs. Rossi smiled with satisfaction as she watched the long, thick rubber shaft slowly disappear into the squirming, squealing youth’s rectum.

“Theeeere…that’s my little boy,” Elizabeth soothed him as she squeezed and rubbed his hot, stinging cheek.

Slowly pulling it part way out, she teased the confused sissy by twirling it, before plunging it back in, until all eight inches of the fat nozzle were buried inside him. Robby moaned helplessly, looking and sounding very much like a little girl.

Without warning, his mommy released the clip, sending a strong torrent of warm, soapy water flowing deep into his bowels. Robby moaned loudly again, gasping as he was forced to submit to the humiliating and emasculating punishment.

After a minute, Elizabeth closed the clip, allowing the liquid to settle within him before opening it up again. This went on for some time, with Elizabeth regulating the opening and closing of the clip and ensuring Robby got a very thorough purging.

Just as he thought he had managed to take in the entire enema, his mommy would surprise him by opening the clip again, rewarding him with yet another steady surge of the cleansing enema. The poor sissy moaned weakly, gasping helplessly as his back passage was stretched wide to be the conduit of his punishment. His virgin hole ached from the fat rubbery invader forcing it open but he was completely at his mommy’s mercy.

By judicious control of the flow, Elizabeth ensured that Robby took every last drop of the soapy water before at last, she slowly eased the slippery, massive dildo nozzle out of his rectum.

It was a defeated, whimpering sissy that finally limped off to the bathroom, his tummy cramped and his back hole, sore and stretched.




Twenty minutes later, Robby shuffled back into his room, his hands trying to maintain a ludicrous attempt at dignity by covering his tiny little caged penis.

“Have you learned your lesson, sissy?” his mommy asked sharply.

“Yes, Mama,” he replied submissively.

“Very well. It’s diaper time and then you can say goodbye to your teacher,” she told him as she led him over to his changing table.

Hanging his head in shame, Robby let his mommy smear diaper rash cream across his sore and stinging bottom, before pulling the multiple, thick layers of baby soft cotton up between his legs and pinning them snugly on either side of his hips. The cushiony bulk forced his legs apart and he whimpered as she pulled his nursery print plastic panties up his legs and fitted them over his fat, humiliating diapers. Fortunately, the ruffled hem of his dress was so short, Elizabeth had no difficulty making sure the elastic waistband of his panties covered all of the soft cloth inside.

Mrs. Rossi watched him with silent satisfaction. To be sure, this was a scene she would not soon forget. Finally, this prissy little pantywaist was getting exactly what he deserved. Seeing him dressed as a little toddler girl in diapers, Mrs. Rossi knew he was in good hands.

“Why don’t you tell your teacher why you have to wear diapers, Robby,” his mommy instructed him as she made a few last minute adjustments to his outfit.

“I-I have to wear diapers because I’m a sissy,” he replied obediently, using his memorized line.

“You know, if you ever need a babysitter for your little pantywaist, let me know,” Mrs. Rossi offered with a smug smile.

“That’s an excellent suggestion–Robby needs a firm, authority figure in his life that’s not afraid to spank first and ask questions later. You’re the perfect candidate for the job.”

The two shook hands and a new relationship was born.



Trading Panties for Diapers





Making sure the address matched the note his mother had written for him earlier, Jimmy set his suitcase down on the front porch of the suburban home and rang the doorbell with some trepidation.

His mom was leaving the state for the summer and she had left the care of her prissy, innocent 12 year-old son to her younger sister, Tess. Jimmy was familiar with his aunt, although not that familiar, as he’d only visited her a few times during the last several years. Still, she had seemed nice enough, and from a physical standpoint, she was beyond reproach. Jimmy could still recall the many times he had been caught red handed, leering at her busty profile when he thought she wasn’t looking.

As he was waiting at the door for her to answer, he thumbed the sealed envelope once more in his hand that he had been instructed to give to his aunt.

What had his mother written about him? he wondered anxiously, not for the first time.

After a moment, he heard footsteps approaching and the door swung open to reveal his pretty aunt smiling down upon him.

“Well hello there, Jimmy!” she exclaimed.

She stepped out onto the porch and bent down to hug her slight and diminutive nephew.

“Come on inside!” she invited him warmly, “How was the bus ride over? Any troubles?”

Jimmy was very shy by nature, and suddenly he felt rather overwhelmed by his gorgeous, voluptuous, and much taller aunt. By and large, he was unaccustomed to getting a lot of attention, particularly by attractive females, and he found himself at a loss for words.

Jimmy’s cheeks reddened and after mumbling something incoherent, he thrust out the envelope to aunt Tess.

“M-my mom said to give this to you,” he said, trying without success to avoid staring at the long line of deep, sexy cleavage disappearing down the front of her snug top.

“Okay, sweetie,” she said as she took the envelope and ran her long, glossy nail under the flap to open it.

Taking out the single hand written page inside, she unfolded it and read it over;

Hello Tess,

Thank you so much for taking in Jimmy for the summer months. He really is a well behaved boy and I’m sure he won’t give you any cause for concern.

As you know, Jimmy sometimes wets his bed, so I’ve taken the precaution of packing his waterproof mattress cover in his things. I’m sure it’s just a phase that he’s going through and will soon be over. Please put the cover over his mattress tonight and I’m sure everything will be fine.

Also, and I know this may sound strange, but over the last couple of years, Jimmy has become particularly interested in, of all things…panties.

I’ve been allowing him to wear them under his regular pants, but I will leave it to you as to how you’d like to handle this new desire for women’s clothing. It seems harmless enough and so long as it doesn’t go any further–I’m okay with it.


Aunt Tess looked up from the letter to see her nephew fidgeting nervously. To be sure, she intended to continue having him wear panties, although undoubtedly, not in quite the way he was expecting…

Two more things; I’ve packed his favorite teddy bear in his suitcase. I know he is rather old to still be clinging to such a silly thing but he becomes very upset if he doesn’t get it at bedtime.

 Lastly, while sleeping, Jimmy sometimes sucks his thumb.

I’d really like to break him of that habit, for a number of reasons, but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Hopefully, you will have better luck…

 Love, your sister,




Aunt Tess folded the paper carefully and she eyed her anxious nephew, silently imagining him sucking his thumb like a infant.

I can think of the perfect remedy to solve that little problem, she reflected.

Taking him down the hallway, she led him into a warmly lit room that looked more like a baby’s nursery than a spare room. A large pink and white crib stood in the corner and nursery print designs decorated the walls. A lemon yellow rocking horse stood waiting for it’s next rider and a number of childish dolls sat atop a brightly pink colored dresser.

Jimmy quailed at the thought that this was where he would be sleeping but he was simply too shy to speak up about it.

Inwardly, he cursed his lack of backbone.

He was also acutely aware of the distinctive smell of stale pee, like wet diapers and vinyl panties that had been used so often, they forever retained the odor. He was deeply ashamed that his aunt might think he needed such precautions and for the first time, he found his voice.

“A-aunt Tess?…I-I won’t be sleeping here, will I?” he asked timidly.

His beautiful aunt bent down to look him in the face, holding his trembling hands in hers. “Yes sweetie, this is where I keep all the little bedwetters that come to stay with me. But don’t you worry–I have just the thing to take care of your problem.”

Jimmy’s cheeks flushed a bright red and he almost choked.

“I-I’m not a-a bedwetter,” he squeaked, the anxiety rising in him. The lie came automatically to him but instinctively, he feared she knew his shameful secret. Could that be what the note said? he wondered.

“Honey, we both know you are and I have some very special ways to help you with it.”

As Jimmy gazed down at the thick stacks of soft, fluffy cloth diapers nearby a changing table, he gulped with fear but he was afraid to ask further.

He certainly didn’t want to give her any ideas!

“Now–don’t you worry your little head about any of that,” she said as she playfully mussed up his hair, “I’ve got dinner all ready for you and you can tell me all about your school year and the TV shows you’ve been watching.”

Without waiting for an answer, she led him out of the room, back down the hallway and sat him down at the kitchen table.

Jimmy was still feeling flustered as his aunt placed a plate of steaming lasagna before him, along with a bowl of salad. It had been a long day, and the scent of wonderful food distracted him from his immediate concerns. He dove into his dinner with abandon and soon, the two of them were engaged in an upbeat and light hearted discussion about all manner of things.

After they’d finished and aunt Tess had cleared away the dishes, she came over and took Jimmy by the hand.

“Okay sweetie, let’s get you ready for bed now.”

“A-already?” the effeminate boy whined. It wasn’t even 8:00 yet.

“Yes, you can stay up a little longer but I want to have you all ready ahead of time,” she explained patiently.

Jimmy couldn’t think of why it was so important that he get into his jammies so soon, but he didn’t argue as she led him back down the hallway to the nursery.

He expected her to open his suitcase to retrieve his Power Rangers pajamas but instead, she sat him on the edge of a raised diaper changing table and began untying his shoes. After removing those and his socks, he watched with growing concern as she began undoing the snap on the front of his pants.

“I-I can do it,” he whimpered uncertainly, not used to having someone else taking his pants off for him.

“That will be quite enough of that, young man,” she warned him sternly as she slapped his hands away.

Jimmy wasn’t used to strong authority figures outside of school but he sensed that he probably shouldn’t do anything to anger his aunt.

She continued her ministrations, tugging his jeans down his legs and exposing the lacy pink panties he was wearing underneath.

He blushed hotly and was worried for her reaction but she only smiled at him saying; “Don’t worry, sweetie, your mommy told me all about your interest in panties, and I’ll make sure you’re wearing some the whole time you’re here.”

She chuckled to herself at her private joke as she folded his pants, putting them aside.

Jimmy was somewhat relieved to hear that but he also had a creeping suspicion that his aunt had something else up her sleeve.

Tucking a long nailed finger into the delicate waistband of his panties, Tess suddenly yanked them down as Jimmy let out a gasp of surprise.

“Wha-what are you doing?” he quaked.

“In this house, bedwetters wear diapers and plastic panties,” she told him firmly as she looked him in the eye with steely resolve. Her stern look seemed to be goading him to defy her and out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy spied for the first time, a wooden paddle lying next to the crib.

Jimmy blushed furiously as his hands shot down to cover his still hairless genitals.

“B-but I don’t need diapers,” he cried piteously.

Taking a thick stack of three fluffy diapers in her hand, Tess lifted the poor abashed boy’s ankles up together and slid the baby soft cloth under his curvy rump.

“I’ve found that the best way to deal with bedwetters is to keep them in diapers and plastic panties,” she repeated as if his claim was meaningless.

Jimmy bunched his fists in mute frustration. His mom had never used diapers for his problem! Did his aunt think he was nothing but a big baby?

While keeping the whimpering boy’s ankles aloft, she dipped her free hand in a large jar of Desitin and smeared it across his quivering bottom. Between being exposed to the cool air and the even cooler diaper rash cream, Jimmy shivered a little until she set him down and began powdering his front.

His eyes misted with tears as he realized with humiliating finality that he was going to be diapered like a toddler by this strong-willed woman no matter what he said. As the crushing realization washed over him, he cried softly but lay there submissively, resigned to his fate.

Taking a pink pair of clown safety pins, aunt Tess pulled the bulky ends of cotton together tightly around his slim hips and pinned them closed. Jimmy was amazed at how thick the cloth was and he could barely bring his legs together.

Selecting a lilac pair of translucent plastic panties, Tess gathered the leg openings and began working them up Jimmy’s trembling legs. He whimpered in defeat as he watched his humiliating new panties being pulled up his legs and then worked around the fat diaper swaddling him.

“There…” she said slowly with satisfaction, “These will keep my little sugarplum’s bed dry.”

Jimmy blushed again, feeling very babyish. His nose was assailed by the twin infantile scents of baby powder and stale pee and he was mortified having just been pinned into pampers like a helpless baby. Worse yet, was the virtual certainty that some of these items must have been previously worn and wet by someone else. He felt totally ashamed.

After running her fingers around the elastic waistband of the shiny panties to tuck his diapers in, Tess sat back and smiled down with satisfaction at her blushing, embarrassed nephew.

“There you are–all set for beddie-bye. Why don’t you go brush your teeth and then you can watch the TV for another half hour.”

Jimmy’s heart sank at the thought of having to go to bed at such an absurdly early hour–he was used to 11:00 pm at home and yet, it was barely 8:00 here!

Standing up, he almost lost his balance as the imposing diapers conspired to keep his legs apart. The closet doors on the opposite wall were mirrored and as the sissy boy gazed at his babyish reflection, he nearly burst into tears. What would his friends say if they could see him now??

He fled out of the room as quickly as he could waddle, the fat cloth feeling slippery between his legs but inhibiting his stride nevertheless.

After brushing is teeth, Jimmy went into the living room to watch a show that was playing on the TV, but he found it hard to concentrate on what was happening on the screen. He was extremely conscious of the strong scent of baby powder surrounding him and he couldn’t get used to the feeling of his hips being wrapped in bunny soft cotton. He felt so immature and babyish that his aunt had decided to put him back in diapers as a solution and waves of humiliation swept over him, one after another. Obviously, all these years, she had thought of him as nothing more than a sissy bedwetter.

Fidgeting in place while lying on the floor, the plastic panties crinkled with his every move, constantly reminding him of his shameful, infantile underwear.

Before he knew it, the half hour had passed and his aunt came into the room to retrieve him.

“Okay Jimmy, it’s beddie-bye time,” she said as she reached over and unceremoniously shut off the TV.

Jimmy’s heart sank and reluctantly, he rose to his feet. Patting his fat, diapered bottom affectionately, aunt Tess guided him back to the nursery. After sitting him on the edge of the crib, she removed his t-shirt but instead of opening his suitcase, she went to the pink dresser instead, sifting through a drawer until he held up a white and pink top.

“Here, I think this will do just fine,” she proclaimed happily.

Bringing it over, Jimmy could see it was a fuzzy fleece top, with short, puffy sleeves and a baby bear motif across the chest. It looked just like something a  toddler would wear.

Shaking his head, Jimmy held his hands out in protest.

“No!” he said fussily, “I want to wear my own jammies.”

He was humiliated and angry and he was going to stand up to her right now.

“Young man–in this house–I determine what you will wear. If you have a problem with that, I have no problem with putting you over my knee where we can continue this discussion,” she said firmly.

Jimmy’s mouth dropped open in shock–he had never been spanked by his mother and the prospect terrified him! Thrusting his lower lip out in an epic pout, he dropped his hands in defeat, accepting the top, as she fitted the soft garment over his head, pulling the short hem down until it almost reached his waist.

“It’s not fair,” he whined petulantly under his breath.

Ignoring his comment, aunt Tess grabbed a large pink rubber pacifier and bending down to his level, she slowly began pushing it between his trembling lips.

“That’s it…that’s my baby,” she smiled as he submissively accepted it.

He could smell her perfume surrounding him and as he gazed down her top at her big, round breasts, he felt very intimidated.

Helping him under the soft baby blankets, Tess tucked the squirming boy in and then remembered his teddy bear. Going over to his suitcase, she reached inside and took it out, putting it between his arms before raising the side rail of the crib.

“There you are sweetie,” she smiled down at him, “Have a good night.”

Jimmy hugged his teddy bear like his life depended on it as he sucked the rubber pacifier filling his mouth. Aunt Tess turned on her heel and walked out of the nursery, turning the lights out as she went. Filled with anxiety and uncertainty, Jimmy tossed and turned in the crib until he finally gave way to slumber.




The next morning, Jimmy awoke to the window curtains in his room being pulled back. Bright sunlight streamed into the nursery and he looked up to see his beautiful aunt smiling beatifically down upon him. She was happy to see the pacifier still in his mouth, and she smiled at his innocent, baby-like countenance.

“Good morning, sweetie!” she said brightly, “How did you sleep?”

Jimmy had to admit that he’d slept very well–the bed was soft and comfortable, with the slight exception that every movement was followed with the crackling of the waterproof mattress cover beneath him.

Lowering the side of the railing, aunt Tess took his hand and led him out of the crib, sitting him gently down on the changing table. It was only then, as the thick, soggy Birdseye cloth of his diapers squished against his rump that Jimmy realized to his horror, he’d helplessly soaked them during the course of the night. He blushed hotly as he anticipated her discovering the shameful fact any moment.

Putting a finger on either side of the elastic waistband of his plastic panties, Tess tugged them down, exposing the sopping wet cotton pinned around his hips. The humiliating smell of pee surrounded them and Tess gave him a knowing smile.

“Just as I expected,” she stated with conviction.

Jimmy looked away in mortified embarrassment as she unpinned the wet cloth and dumped it with a heavy thud into a nearby diaper pail. She used some moist towelettes to clean his damp bottom and front before raising his ankles to slather his cheeks with another sticky coating of Desitin.

As the realization struck him that she fully intended to pin him into another set of diapers, the embarrassed boy suddenly spit out his pacifier.

“Wa-wait! Wha-what are you doing??” he cried frantically.

“Jimmy–we’ve already had this discussion,” she explained patiently, “As I said last night, when I have bedwetters staying with me, I keep them in diapers and plastic panties,” she told him as she slid a fresh trio of thick diapers beneath his upraised bottom, “That’s where you belong, and that’s what you’ll wear while you’re here.”

“B-but–I-I don’t wet during the day!” he wailed desperately, trying in vain to kick his ankles free of her grasp.

“Jimmy–these will be your underwear from now on. Until you stop wetting the bed, you can depend on wearing diapers and plastic panties indefinitely,” she told him firmly.

Jimmy burst into tears but his aunt only continued her ritual of changing him, powdering him generously before pinning the soft, bulky cloth around his hips. After pushing the pacifier back between his squalling lips, she chose a cute pair of white nursery print plastic panties and pulled them over his feet. With practiced movements, she tugged them up his hairless thighs and worked them over the fat cotton cloth surrounding his hips.

Jimmy cried to himself as she put some short socks on his feet and tied his sneakers in place.

“I’ll let you get yourself together while I make your breakfast, sweetie,” she said kindly. Bending down, she kissed him on the forehead, granting him a heart stopping view down her top.

Gazing at his humiliating reflection in the mirrored closet doors, Jimmy burst into fresh tears of self pity. What was he to do now? To think that he’d have to spend his entire summer, dressed like a baby in diapers and plastic panties! It was too much to bear!





To be sure, it was a big adjustment for Jimmy, getting used to wearing his embarrassing diapers not only at night but also during the day. And it wasn’t like wearing a watch, that one quickly gets acclimatized to. He was constantly aware of the slippery squish of soft, bulky cotton between his thighs as he waddled about and the extra padding every time he took a seat.

The whole experience made him feel not just childish, but very babyish and he cringed every time he passed a mirror and saw his shameful reflection.

He also felt like Tess treated more like a four or five year-old boy, instead of the 12 year-old that he really was.

However, other than the somewhat draconian measure of being diapered and sleeping in a baby’s nursery, Jimmy found living under aunt Tess’ roof to be, all in all, very enjoyable. She gave him lots of attention and it was obvious she was happy to have him around. She was eager to spend time with him and they often played games around the house together.





When aunt Tess walked into the house, she found her sissy nephew lying on the floor, a box of crayons arrayed before him as he intently drew in his Trucks-For-Tots coloring book. His legs were spread apart and his feet were crossed behind him, while his snug, shiny plastic panties stretched over the very fat diaper he was wearing.

Sitting patiently next to him was his familiar teddy bear, happy to be included in his activities.

As soon as Tess came in the door, Jimmy scrabbled to his feet and waddled over to her, eager for his daily hug.

“Aww, that’s my little baby,” she commended him happily, as she held him to her soft, cushiony chest.

Without thinking, she reached down and slipped her fingers inside of his waistband to check his diaper for wetness but as usual, he was dry.

Jimmy had settled into his new home comfortably and over the few weeks since his arrival–and like all true sissies, he’d gradually becoming accustomed to wearing diapers 24 hours a day.

His claims to the contrary not withstanding, Jimmy managed to wet his bed every single night in his crib; waking up sheepishly to pee-soaked diapers in the mornings and his aunt, who clearly expected nothing less from him.

During the day, Jimmy was allowed to use the restroom for his needs, but he was required to summon his aunt whenever he felt the need to go. She would stop what she was doing, take him to the bathroom, and pull his diapers down long enough so he could do his business. After that, she pulled them back up and with a friendly slap of dismissal on his well padded bottom, Jimmy was free to go about his day.

Nevertheless, regardless of whatever he was wearing, aunt Tess made sure his fat, embarrassing diapers were always clearly on display. She felt it was important that they be seen at all times and she refused to let him cover them with any other kind of clothing. This was to make sure there was no doubt to anyone that saw him that her little nephew was a well-diapered sissy.

And every Sunday, Tess had a routine set where she would come into his nursery, undo his diapers, and give him what she called a “cleansing enema”; a quart and a half of warm, soapy water she patiently administered into the squirming sissy’s bottom before releasing him to go to the bathroom.

Jimmy didn’t like these enemas, which were always conducted over her lap as she admonished him to try harder in controlling his bedwetting. They were uncomfortable and extremely humiliating for the effeminate boy but he knew better than to put up a fuss. He had seen aunt Tess’ wooden paddle, and he didn’t want to find out what it felt like, firsthand.

Indeed, Jimmy had accepted everything about his life with hardly a quibble. Perhaps it was his weak, sissy nature that he fell so easily into a regime that was not that much different from a toddler’s.

And so it was that Tess was so pleased with his docility and willingness that she went out and purchased a gift for her bedwetting nephew.

“You’ve been such a good little boy these last few weeks that today I got you something I hope you will like,” she explained to him as she briefly turned her back on him to reach into her purse. Turning back around, she held forth a light, pink pair of rumba panties, decorated with three flouncy rows of ruffles across the seat.

“Here you are sweetie–your very own rumba panties–aren’t they darling?”

Jimmy blushed deeply but inside, he was secretly pleased. He missed wearing his girly panties and these were likely to be as close as he was going to get to his former fetish.

“And they’re cut nice and full, to fit over your big diapers–isn’t that neat?” she asked enthusiastically. Tess was nothing if not pragmatic.

Jimmy felt a strange mix of both shame and arousal. He was humiliated that the only way he’d be able to enjoy his fetish was over his embarrassing “protection”, but he nevertheless nodded silently as he stood before her.

They were made of a thin, stretchy nylon and aunt Tess held them low so he could climb into them. Once his feet were inside the leg holes, she began slowly drawing them up his baby smooth legs. He held onto her shoulders for balance as she tugged them lightly, pulling them up over the fat, bulging diapers pinned around his hips.

“There you are…oh, they’re a perfect fit too! Let’s go look in the mirror,” she said eagerly.

Taking him by the hand, she led him down the hallway to his nursery where the two of them stood before the mirrored closet doors. Jimmy was still blushing brightly and Tess took the opportunity to grab his pacifier and push it into his mouth, completing his babyish look.

“What a good little sissy you are,” she told him proudly as she patted him on his fat, ruffled bottom, “I think I need to get a nice, cute little baby dress for you. How would you like that?”

Jimmy’s cheeks blazed and he shook his head but Tess only chuckled and beeped his nose playfully.






Things went smoothly for a month until one day in late June, when Jimmy happened to be out in the back yard, playing with his Tonka trucks. The yard was surrounded by a tall wooden fence, so there was very little chance of him being seen by the neighbors.

His aunt had dressed him in a short top with bunnies on it, his usual diapers, and his sneakers.

Tess was in the kitchen, re-arranging some canned goods when she saw Jimmy suddenly come in through the sliding glass door, sobbing loudly, his face wet with tears, and an obvious scuff on his right knee.

Aunt Tess dropped what she was doing and came over to hug her diapered and distraught nephew, pressing his wet face against her pillowy, soft bosom.

“Aww, what’s the matter baby? Did you skin your knee?” she asked, full of maternal concern.

Jimmy nodded, his crying unabated.

Taking a seat next to her, Tess carefully guided the prissy boy onto her lap to comfort him. It was then, as she felt him settle his weight upon her lap, that she suddenly felt the distinctive warmth through the thick seat of his diapers and plastic baby panties upon her thighs. Obviously, he had managed to wet himself during the traumatic incident.
Reaching over to the near counter, aunt Tess picked up a baby bottle of milk and slowly pressed it against Jimmy’s trembling lips.

“Here you are baby,” she said soothingly, “This will make you feel better.”

Jimmy nursed from the bottle, looking much like any diapered toddler in his mother’s arms as his crying was gradually reduced to sniffles.

With her free hand, Tess slipped a couple of fingers down the back of Jimmy’s baby panties, feeling the warm, pee-soaked cloth inside.

“Looks like my little boy wet his diapers,” she told him sympathetically.

Jimmy hadn’t even realized he’d done it and he blushed red with shame and whimpered a bit as he kept his eyes downcast.

“That’s okay baby, you just finish your bottle and then we’ll get you changed into some fresh pampers.”

Leaning forward, she kissed his forehead lightly in a show of comfort and affection. At the same time, her action served to fill his entire forward view with her big, round breasts and cleavage, displayed inches before him in her clinging, white halter top. He whimpered again, this time with sexual angst, staring at the soft curves of her bountiful chest, wishing he could somehow have her.

As the last milky bubbles drained from his bottle, Tess eased it from his lips and stood him up.

“Okay baby, let’s go change those wet diapers and then it will be naptime for you,” she told him as she squeezed the sissy’s thickly padded seat.

Jimmy squealed a little but he clutched her hand as she led him down the hallway to his nursery.





Two weeks later, another event happened that made for a big impact, both figurative and literally on young Jimmy.

It was late in the afternoon and aunt Tess was just coming into his nursery to wake her charge up from his daily nap. Looking down on the still sleeping sissy, she smiled to herself as she watched him for a moment, contentedly nursing from the pacifier still lodged in his mouth and his teddy bear tucked under his skinny arm. To be sure, since she’d begun training him with a pacifier, he hadn’t once gone back to sucking his thumb.

Lowering the crib rail, she gently pulled back the soft, fuzzy Disney Princess blankets as Jimmy’s sleepy eyes fluttered open.

“Good afternoon, baby,” she greeted him cheerfully, “Did you have a nice nap?”

Jimmy nodded, his eyelids still sticking a bit.

With practiced ease, aunt Tess helped him out of his crib and gently set him down on the changing table. Removing his pacifier, Tess replaced it with a baby bottle filled with warm milk, which she let Jimmy hold for himself. Tugging his clinging rubber panties down off his soggy diaper, Tess tossed them in his diaper pail before unpinning the wet Birdseye cloth.

Jimmy was still blinking sleepily as she pulled the pee-soaked cloth from under him and put it aside.

In just a few minutes, Jimmy was powdered and pinned into a fresh set of diapers and a new pair of plastic panties pulled up around his hips. After tying his sneakers on, aunt Tess beeped his nose and left him to his own devices in the nursery.

After he’d finished his bottle, Jimmy waddled out of the room to return it to the kitchen. It was only then, that he realized aunt Tess was entertaining one of her friends.

He froze in his tracks and nearly dropped the baby bottle in his hands. In his half awake state, he must have missed their conversation from down the hall.

All eyes turned to him as his mouth opened in shock.

Unfortunately, the surprise of being seen dressed like a toddler in pampers was too much for the young sissy and he promptly flooded his diapers in a helpless torrent.

Feeling the hot, urgent pee suddenly warming the front of his diapers, Jimmy cried out in panic.

“Oh!” he exclaimed in his high pitched voice.

“Hi Jimmy–I forgot to mention, this is my friend Katie,” Tess said as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world, “Come over and say hi.”

Jimmy blushed hotly, feeling very childish, not only for being seen in his sissy diapers but also for having just wet them like an incontinent baby. Tears of shame filled his eyes and he was on the verge of a full blown cry when aunt Tess stood up and quickly embraced the poor child.

“There, there, baby,” she comforted him as she hugged him closely, pressing his cheek against her mammoth bosom, “Don’t be shy.”

Jimmy choked back a sob. Ordinarily, he might have confessed his wet condition to his aunt but he certainly wasn’t going to say anything now.

“Don’t worry honey, Katie knows all about your bedwetting,” Tess explained  as she patted his fat, diapered bottom to sooth him.

That’s right, Jimmy,” her friend chimed in, “Some little boys just aren’t ready for big boy underwear and they need to stay in diapers longer.”

Jimmy blushed hotly, feeling the heat all the way to his ears.

How many people has she told about my bedwetting? a voice was screaming in his head.

And he didn’t like being called a little boy. He was almost thirteen years old already!

Of course, his appearance wasn’t helping the situation, given that he was wearing a fuzzy fleece diaper shirt adorned with a motif of building blocks and a short, ruffled hem that barely extended to his navel. The pacifier hanging from his top and the baby bottle in his hand only added to the impression of being an overgrown, diaper-dependant toddler.

Of course, Katie’s humiliating appraisal of him was spot on but it was nevertheless devastating to the fragile boy’s ego to hear it put in such frank, condescending terms.

Just then, the kitchen sliding glass door to the back yard opened and a cute girl who looked to be 10 or 11 came through. She looked about ready to say something to her mom, when she suddenly came face to face with Jimmy.

Apparently completely unprepared for this unusual sight, she abruptly burst into giggles as she looked him up and down.

“You’re wearing diapers!” she squealed in her little voice.

This unexpected arrival to the scene only caused another strong burst of warm pee to flood unchecked into Jimmy’s already wet diapers.

His mouth trembled as his cheeks and chest burned with hot, flushed intensity while he struggled to find words to say.

“Now Mikayla,” her mother chided her, who also happened to be trying to suppress her own smile, “Jimmy has a little bedwetting problem. You are not to tease him about it.”

Although theoretically said on his behalf, Jimmy was mortified by the entire situation. He wanted more than anything to run away, or at least waddle, as fast as he could go–to anywhere else.

Aunt Tess seemed to sense it, and she bent down to his level to speak sweetly in his ear.

“Honey? Why don’t you and Mikayla go and play in the living room? I know she’d love to have someone to help her with her dollhouse.”

Gazing across the room in a daze, Jimmy spied a large dollhouse on the floor, with numerous dolls awaiting a collection of outfits.

“I don’t want to play with any stupid dolls!” he suddenly burst out angrily.

He just wanted these two to leave, and he didn’t want to do anything to condone or contribute to the situation.

At that moment, aunt Tess summarily yanked him around to face her and she wagged her long nailed finger at him.

“Now you listen to me, young man,” she said sternly, “I know you’re upset at being seen in your diapers and plastic panties but you’re just going to have to get used to it. Until you stop your silly bedwetting–this is how everyone is going to see you.”

Hot tears of shame tumbled down Jimmy’s face as his aunt continued to scold him before the others.

“These two people are my good friends and you had better learn to get along unless you’d like to spend the rest of the afternoon with a hot, stinging bottom.”

As Jimmy choked on the ominous threat, Tess emphasized her point by roughly turning him around and delivering a hard swat to his diapered bottom.

“Oh!’ he cried.

He blushed furiously as everyone looked at him.

Mikayla stood up a little straighter and smiled at seeing this older sissy boy being humiliated and castigated before her. She was an attractive young girl and one could tell that someday, she would be a real beauty.

With a sob of resignation, Jimmy trudged over to the dollhouse and sat down with a warm, wet squish in his seat. Mikayla followed and in no time at all, she was bossing him around, confident of her own superior social position.

However, this soon devolved with Jimmy becoming more resentful and angry by the minute. Mikayla was teasing him and calling him a ‘diaper boy’ which only heaped further shame on the poor sissy.

At last, Jimmy could take it no longer. Taking one of the dolls, he brought it down violently on the edge of the roof of the doll douse, snapping it’s little plastic head off.

Mikayla reacted with shock and disbelief as she burst into tears.

Jimmy was yelling at her and oblivious to his surroundings when he suddenly felt himself being physically yanked to his feet by his wrist.

“You’ve just earned yourself a good, hard spanking,” aunt Tess snarled as she jerked him over to an armless chair nearby.

Jimmy shuddered and his eyes widened as he saw she was now holding the stout wooden paddle in her hand, ready to bring swift retribution to the diapered pantywaist. As Tess angrily tugged his plastic panties down, he let out a squeal and let loose with another hot stream of pee into his diapers.

“No-no-no!!” he cried, flailing his arms before him in a futile gesture to make her stop. With his waterproof panties below his knees, Tess threw him over her lap, quickly unpinning his warm, sopping wet diapers and pushing them back between his thighs to give her an unobstructed access to his youthful bottom.

A string of incoherent statements piled out of his mouth in a tumble as he tried to defend himself.

“Y-you can’t do this–sh-she started it–she was the one–“


The paddle landed flat across his damp cheeks and Jimmy wailed like a little girl at the top of his lungs. Two more harsh, crisp swats scalded his tender rump, searing a bright red oval pattern across both his curvy little cheeks.

Jimmy kicked his feet wildly, slapping his hands against the floor as he tried in vain to get up off her lap. However, aunt Tess was obviously not one to be trifled with. She used her free hand to hold him securely in place while her paddle viciously struck it’s target again and again with harsh, blistering slaps. It stung terribly and Jimmy was bawling his eyes out, now regretting the day he’d ever arrived at his aunt’s house.

Katie and her daughter sat silently, watching his punishment with obvious approval and satisfaction. To be sure, Jimmy was at the very bottom of this totem pole in social standing.

Tears of bitter frustration at the unfairness of his spanking poured down his face–why was it he was the one being punished while Mikayla got away scott-free?

Every time he thought the spanking couldn’t get any worse, another hard, angry swat landed on his bright red bottom, making him howl in agony and bringing forth fresh tears. They spilled down his cheeks and dripped on the floor as he kicked his feet frantically. He’d never been spanked like this in his life and he wailed helplessly as the hard wooden paddle continued to slap his stinging, blazing cheeks.

At last, the terrible punishment was over and Jimmy lay across her lap, too weak to move.

With surprising gentleness, aunt Tess lifted the crying sissy to his feet and hugged him closely as his wet diaper fell away, leaving him nude from the waist down.

“There, there baby,” she consoled him as she pressed his face against her big, soft breasts, “Don’t cry sweetie.”

However, her words had little effect on the spanked youth as he only sobbed louder, desperately rubbing his red, blotchy, swollen bottom with his hands.

“Katie–can you get me his baby bottle from the warmer there?” she asked her friend, “Yes, that one…thank you.”

Taking the bottle filled with milk, Tess eased it into Jimmy’s crying mouth which was salty from his tears.

Feeling both defeated and very babyish in front of them, Jimmy accepted the wet nipple and began nursing from it. He realized all too well, that in a battle of wills, he stood no chance whatsoever against his aunt.

As before, the rubber in his mouth had a calming effect and his crying abated somewhat, becoming ragged sniffles.

“We’d better get this little sissy back into his diapers,” Tess said sagely, “There’s no telling when he might have another accident.”

Leading him by the hand, with Jimmy doing his best to shuffle while his damp plastic panties were still around his calves, the four of them went down the hallway and into his nursery. Once there, the pungent smell of Jimmy’s diaper pail advertised to one and all that an incontinent bedwetter lived in the room.

“This is a lovely room you have for Jimmy,” Katie exclaimed glowingly, “Everything a little boy still in diapers could ever want.”

Aunt Tess smiled proudly.

“His mommy told me about his desire to wear little girl’s panties but as you can see–he’s much too immature to handle that responsibility yet.”

“Oh yes,” Katie laughed, as she bent down to face the boy nursing from his baby bottle, “I’m afraid you’re going to need diapers and rubber panties for quite some time, baby boy.”

Jimmy didn’t like Katie and his cheeks blazed red with shame under her condescending remarks.

“Can I help change him?” Mikayla offered, not wanting to be left out.

“Absolutely!” aunt Tess told her, “Go and pick out a pair of plastic panties for Jimmy. They’re in that stack over there.”

Jimmy was mortified to be the center of everyone’s attention, especially during this most humiliating of rituals. He squirmed and fidgeted on the changing table, his embarrassing, tiny little bald genitals and red, stinging bottom on display for everyone to see.

Nonetheless, the blistering spanking had taken all of the fight from him and Jimmy was now more than willing to cooperate with whatever aunt Tess deemed necessary.

Seeming to know that she had him right where she wanted him, Tess undid his shoes and removed them along with his socks. She soon replaced them with lacy pink anklets and a glossy white Mary Janes.

Grasping him by his ankles, aunt Tess swung his girly-smooth, sissy legs up over his head and began applying a nice, sticking coating of Desitin to his bright red bottom.

“I’m afraid that’s going to hurt for several days, sweetie,” she told him as she slid a new, thick stack of fluffy fresh diapers under his white and red cheeks, “But sometimes little boys need to be taught a lesson.”

Jimmy whimpered and drained the last of his bottle.

“All finished?” Tess asked, “That’s a good baby–here’s your paci now,” she said as she pushed the rubber nipple into his mouth.

Jimmy dutifully accepted the pacifier as Tess powdered him all over his front and between his legs.

“Jimmy really wets a lot, so I use thick soaker pads between the layers of his diapers,” she explained to her friend, “It means his diapers are too thick to be able to put regular clothes over but that’s okay–I want to make sure everyone sees them anyway.”

“I couldn’t agree more. A sissy boy like he is should always have his diapers visible.

“Jimmy–you’re very lucky to have such a loving aunt like Tess here who knows just how to handle bedwetters,” Katie told the blushing boy.

“How about these?” Mikayla said brightly as he held forth a cute pair of pink polka dot plastic panties. Delicate white lace edged the leg holes giving it a  look of girlish, toddler fanciness.

“Wonderful!” Tess praised the beaming child.

Gathering them in her hands, Tess worked them up the prissy boy’s hairless legs and then over his big, imposing diapers.

“There! All safe and secure now, babykins!” she said, hugging the befuddled sissy.

In his heart of hearts, Jimmy was beginning to realize that he could no longer be entirely trusted not to wet himself, even during the day, and as humiliating as these were, they were also very necessary. Of course, even if he had felt otherwise, the large rubber pacifier filling his mouth made any kind of coherent speech impossible.

“I think I’ll take my highchair out of storage so I can have a place to keep Jimmy while I’m preparing his dinner,” Tess told her friend as she led her babified nephew out of the nursery and back into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, Jimmy found himself strapped into a baby’s highchair, with a plastic tray snapped in front of him. Aunt Tess poured several jars of baby food onto a plate and after tying a colorful bib around his neck, proceeded to start feeding him.

“You know,” Katie offered as she watched the sloppy process taking place, with baby food spilling over his chin and bib, “I still have a playpen I can let you have–it would be a great place to put Jimmy where you can also keep an eye on him.”

“Oh thank you! That would be wonderful!” Tess exclaimed enthusiastically.

“You hear that?–” his mommy asked excitedly, “Now you’ll have your very own playpen–and it’ll be a really big help to me so I’ll know where you’re at and know you won’t be getting into any trouble.”

Jimmy felt like he was sliding inexorably down a slippery path to complete babyhood but his bottom was still blazing like a five alarm fire. The last thing he wanted to do was defy her again.

Instead, Jimmy swung his legs uselessly as she continued to shovel large portions of creamed corn into his mouth with a large, plastic spoon. It slopped on his chin, around his mouth, and down onto his plastic Barney bib which Tess would then scoop up and re-feed him.

This babyish and unappealing meal was followed up with a large bottle of warm milk which Jimmy nursed as the women talked amongst themselves.

Some time later, when he had finished, he was feeling quite ignored and bored, and he tried unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn.

“Is baby tired?” aunt Tess suddenly asked him, “I think an early bedtime is just what you need.”

Jimmy shook his head vehemently.

“No! I don’t wanna go to bed,” he whined petulantly.

Indeed, it was only just after seven.

“Come along baby, let’s get you ready for beddie-bye,” she told him as she unlocked the tray and led him down the hallway to his nursery.

Once there, Jimmy pouted angrily, stamping his feet in place as his aunt removed his diaper shirt and replaced it with a soft, fuzzy yellow onesie. It had a delightful bunny appliqué on the chest and even a poofy ball on the seat.

“But I don’t wanna go to bed,” the fussy pantywaist repeated.

Tess pushed his pacifier into his quivering mouth and patted him on the head with a smile. Checking his diapers, she pronounced him dry and tucked him into his crib, along with another baby bottle and his teddy bear. Turning the lights out and closing the door to his nursery, Jimmy was left with his Tinkerbelle nightlight.

Down the hallway, he could hear Mikayla’s high pitched giggles and he bitterly resented that he had been sent to bed much earlier than the younger girl.

Jimmy tossed and turned in the crib, the crackly waterproof mattress cover and the ever present smell of the nearby diaper pail reminding of his childish status as he stared up at the ceiling.

At last, the bedwetting sissy finally fell asleep.






As the days progressed, and Jimmy became accustomed to an increasingly more babyish lifestyle, he found himself wetting his diapers with greater frequency during the day. Perhaps it was the constant wearing of his infantile underwear or his aunt’s childish treatment of him but he found his already tenuous control over his bladder gradually slipping away.

Meanwhile, aunt Tess was, bit by bit, transforming his wardrobe to a more feminine style, albeit, that of a little toddler girl. Frilly baby dresses and tops became his daily wear and it was supplemented by occasional gifts from her friends like Katie, who reveled in seeing the sissy boy treated like a baby.

Being the true sissy that he was, Jimmy put up only token resistance, although even if he’d been inclined to stand up to his aunt–in a war of wills–Jimmy was hopelessly outmatched.

And although Jimmy rarely defied her anymore, there were times when she felt the need to pull down his diapers and give him a hard spanking, and these humiliating punishments occurred whether or not there were guests present. Soon, the whole neighborhood thought of Jimmy as nothing more than a diaper-dependant toddler, who’s sissyish personality befitted his prissy appearance. They all treated him with the same general lack of respect one would a three year-old.

At the same time, Jimmy’s weekly enemas soon became a daily affair, with Tess pulling his wet diapers down every morning to administer a thorough, warm, soapy purge before his usual diaper change. Before long, Jimmy no longer needed to summon his aunt for #2, and more often than not, he was simply wetting himself during the day without even thinking anymore.

One day. Katie was over visiting with Tess when she brought out a small box from her purse and presented it to her friend. Jimmy was across the room, busy in his playpen and occupied with his plastic blocks, not paying any attention to their conversation.

“What is this?” Tess asked curiously.

Katie giggled and lowered her voice.

“It’s a chastity device for little Jimmy,” she said conspiratorially.

“A what?” Tess asked, not sure of what her friend was talking about.

“It’s a chastity device,” she repeated, “It will prevent Jimmy from being able to get any erections, which, I’m sure at his age, are starting to become more frequent.”

It quickly dawned on Tess what she was looking at and a smile appeared on her face.

“Oh yes…” she exclaimed enthusiastically, “This is exactly what he needs.”

“Is it secure?” Tess asked, suddenly concerned.

“Oh yes–very. It comes with a lock so that only you will be able to remove it. And I managed to find this version in pink,” she giggled again.

Both of them chuckled as their heads turned to the sissy boy in his playpen, quite oblivious to their plans.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” Tess exclaimed, “Can you show me how it works?”

Katie opened the small box and spilled the pieces on the table, going over how it fit and the proper sizing of the cuff rings.

“I’m sure he’s wet now–we can change his diapers and put this on him right away,” Tess said eagerly.

She stepped over to his playpen, bent over and lifted the back of his dress up to slip her fingers down his diaper.

“Mm-hm,” she nodded, “Somebody’s in a very soggy diaper. C’mon little boy–let’s go get you changed.”

Jimmy blushed a little as she took him by the hand and helped him out of the playpen, guiding him back to his nursery down the hall. As usual, the two were greeted with the sour, pungent smell of stale wet diapers as they entered his room and Tess quickly set about removing his soaked pampers, depositing them in his diaper pail next to his changing table. After cleaning him up and arranging a fluffy new set of thick diapers under his rump, Katie bent down and pulled Jimmy’s tiny little package through the small pink cuff ring of the chastity device.

“Wha-what’s that?” he quaked uncertainly.

“Nothing to worry yourself about,” Tess said as she pushed a baby bottle of warm milk into his protesting mouth. This effectively blocked his view and allowed Katie to work without his interference.

Jimmy’s penis was little more than an inch in length but the pink cage that she slipped over the head captured it effectively and she mated the two parts together, further compressing his toddler-sized nub.

“Would you like the honors?” she asked Tess as she held forth a small bronze lock.

Tess smiled broadly as she looked down on her quivering nephew, the obvious concern written on his cherubic face.

“This is just what he needs,” she said as she slipped the shank though and snapped the padlock shut with an audible click.

Jimmy kicked a little in helpless frustration as he felt his tiny little penis now effectively trapped in it’s new home.

“There you are, sissy boy–no erections for you anymore,” Katie announced smugly.

Although he wasn’t presently aroused, Jimmy could feel the close confined restriction around his wee-wee and his agitation only increased. It was apparent that this very last vestige of control in his life was being irrevocably taken away and he felt helpless to stop it.

Tess dusted his tiny package with fragrant baby powder and quickly covered it up with his soft, fluffy diaper, pinning the sides snugly around his hips.

“Don’t worry, Jimmy–you’ll get used to that in no time at all and before long, you won’t even know it’s there,” she assured him as she swiftly tugged his pink baby panties up his legs and fitted them over his bulging diapers with crisp, maternal efficiency.

“There,” she said with obvious satisfaction, “That’s where my baby belongs–right back in his diapers and plastic panties.”

Jimmy blushed and looked the other way–too ashamed and intimidated to return their collective gaze.

He knew he should have stood up to his smothering, domineering aunt a long time ago but now it was far too late. From now on, it would be a baby’s life for him–a life filled with wet diapers, early bedtimes, enemas and bare bottomed spankings, highchairs and playpens, and from now on–one without orgasms of any kind.

But it was also the lifestyle perfectly suited for a bedwetting sissy like Jimmy.





Frustrated Again

*Note to the reader: this story takes places 12 years after Babyhood for Billie.




Billie waddled tentatively into his wife’s bedroom, his thick, embarrassing diapers spreading his legs apart and preventing him from being able to walk normally as an adult.

One had to admit he looked rather cute; his wife had dressed him in his short, cropped fleece top, the pink and white one that said “Mommy’s Little Bedwetter” on it, matching anklets, and a flouncy pair of stretchy nylon rumba panties over the waterproof rubber panties covering his bulky nighttime diapers.

As usual, he felt emasculated and very babyish.

“Mommy?” he inquired timidly.

Jenna, his wife of five years, was lounging on her bed, filing her perfectly manicured nails and occasionally sipping a glass of wine. She looked absolutely fabulous. Dressed only in her sexy push-up bra and panties, her long, curly brown hair flowed down over her soft, bare shoulders like a waterfall, spilling down across her lithe arms but not covering the two spectacular mounds of her big breasts.

Billie stared at them now with unconcealed lust and unconsciously, his hand drifted down to gently rub the bunny soft front of his cushiony diapers.

“Yes, sissy?” she replied without looking up.

“Umm, I was wondering…” he began, “Do you think it would be alright if I slept with you tonight?”

Jenna chuckled dismissively and smiled as she looked up at her diapered husband for the first time.

“No sissy, that’s why I got a nice cozy crib for you to sleep in, so when you wet your bed, your mattress would be protected by a waterproof sheet. You know as well as I do that sometimes your plastic panties leak,” she explained patiently.

She looked so desirable right now, the soft light only enhancing her fabulous curves and Billie could see she’d done her make-up meticulously. His tiny little penis throbbed urgently with need inside his restrictive metal chastity device.

“But I’m so horny,” he whined pathetically.

Jenna smiled sweetly and got up out of the bed. Gently, she took his hand and led him out of her bedroom and back into his baby nursery next door.

“It’s only another month, and then Mommy will let you out of your chastity device so you can play with yourself in your diapers. Won’t that be fun?” she asked him in a condescending tone meant for toddlers.

Billie blushed at the humiliating “treat” she was describing. But he also knew it would be his only chance for an orgasm, however brief.

“But I’m horny now,” he bleated.

Jenna patted his fat, ruffled bottom and guided him into his pink crib.

“Aww, poor little thing. Is my pampered princess feeling frustrated again?”

She stood over him and cupped her big, sexy breasts with her hands–the latter of which looked small by comparison, presenting him with a maddeningly sexual display of femininity. The sight made Billie’s mouth water and he licked his dry lips. His little nub, so long ignored, was throbbing and aching painfully with desire and need.

Please let me cum, Mommy,” he pleaded desperately.

“Sorry sissy, it’s your bedtime–Mommy’s boyfriend is coming over and I want to look as pretty as possible for him.”

Billie’s entire being seethed with jealousy. He knew he was incapable of satisfying his sexy young wife but he boiled with frustration and envy that she openly cuckolded him, while at the same time, denying him any sort of sexual relief.

Every night was the same–after completing his list of chores, it was an early bedtime, pinned into his humiliating diapers and plastic panties. And every morning, he’d wake up soaking wet, desperately horny, and more frustrated than before.

Taking the bottle of milk that was on his pink dresser, Jenna pushed the big rubber nipple into her sissy hubbie’s trembling mouth, effectively ending the conversation, and then tucked his teddy bear under his arm.

“It’s nite-nite time, my little bedwetter,” she said as she raised the side of his crib and latched it shut, “You leave the sex and orgasms to a real man and he’ll leave the wet diapers and plastic panties to you.”

Billie frowned and pouted as he nursed his baby bottle submissively.

It was so unfair!

With that, she turned and walked out of the nursery, turning the light out and closing the door behind her as she went. Billie could hear her high heels clicking down the hall and he inhaled the infantile scent of baby powder that surrounded him. He felt so childish–being given an early bedtime and confined to his nursery while his hot wife had sex with her boyfriend. It was like he was four years old all over again!

To be sure, he knew his diapers would be soaked by morning, just as they always were. Indeed, that was the reason Jenna had started diapering him in the first place.

But she had found that the more she treated him like the bedwetting toddler he acted like, the less she saw him as a man. The constant smell of stale pee and baby powder started turning her off and she just couldn’t get aroused at the thought of a grown man who helplessly wet his diapers every night like a baby. That was when she realized she was going to have to find a real man to satisfy her needs.

And then later, when Billie’s skills in bed were revealed to be nonexistent, she decided it was time, once and for all, to take away his ability to masturbate and she put him under a strict chastity regime. Erections and orgasms were to be completely off limits to the incontinent sissy.

While initially, his opportunity for relief had started out as a bi-weekly affair, it had now become a memorable event only once every two months; Jenna would unlock his steel chastity device and let him play with himself before her in his diapers. She never once considered the idea of letting him inside her anymore.

During these short-lived occasions for relief, he was allowed to gaze at her sexy body and she usually dressed in something exciting and provocative for him to enhance his brief and humiliating experience.

Alas, it was often over within a minute or so.

After that, Jenna would pull his diapers back down and swiftly lock his little penis back into his chastity device where it would stay for another two months. She reasoned that a bedwetting pantywaist didn’t have any need for more than that.

Of course, just because she had put an end to Billie’s sexual activities, didn’t mean she was going to be left high and dry herself. Quite the contrary. Jenna immediately started dating again, and it wasn’t long before she’d found a steady boyfriend–one that was only too happy to give her all the breathtaking sex she could handle.

She smiled to herself when she imagined Brad’s massive cock filling her so completely and deliciously. It was so different from her sissy hubbie’s pathetic little stub.

He really did belong in diapers and chastity, she mused, and not for the first time.

And that was exactly where he was going to stay–denied, horny, and frustrated, like the sissy bedwetter he was, while she got all the eye-crossing orgasms she could ever want.

Jenna had come to enjoy humiliating Billie and she was always pushing the envelope to see how far she could take her dominance over him. She liked dressing him up in a short, frilly baby dress and parading him in front of Brad who would often condescend to slap his fat, diapered bottom and make him blush beet red with shame.

And she was always thinking of new and inventive ways to increase his humiliation further.

Recently, the idea of having him on his knees, dressed in all his toddler finery and sucking her lover’s big cock was tremendously arousing to her and she knew it was only a matter of when, not if, it would happen.

The knock at the front door interrupted her daydreaming.

Striding down the hall past Billie’s nursery, her stilettos echoed loudly on the hardwood floor as she went and opened the door.

Her boyfriend Brad grinned broadly as he drank in the sexy woman framed in the doorway.

“You look amazing tonight,” he gushed.

Smiling back at him prettily, Jenna quickly hugged him tightly and they kissed passionately.

Although Billie could no longer hear her, he could well visualize the scene, as he knew Jenna would be locking lips with Brad while the latter ran his hands all over her curvy, voluptuous body. It was a privilege he had long been denied.

He tossed and turned in his crib, the vinyl waterproof mattress cover crackling loudly beneath him. He was frustrated and angry, and the baby soft diapers swaddling his hips seemed to mock him with their comforting, teasing caress. Before Jenna had put him in chastity, he had secretly enjoyed masturbating nightly in them to an explosive orgasm just before nodding off to sleep. As a bedwetting teenager, he had done that every night under his mommy’s roof and then again, in the current nursery created by his wife. But now, such pleasures were forbidden to him but the buttery, pillowy cotton of his diapers remained–reminding him every night of the enjoyment he could no longer partake in. It was so frustrating!

As he lay in the semi-darkness of his nursery, he heard Jenna giggle and her high heels clicking as she walked past his door, followed by Brad’s heavy footsteps. They were headed for her bedroom.

He wanted to jump out of his crib and run shouting into his former bedroom, to tell her he was through being treated like a sissy baby.

But the idea died as soon as it was born.

Putting aside the fact that he was terrified of Brad, who could probably flatten him with one punch, Billie was also completely intimidated by Jenna. She was taller than he was–even without her heels, and she had a will of iron. She was used to getting her way and the force of her personality always made Billie back down.

She enforced her rule over him by routinely pulling him over her lap and spanking him like a child. This was almost always followed up with him being put into diapers and a sissy dress of some sort, regardless of the hour or company present.

The sight of his sexy wife with her paddle in hand filled him with a dreadful fear. Too many times, he’d been reduced to tears as she painfully meted out her retribution on his tender bare bottom. But as bad as that was–it was made even worse when she spanked him in front of her friends.

They knew all about her cuckolding him, and they delighted in watching as she pulled his pink lacy panties down, yanked him over her lap, and proceeded to paddle him like he were an errant child. If it were early evening, he would be led back to his nursery, to be pinned into his diapers and a short baby top. Then he would be taken back out, to play with some blocks or other such infantile toys while the girls commented on his humiliating outfit and diapers. They loved to rub it in–telling him how much of a pathetic pantywaist he was, and how much he deserved his permanent chastity. Billie would sniffle, and feel sorry for himself, but they would only laugh at how weak he was.

Of course, it never occurred to him to stand up to their jeers and mockery–after all–they were all authorized to paddle him as well if he were to displease them. And he could still recall as if it were yesterday, the time when Jenna’s friend Amber had blistered his bottom when she’d caught him looking up her short tennis mini-skirt from his position on the floor.

No, Billie knew his place, and he knew better than to talk back to Jenna’s friends or make them angry. A humiliating and painful spanking administered by one of them was to be avoided at all costs.

Soon, Billie could hear his wife’s amorous moans from the other room. She sounded so sexy, and despite himself, Billie felt his little penis growing hard again. It strained inside the tiny steel cage, struggling to get an erection that was quite impossible.

Before long, Billie could hear his wife’s mattress creaking and the headboard striking the near wall as Brad pounded her with his mighty cock. Her screams of pleasure and joy filled the house as she called out his name over and over and demanded more.

Billie rubbed the front of his diapers frantically, wishing somehow he could defeat his chastity device and achieve an orgasm but alas, it was hopeless. It only made him hornier and as he always did at times like these, he silently cursed his lack of manhood which had ultimately led to this situation.

Eventually, after the last shrieks of his wife’s orgasms died away and the house fell silent again, Billie fell into a troubled, frustrated sleep.






Billie was awakened the next morning as his nursery door was opened and Jenna strode in, followed by Brad.

“Well–how did my sissy hubbie sleep?” she asked pleasantly.

Billie had been sucking his thumb, and he jerked it out of his mouth as he blushed deeply in shame. He hated being caught doing that, but for some reason, it sometimes just happened unconsciously.

Jenna unlatched the rail of his crib and swung it aside, pulling her diapered hubbie up to a sitting position. She knew without checking that he was wet but she wanted to humiliate him in front of Brad.

This morning Jenna was wearing a loose fitted robe over her push-up bra and panties (she never appeared before Billie without a bra anymore), and she crossed her slim arms over her big beautiful breasts as she looked down on Billie with a smug look of satisfaction. Indeed–she was satisfied to the point of being sore after last night’s marathon sex, and it offered the perfect opportunity for her to put her plan into place.

“Billie–tell Brad why you have to wear diapers,” she told him.

Billie blushed and it was only then that he realized the thick cotton cloth was soaking wet inside his snug rubber panties.

Swallowing hard, he looked away in embarrassment as he stalled for time.

“Come on,” she snapped impatiently, “Tell him what you are.”

Billie cleared his throat as he stared at the floor.

“I-I’m a b-bedwetter,” he confessed shamefully.

“And how long have you been a bedwetter, sissy?” she pushed him.

“Umm, a-all my life,” he admitted as his cheeks burned hotly before them.

“Needless to say,” Jenna said as she turned slightly towards Brad, “This was a secret the little pantywaist kept from me while we were dating. If I had known he’d never been potty trained…”

She didn’t finish the thought.

“Okay sissy, climb out of your crib–it’s time you learned your proper place in this house. We both know you can’t satisfy a woman but maybe you’ll have better luck with a man…”

“Wha-what do you mean?” he stammered, suddenly filled with apprehension.

Forcing him into a kneeling position before her imposing boyfriend, she began fondling Brad’s big member through his boxers.

“I’ve seen the way you look at Brad’s cock when he’s around–I’ll bet you’ve always wondered what it would feel like inside your mouth, hmm?”

Billie blushed bright red and abruptly shook his head, deeply ashamed at what she was implying.

“Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to have his big, thick cock jammed down your throat as he blasts his huge, creamy load into your tonsils?”

“No!” he squeaked, too embarrassed to put up a proper defense.

“Well, today’s your big chance,” she said ignoring him, “Brad wants another orgasm and frankly–I’m too sore from last night.”

By now, her boyfriend’s massive cock was tenting his underwear and it looked like he was concealing an oversized cucumber. Billie licked his dry lips nervously as he gaped at the intimidating monster his wife was stroking.

Pulling down his boxers, Brad slowly lowered them past his muscular hips and let them drop in a ring around his ankles. His cock was truly enormous, with prominent veins running down the engorged shaft and a smooth but fat, mushroom shaped head–a bead of precum now oozing from the tip.

Billie swallowed hard as he stared at it, throbbing with eagerness, inches before his face. It was so completely different from his own, tiny little penis; it was like comparing a baseball bat to a crayon.

Without warning, Brad suddenly grasped the base of his cock and pushed it into Billie’s gaping mouth. The latter squealed loudly, his cheeks expanding widely as she struggled to take the gargantuan piece of warm meat thrust into his mouth. Brad pushed it in until it bottomed out against the back of Billie’s throat, causing the sissy to gag frantically.

“Suck it, pantywaist,” Brad ordered him gruffly.

Billie wasted no time and immediately did as he was told, running his tongue under and around the fat, slippery shaft filling his mouth. He whimpered and tried to maintain his balance as Brad grasped his head tightly and established the rhythm of his choosing. Soon, his big hairy balls were slapping Billie on his chin and Jenna laughed out loud.

“Look what a good cocksucker I’ve got here,” she exclaimed enthusiastically, “If only your mommy could see you now.”

Billie blushed furiously at the thought. His own mother had always proclaimed to him and anyone who would listen that he was nothing but a big sissy–a bedwetting pansy who belonged in diapers and dresses.

He could almost visualize her now, standing over him, her arms crossed over her chest as she shook her head in obvious disappointment and dismay. Some man he had turned out to be!

Meanwhile, Brad was hammering his mouth with deep, hard thrusts, making Billie’s jaws sore from being stretched too far. At the same time, his precum had awakened Billie’s saliva glands and the monster hard cock was sliding in and out of the sissy’s warm, wet mouth like it were an eager pussy.

Just as Billie was staring to get dizzy, Brad stopped his pace and the diapered sissy felt his massive cock expand even bigger in his mouth.

“UUUUUGGHH!!!” he bellowed loudly, his mighty cry shaking the walls.

Billie felt a huge load of warm, creamy goo fill his mouth and without thinking, he swallowed it obediently. However, it was quickly followed by another one which was forcefully blasted into his mouth behind the first one. Billie squealed as every taste bud in his mouth was treated to his first encounter with fresh, sticky semen, straight from the source. He gulped hard and gulped again, only to have Brad shove his rigid tool right into the back of his throat and explode with another overwhelming shot.

Jenna was laughing and snapping pictures with her cell phone, delighted to finally see her sissy hubbie being put into his rightful place. This made up for all his deceitful denials during their early dating, when she’d confronted him about his pee-stained sheets and sissy ways.

Now, she watched with glee as his cheeks were stretched to the limits and he gagged on this last load of cum being forced down his throat.

As Brad finally eased his still hard member from Billie’s trembling mouth, a string of semen ran from his lips to the fat head of Brad’s shiny cock.

“Billie, you can count on a lot more of that in the future–I think I’ve finally found something you’re good at, besides wetting your diapers,” Jenna told him.

“Kiss it, you little pantywaist,” Brad ordered him roughly.

Deeply ashamed, Billie did as he was told, tenderly kissing the big purple head while keeping his eyes submissively downcast.

“I think I’ll invite my friend Charles over–he’s as queer as a three-dollar bill, but I know he’d love jamming his big cock between your lips.”

Billie blushed as he tried to use his tongue to remove the slick coating of semen lining his mouth. He was sure he’d be tasting it all morning.